After Getting Full, I Became Stronger

Raw Title: 吃饱后我变强了

Total Chapters: 306

Author: 妄鸦

Translator: Etherna02

Update: 1 month ago

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Ancient martial arts grandmaster Yuan Hanshuang, with a blink of his eyes, found himself in the interstellar era.

In this interstellar world, there were no mechas or supernatural abilities, only individuals gifted with psychic power.

From flora and fauna to magical beasts, insect races, mechanical life forms, and even dragons and angels existing solely in human fantasies—they all transcended the limits of imagination, becoming manifestations of human psychic power.

Yuan Hanshuang’s psychic manifestation took the form of an ordinary koi fish.

This koi fish had no other abilities, was weak and helpless, but it had an insatiable appetite, adding insult to injury for his already impoverished family.

Since awakening his manifestation, Yuan Hanshuang’s life hit rock bottom, and even having a full meal became a luxury. In order to satisfy his hunger.

In order to eat his fill, he has to work hard and step on everyone else, fighting to make a living.


Many years later, the strongest interstellar being rides a colossal Kun fish, obscuring the sky, as he roam the starry sea, returning to his alma mater for an interview.


The students eagerly pass the microphone: “Great one, how did you evolve your spiritual manifestation into an ancient Mythical beast?”

Yuan Hanshuang remains silent for a while, then says, “In the beginning, I just wanted to have a decent meal.”


Then one meal turned into billions, he ate his fill, and grew stronger.


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