After Getting Full, I Became Stronger
After Getting Full, I Became Stronger Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1999 Star, Psychic Manifestation Awakening Base.

As the sky began to brighten, a long queue had already formed at the entrance, stretching out of sight.

The guards stationed at the entrance squinted their eyes, noticing a sudden red glow from a device. Swiftly, they intervened, sternly warning, “You’re not of the required age. Step aside!”

The stopped child glanced timidly at the staff, then sprinted away.

Furrowing his brows, the guard watched the child’s retreating figure and raised his voice, “I’ll emphasize once again: Psychic manifestation awakening is a very dangerous matter. Those under eight years old are not allowed to undergo the awakening procedure, as it may result in permanent damage to the cerebral domain.”

“Furthermore, your actual bone age will be displayed on the device. Don’t entertain any illusions!”

At these words, the crowd stirred.

Several children looked left and right, hesitation evident in their eyes, yet they remained unwilling to leave.

Seeing this, the guard couldn’t be bothered to say more.

1999 Star was situated on the outskirts of the Empire’s territory, already a remotely located planet with scarce resources. Most inhabitants struggled to barely meet their basic needs and were recipients of the Empire’s welfare support.

It’s easy to imagine that for such impoverished families, producing a gifted individual is akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes. This alone is enough to inspire people to send their children for testing, with eager anticipation and a sense of urgency.

While the awakening of psychic manifestation is simple, manifesting as a gifted individual is challenging, and achieving a higher-level manifestation is even more difficult. Based on the guard’s years of experience, the likelihood of encountering a genius is about as rare as winning a lottery.

“Next one,” he waved, signaling for the next person to step forward.

The next child was slightly shorter and thinner than the others, wearing the same worn-out and inexpensive clothing. The only eye-catching feature was the brilliant golden hair neatly tied at the back of her head, prompting onlookers to steal a few more glances.

Such hair color was extremely rare in the interstellar realm, with the most famous golden-haired family in the Empire being the Xuan Yuan royal family. Their golden hair shone like the molten lava of a scorching sun, making every royal event a spectacle. This fame had even led to many people in the Empire developing a fondness for golden hair; they were self-proclaimed enthusiasts of golden locks.

“Ding! Age verified!”

Quickly, the device emitted a green light, indicating that the child had passed the age requirement.

The guard’s stern expression visibly softened, “Once inside, move to the left queue and stand in line. No cutting, and there will be others to guide you through the awakening of your psychic power.”

“Thank you.”

Yuan HanShuang nodded, accepting the badge handed to her by the staff, and entered the steel building.

Inside, there was another long queue, though considerably fewer people compared to outside.

Unlike the restraint and timidity on the faces of other children, she didn’t appear nervous. In fact, she seemed nonchalant, casually looking around and observing the interior layout.

Little did anyone know that within this shriveled and petite body hid the soul of an adult.

Yuan Hanshuang was a transmigrator.

In her previous life, she was a diligent martial artist, hailed as the future star of martial arts in China. After ten years in the field, on the brink of reaching the pinnacle of martial arts, she unexpectedly met with a car accident on the very day she was about to achieve greatness, leaving her paralyzed.

This incident dealt a near devastating blow to her past self. The psychological pressure of being just a step away from the coveted trophy was unimaginable to ordinary people. Combined with worsening injuries and various complications, she succumbed to depression and passed away.

Upon waking up, Yuan Hanshuang found herself in the interstellar era.

Describing her post-transmigration life with two words would be ” greatly impoverished,” and with one word, “poor.”

In the interstellar era, martial virtue flourished, and combat arenas were everywhere. However, compared to her previous life, an era where Chinese martial arts dominated the globe, it was evident that this era fell short by a significant margin. The awe-inspiring ancient martial artists from her past had all but disappeared into the annals of history, replaced by various practical combat techniques that left her, a martial arts grandmaster, sighing in regret.

After observing the martial arts proficiency of this world, much like an elderly man on the subway staring at his phone, Yuan Hanshuang decided to resume her previous life’s occupation, promoting ancient Chinese martial arts and engaging in dimensional combat with this healthy body.

Unfortunately, being young in this life and confined to the size of a little girl, she lacked the strength to match adults. Thus, she could only perform in combat arena shows, earning a meager salary. Comparing the nearly free performances of this life with the well-paid ones of her past, it was truly tear-inducing.

However, everything came to a halt not long ago.

Because Yuan Hanshuang discovered the true feature of this interstellar era.

— Psychic Manifestation.

In the interstellar era, everyone possessed their own psychic manifestation.

The variety of these manifestations was staggering. There were animals and plants, exotic magical beasts, elemental entities, mechanical life forms, and even mythical creatures from human fantasies, such as dragons, angels, and demons… They broke free from the limits of imagination, becoming real entities.

Among them were individuals who awakened their psychic manifestation talents, and they could embark on the path of cultivation. These individuals were known as Gifted.

After thousands of years of development, Gifted had become the most esteemed profession in the entire interstellar realm.

Gifted individuals with top-tier manifestations, synchronized with their own manifestations, could easily traverse the cosmos in physical form, engage in battles with the insect race in the void, and even destroy a planet in the blink of an eye, possessing earth-shattering power.

Moreover, ordinary people who awakened common manifestations could apply their manifestations in various aspects of life. After years of development, psychic manifestation had become deeply integrated into every corner of the interstellar world, becoming extremely prevalent.

A few days ago, while working in the underground combat arena, Yuan Hanshuang suddenly experienced unbearable headaches.

An experienced front-desk girl told her that this might be a sign of her psychic manifestation about to awaken.

“You’re already nine years old, and your psychic power hasn’t awakened yet?”

The front-desk girl glanced at her with a hint of surprise, “Normally, when people turn eight, they go to the base for the awakening ceremony. I’ve never seen a child like you who hasn’t awakened their psychic power by the age of nine.”

In a joking tone, she added, “Taking this long to awaken, maybe you have a powerful manifestation, who knows?”

Upon hearing this, Yuan Hanshuang immediately became excited.

Across the entire interstellar realm, Gifted were the most esteemed profession. If she could become a Gifted, her future would be paved with prosperity, far more promising than the meager earnings she made as a regular sparring partner in the combat arena. Currently, she could only earn the lowest wages through hard labor in the arena. However, once she became a Gifted, she would be a noble Gifted combatant, with prices for each match starting several times higher than before.

Moreover, in this world, all top-tier combatants were Gifted. In the interstellar realm, there were no global martial arts tournaments like in her past life, but there were various Gifted competitions.

Yuan Han Shuang didn’t want to give up her passion for martial arts. Having the fortunate chance for a second life, regaining a healthy body, how could she be content without climbing to the pinnacle of this world to witness the scenery?

With the idea of upgrading her profession and planning for her future, Yuan Han Shuang hastily made a career plan, secretly hoping to awaken a Beautiful and powerful manifestation.

The line moved forward at a slow pace, and she finally saw the overall layout of the interior.

In the center of the Awakening Base stood a white cylindrical metal apparatus, several people in size. It seemed to have been around for quite a while, resembling a hollowed-out space capsule, exuding a strong sense of technology.

Several staff members stood around, welcoming the children.

“Relax, don’t overthink it. Just stand in the center, and it’ll be over soon.”

Yuan Hanshuang peered ahead and saw the child at the front entering the central part of the apparatus with a frightened expression.

As the child stood firm, colorful lights flickered above the apparatus. The child, startled, burst into tears.

The next moment, numerous faint blue threads emerged from the child’s head, gradually converging in mid-air and taking shape. Eventually, they transformed into a white rabbit with grass in its mouth, dropping into the child’s hands with a small smacking sound.

“Oh, it’s a Herb-Eating Rabbit, F-level manifestation, not bad.”

The staff member holding the detection device lowered their head to record, “This type of manifestation is usually in the auxiliary category… Congratulations, you can become a Gifted in the future!”

Sparse applause echoed in the venue.

The child hiccupped, holding the Herb-Eating Rabbit in their arms, transitioning from tears to laughter.

Everyone applauded for the birth of a new Gifted, but someone loudly voiced dissent, “Cut it out, the lowest-level trash manifestation. What’s there to applaud?”

The child who spoke wore elaborate and luxurious clothing, with a nose lifted high, indicating a well-off background.

Curious, Yuan Hanshuang took the initiative to strike up a conversation, “Do psychic manifestations have different levels?”

“Of course!” The young master glanced at her, not concealing his disdain for someone he deemed ignorant, “Based on strength, psychic manifestations are categorized into seven levels: S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. F is the lowest level.”

“F-level manifestations are not only weak, but their cultivation efficiency is also very low, nowhere near the higher levels. Meditating for a day with an S-level manifestation is equivalent to enduring half a month with an F-level. Do you think that’s anything but trash?”

Soon, the young master reached the registration desk.

Yuan Hanshuang overheard the staff addressing him with special respect as “Young Master Gu.”

While others only needed one person to assist in their awakening, Young Master Gu’s awakening had almost alarmed everyone in the venue.

Indeed, his awakening was extraordinary. The threads of psychic power emerging from his head were several times more than usual, enveloping the entire apparatus. These threads descended to the ground, transforming into a brightly colored small tiger with a hint of flames burning on its forehead, exuding a majestic and extraordinary aura.

“Wow! It’s the Fiery Striped Tiger!”

The children in the queue exclaimed with envy, “I’ve only seen it in videos on the StarNet. Oh my, it’s so cool!”

The Fiery Striped Tiger was undoubtedly a high-level manifestation, ranking prominently on the Interstellar Manifestation Chart. Not only was it fiercely offensive, but it was also incredibly fast, making it the dream of countless individuals.

Even the staff in charge of awakening had never seen such a rare manifestation, and amid their exclamations, they eagerly took photos to commemorate the moment. The children waiting in line were even more envious, with exclamations of admiration echoing one after another, intensifying the proud expression on Young Master Gu’s face.

“Once cultivated to the fifth rank, the Fiery Striped Tiger can grow to several meters long—a born combatant.”

Watching the young master’s departing figure, a staff member standing nearby couldn’t help but sigh, “Truly worthy of Young Master Gu. He awakened the signature manifestation of his own family.”

“Isn’t the manifestation everyone awakens random?” Yuan Hanshuang asked.

The staff member waved their hand, “Usually, it’s random. However, in the interstellar realm, there are some families with ancient bloodlines that have genetic inheritance. Such families have their own signature manifestations. For example, the Gu family has the Fiery Striped Tiger, and the Bone family has the Silver Winged Falcon. Members of these families have a high probability of awakening these powerful and rare manifestations.”

Manifestations could have an inheritance system? Yuan Hanshuang was quite astonished.

“Of course. Take the young master just now, for example. He’s considered a collateral branch, but he awakened the signature manifestation of his own family. He’ll probably be taken back to the main branch of the Gu family for proper cultivation soon.”

Since there was nothing else to do, the staff casually provided her with some information, “Excluding bloodline factors, psychic manifestations are also related to a person’s personality. However, even with that, the probability of awakening powerful and rare manifestations is still low, similar to opening a blind box—it all depends on luck.”

Chatting away without much thought, they soon reached her turn.

Following the instructions, Yuan Hanshuang stood in the center of the apparatus.

The next moment, colorful lights illuminated.

She felt numerous icy rays scanning over her.

A mysterious sensation gathered from her limbs to her head, concentrating at the crown of her head.

Soon, Yuan Hanshuang clearly saw multiple blue threads detaching from the top of her head, like a thousand blooming flowers, dazzlingly beautiful. They were slowly drawn together.

Something was being born from the threads.

Lost in her own consciousness, she was unaware of the astonishment of the onlookers around her.

“So many psychic threads?”

The previously casual staff member widened their eyes, “The quantity is even more than Young Master Gu just now!”

“No, it’s more than that.”

Even if the words were understated, anyone with keen eyes could see that the psychic threads gathering from the head of this golden-haired girl were several times more than Young Master Gu’s.

The immense quantity of psychic threads almost covered the entire Awakening Base, creating an extremely shocking scene.

In 1999 Star, with its scarce resources, the birth of psychic talents was extremely rare.

Due to the rarity of Gifted individuals, it was challenging to secure additional funding from the Imperial Treasury, resulting in many infrastructure shortcomings. If a genius could be identified, it would be a boon for the entire planet.

The staff in charge of registration stared intently at the screen.

Everyone held their breath, watching as the letters above fluctuated several times, finally settling on D.

“Impossible! With so many threads detached, how is it only D-level?”

The staff member could hardly believe their eyes.

Young Master Gu awakening the Fiery Striped Tiger was already astonishing, but the appearance of psychic threads on the head of the blonde girl was even more numerous. How could this not leave people astounded?

Everyone was silently hoping for the birth of a B-level prodigy, but the final result was only D.

In the midst of great expectations and disappointment, everyone felt let down.

“Is D-level very low?”

Just as Yuan Hanshuang regained her consciousness, she heard this question and instinctively asked.

While everyone was fully focused on the screen, her own psychic manifestation was born from a multitude of flying blue threads.

Unlike others, her psychic manifestation was a small red and white Koi, about the size of a palm. After its birth, it floated in the air, swaying its tail as it swam over, affectionately brushing against her cheek.

Seeing the Koi, the staff member looked even more regretful, “No… it’s not considered very low.”

In fact, D-level in 1999 Star was already considered quite commendable. If she enrolled in a primary academy on 1999 Star, she would undoubtedly become a key cultivation target for the teachers.

However, the grand spectacle created by Yuan Hanshuang’s psychic awakening earlier had set high expectations. Seeing this result, there was inevitably a sense of disappointment.

After all, a Koi, as plain as it was, awakened by several children every month, could be considered quite ordinary.

The staff members were accustomed to such scenes and tried to console her, “You’re already very fortunate. Many children awaken Koi, but very few qualify to become Gifted individuals. Rest assured, the level of your manifestation only determines the speed of cultivation. A D-level talent can easily enter a primary academy on our planet.”

As an adult facing young children, even if they felt disappointed internally, they emphasized encouragement outwardly.

“Don’t be disheartened. As long as you work hard in cultivation, there’s no reason you can’t strive for the seven major advanced academies during the college entrance examination and proceed to develop in the Central Star Region. Keep it up!”

Yuan Hanshuang: “…”

Wasn’t this speech rather depressing? Fortunately, she wasn’t an ordinary child.

“By the way, big brother, can a person’s psychic manifestation only have one form?”

After watching the awakenings of other children for a while, the Golden-haired girl suddenly looked up and asked him, “For example, my Koi, is it possible for it to transform into a flying bird?”

The staff looked kindly at the whimsical little girl, their gaze as if dealing with someone lacking common sense. “Don’t be silly, child. A person can only have one manifestation. Even if you cultivate to the Saint level, your Koi will forever be just a Koi. It can’t turn into a flying bird; that’s absolutely impossible.”

Given that the little girl seemed lacking in common knowledge, the staff gave her a free pamphlet. “Alright, I still have work to do. Hurry to the observation area.”

Yuan Hanshuang remained silent.

Watching the staff member’s receding figure, she opened the pamphlet. Her eyes lingered on the phrase “everyone only has one manifestation” for a long time. Finally, she moved her steps and received the same answer from several other staff members.

Fifteen minutes later, Yuan Hanshuang pushed open the door of the restroom.

According to the staff, a person could only have one psychic manifestation.

Yet, even at the moment of awakening, Yuan Hanshuang had a strong premonition.

—She harbored another, unknown psychic manifestation.

In the narrow compartment, the little girl quietly opened her palm.

The meandering Koi gently landed in her hand.

Sensing its owner’s command, in the next moment, the Koi suddenly transformed into myriad, fluttering, light-blue psychic threads. The new threads began to reorganize, morphing into wings, soft feathers, elongating into a pointed bird’s beak, and two sharp talons.

“Chirp!” A fluffy, seemingly just-weaned black bird appeared out of nowhere, facing its owner with wide eyes.

In her heart, Yuan Hanshuang eagerly anticipated a more beautiful second form of her spiritual power: “…”

Well, even though it’s a dual manifestation, the second form doesn’t seem that formidable.

Author’s note:

【The Kun in “Journey to the West” can transform into a fish when in water and a bird when out of water.】 I consulted some materials, and the record of Kun transforming into a bird is associated with Zhuangzi’s “Journey to the West.” In “Liezi – Questions of Tang,” Kun is only a large fish, and Peng is only a large bird, with no connection between them.

【Because this story has a private fusion line, the inspiration for Kun is not the most famous “Journey to the West” but rather “Liezi – Questions of Tang.”】

【That is, the Kun awakened by the female protagonist is just a large fish and does not have the innate ability to transform into a bird. It needs to undergo the fusion of two manifestations within the story to become the Kun in “Journey to the West” with the ability to change form. There is an important subplot about this setting that will be revealed at the end of the story, so I won’t spoil it here.】

The psychic manifestation system in this story is inspired by the martial soul system in “Douluo Dalu” (animal characteristics when the martial soul is manifested), the “Chevalier” system (psychic power settings), and the “Full-Time Hunter” Nen ability system (self-developed skills). There are even references to “Guardian Angel” and various magical girl series (fusion and transformation).

I listed these examples to help everyone understand the power system of this story more succinctly. In summary, this manifestation system is my creation, and I have the sole right to interpret it. I hope you all enjoy it.

【Final Reading Notice】

This is a normal, happy novel, written by the author as a way to relax. It doesn’t involve profound social issues, nor does it have complicated conspiracies. The intended tone is 【light-hearted】 and 【novice-friendly】, and it’s my greatest honor if it can bring joy to readers! Before you start reading, I want to remind everyone that this story is tagged with 【Popular Character】, and while the logic is generally smooth and coherent, the main plot revolves around the female lead, with a focus on ensemble cast but all the highlights are reserved for the female lead. The plotline has a much larger share than the romantic storyline, with the latter serving as a subplot.

I promise that reading without overthinking will be enjoyable! If you have higher expectations, I apologize that the author might not be able to meet them. This is just an online novel, and if you have high standards in this regard, please consider carefully before subscribing after reading the free chapters.

Feel free to join the friendly discussions in the comments section. If I come across comments that are deliberately inflammatory, provide writing guidance, use intense language, or create disturbances, I may delete them to avoid spreading negative energy. I truly dislike seeing arguments. Life is already tiring, and I hope everyone can enjoy a bit of relaxation and happiness while reading. Sending love.

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