After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34: I Love You, Do You Understand? (1/2)

“Why are you so far away from me?”

In the study, Zhao Qingfeng shifted closer to Shen Lingyao.

“It’s your fault for getting distracted from our studies!”

Shen Lingyao, hugging her shoulders and pouting, pretended to complain. Her cute demeanor was incredibly endearing.

Zhao Qingfeng chuckled foolishly, immensely enjoying her angered look, which resembled that of a caring wife…

It was the perfect opportunity to probe her thoughts.

Thinking this, Zhao Qingfeng immediately let his head slump onto the table as if in deep thought, turned his head, and asked, “Yaoyao, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead, Brother Qingfeng.”

“I’m really curious about something. During our three years of middle school, you’ve always been the school beauty with so many admirers. Didn’t you have a crush on anyone?”

“Not at all!”

“What kind of man are you looking for, then?”

“Of course, a handsome guy, like Dao Ming Si or Hua Ze Lei.”

“Eh? That’s me then! I am the unrivaled, most handsome guy in the universe!”

Zhao Qingfeng declared this and suddenly stood up, one foot on the chair, and ran his hand through his hair. He deliberately leaned close to Shen Lingyao, squinting his eyes and asked, “Tell me the truth, do you like the cool and handsome type like me?”

Shen Lingyao’s face turned red immediately.

She liked him.

Truly liked him!

For some reason, although Zhao Qingfeng wasn’t exceptionally handsome,

No matter how many handsome guys she saw, Shen Lingyao couldn’t forget him, as if he was deeply imprinted in her heart.

“Is it true?”

Zhao Qingfeng was secretly thrilled.

If she agreed, today would be perfect!


The heart of a woman is deeper than the sea.

Shen Lingyao certainly wouldn’t admit it.

Her mother had told her to maintain modesty. How could she confess her feelings to a boy first?

“Brother Qingfeng, don’t flatter yourself. I’m a top student, and I prioritize my studies.”

“And you are nowhere near as handsome as Dao Ming Si.”

“I think you’re more like Ke Zhen’e from the Jiangnan Seven Freaks.”

“Stay away from me and focus on your studies…”

This was utterly nonsensical.

She clearly liked him so much but just wouldn’t admit it.

Zhao Qingfeng wasn’t discouraged.

He had limited experience with women in his previous life and didn’t understand girls’ hearts well.

It seemed that to truly be together, they would need to let things develop naturally.


Haste makes waste.

Moreover, given his current situation with his family in turmoil, even if he confessed now and succeeded, there was a great chance they would be torn apart. Then they would truly become a pair of star-crossed lovers.

“Why are you looking so glum?”

Shen Lingyao pinched Zhao Qingfeng hard.


Zhao Qingfeng remained silent.

“Come on, speak up. I haven’t even asked you what kind of girl you like yet. Tell me!”

“Me? I like girls with clear brows and bright eyes, just like a silly roe deer from the countryside, adorable.”

“Be serious!”

“Alright, alright. I want to find a silly girl, one who doesn’t know to run home when it rains, and who irons holes into clothes. That way, I can dominate her with my intelligence and have her wash my feet and massage my back for life!”

Shen Lingyao was stunned.

Wasn’t he referring to their past incidents?

You brother Qingfeng!

Daring to make fun of me, I’ll teach you a lesson!

“Ouch! That hurts! I’m not giving up! Come at me again!”

Zhao Qingfeng was chased around the room, with Shen Lingyao swinging her little fists non-stop.

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