After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 33.2

Chapter 33: My Future Father-in-Law Looks Down on Me (2/2)

Qingfeng’s mother didn’t tell Zhao Qingfeng about these troubles.

But as a woman, she really didn’t know what to do about the future.

Zhao Qingfeng hurriedly ate a few bites and then ran to Shen Lingyao’s house.

As he knocked on the door,

Wang Tiesheng, inebriated, came out from inside.

The two exchanged glances.

Aunt Ding introduced, “Old Wang, this is the boy I told you about, our Yaoyao’s childhood friend. They’ve grown up together and are very close. Little Feng, you should call him Uncle Wang.”

Zhao Qingfeng greeted him as Uncle Wang.

Wang Tiesheng frowned and nodded, silently comparing Zhao Qingfeng with his own son.

In terms of appearance,

Zhao Qingfeng, at 1.75 meters, was neither tall nor short, with a fair complexion and bright eyes, slightly better than his own son.

But considering family background,

Wang Tiesheng had already heard about the recent events at the Zhao family and knew about the debts of Zhao Qingfeng’s family.

Whereas his own family owned two houses in the provincial capital, a car, and had no debts.

Such a contrast was like the difference between heaven and earth.

All he had to do was wait for Shen Lingyao to get into the University and have his son take good care of her.

Gradually getting closer to the Shen family and becoming in-laws seemed not too difficult.

“Old Shen, these two kids are practically childhood sweethearts. In ancient times, your families would have arranged a marriage. But nowadays, we talk about marrying equally. Yaoyao has been raised in affluence, she should marry into wealth, not to a poor boy.”

These words were meaningful, and Zhao Qingfeng felt a tightening in his heart.

Shen Lingyao, also at the door, haughtily added, “Uncle Wang, I believe more in eternal true love. Matchmaking based on social status is just something you adults talk about.”

“Yaoyao is right, true love is eternal.”

Zhao Qingfeng nodded in agreement and, in front of everyone, deliberately grabbed Shen Lingyao’s arm and dashed into the study.

Wang Tiesheng was left embarrassed, not expecting to be rebutted by the two kids. He glared at Zhao Qingfeng’s back and left downstairs.

After he left, Aunt Ding took Old Shen back to the bedroom and jokingly asked, “Old Shen, you and Wang were talking as if it was real at the dinner table. You’re not seriously considering betrothing Yaoyao to their family, are you?”

Old Shen didn’t answer directly, but said, “Ding Xiang, you and Hongmei are best friends, you know best how her life has been.”

“As a woman married to me, you don’t live in luxury, but you’ve never worried about food or clothing.”

“But what about Hongmei? Since marrying Brother Zhao, she has worked hard day and night, but what has she gotten in return?”

“I’m not insisting on equal social standing, but with Yaoyao’s status, the Zhao family’s child is far from a match.”

“Just now, Old Wang and I were just joking at the table. Even if he took it seriously, it’s useless. Our Yaoyao must marry a truly capable man in the future.”

From a father’s perspective, Old Shen’s thoughts were not wrong.

But from Ding Xiang’s view, even though Qingfeng’s mother’s life was not ideal, Brother Zhao never let her suffer in their years together.

It was just Brother Zhao’s limited ability that prevented her from living a wealthy life.

But who can really define love?

Ding Xiang sighed, “Ah, if only Little Feng could really make it into the top three…”

Old Shen shook his head, “Little Feng is good, I’ve watched him grow up, he’s like a son to me. But still, we have to respect reality.”


In the study, Shen Lingyao and Zhao Qingfeng were also ready to start their review.

Before they began, Zhao Qingfeng suddenly asked a question that took Shen Lingyao aback.

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