After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Maid recruitment, blue-haired girls first

Robb took out a few silver coins, bought a white cloth, and took a pen. Then, he wrote on it, “Maid Recruitment: includes food, accommodations, five insurances (TL: endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident funds).” Feeling that he wrote something wrong, he erased everything with magic. He wrote the words, “Hiring a maid, ages between 15-20, with good facial features, hardworking. If interested, apply for an interview with priest Robb of the town. Additional Notes: Blue-haired girls are prioritized.”

After writing it down, Robb clapped his hands and put the cloth on a wall in the middle of the streets.

This world really is convenient. You can post ads on the streets. If you do something like this in my previous world, you’ll definitely be beaten to death by the city officials.

Anyway, I’m already in the middle of town, so I’ll try to prepare the things I need for dinner well. At least before successfully recruiting a maid, Robb had to do everything by himself to stay well-fed. He knows that it was impossible to buy ingredients used to create high-ranking cooking recipes and that only some basic dishes and ingredients can be bought here.

As expected, there wasn’t much to buy on the streets. Luckily, he managed to buy a large piece of wild boar and some salt to make “Roasted Wild Boar”. Tonight’s dinner was happily decided.

Just when he was about to return to the chapel with the wild boar on his shoulder, a stout merchant approached him. He was the same merchant who bought the double-legged dragon from Gorda yesterday. He smiled at Robb, “Mr. Robb, I just saw your post. It seems like you’re looking for a maid.”

“Yes,” said Robb, reluctant to accept human trafficking. However, in this day and age, there was no such “hiring” of maids. An enslaved person can only be bought, just as they say, do as the Romans do, and for his own laziness, he could only be a cold-hearted human trafficker.

“Mr. Robb,” said the stout merchant, laughing, “I have a new maid in my hand. I bought her the other day from a small village in Stone Canyon. Her parents died, and she lived with her aunt. Her aunt couldn’t feed her anymore, so she sold her to me. I was going to sell her to the nobles in the capital. But now that Mr. Robb is interested, I think I should hand her over to you here so that I may save some trouble for both you and me.”

“Oh?” Robb tilted his head, “Does she have blue hair?”

“Well, why does Mr. Robb prefer blue hair?” He continued, “As far as I know, there aren’t any humans with blue hair. Only girls of elves, harpies, ghosts, and other races have blue hair.”

“No blue-haired girls?” Robb felt disappointed, but upon further reflection, he realized that the blue-haired maid he liked in a cartoon in his previous race was of the ghost race and wasn’t a human.”

“But lord Robb doesn’t need to be troubled by such a thing.” The merchant laughed, saying, “You just have to dye her hair blue. It’s simple.”

“Fine, seems reasonable enough.” Robb said, “Take me to see the girl you talked about.”

The stout merchant tore off the notice on the wall and brought Robb to his residence. He had a had in the town in Westwind town, which wasn’t small. It had many servants, all armed. They seemed to be the capital of his journey from the North to the South.

The merchant gestured Robb to sit in the drawing-room, and soon two servants came in with a thin blonde girl, barefoot, dressed in ragged linen, with holes in her clothes covering her arms and calves, and her skin could be seen. But fortunately, her important parts were tightly wrapped and covered.

Her clothes and hair were dirty, but her face was washed clean. It seems that it was in preparation for the buyers since buyers would find her ugly if her face was dirty.

The merchant smiled, “This girl has just turned 16. I assure you she’s a pure virgin. My wife has personally examined her. Look at her. She looks like this. You can’t find a better-looking maid in Westwind town.”

Robb took a serious look at the girl. She was indeed pure and beautiful. But if there’s something wrong, she’s a bit too thin, to the point where it’s distressing. She couldn’t even stand. Such a poor girl, she must’ve suffered a lot.

She’s so pitiful. She should never have fallen into other people’s hands. At least I’ll treat her with human rights. Especially considering the native nobles of this world, it’s hard to say.

Robb said, “Well, she seems fine. How much does it cost to buy her?”

The merchant said, “If a beautiful pure virgin like her were to be taken to the capital of saints and sold to their nobles, she would sell for at least ten gold coins, but I don’t dare to take so much money from you with my conscience. It would also save me a lot of money to sell here. Let’s do it this way then, just five gold coins, and I’ll only earn the fare to get her here from Stone Canyon.”

Although he didn’t know this world’s pricing system, he believed that a small merchant would not dare deceive him. He believes that the people of this world seem to fear the “Oracle of Light” and that the little merchant wouldn’t dare to bully the “Oracle of Light.”

Besides, to Robb, five golds to buy a beautiful woman seemed like a mad bargain. Robb would buy and take all the girls home if all the pretty girls were sold on the street for that price. “Well, I’ll take it.”

Robb reached into the pocket of his jeans and felt something wrong. If he thought about it correctly, a gold coin is worth a hundred silver coins, but he didn’t have as many as five hundred silver coins. He has only spent two days in this world, with most of that time spent in laziness, so he didn’t have the time to make money. It was the pile of silver coins that Gorda gave him. He didn’t even have to count the pile of silver coins, but he knew that it was less than five hundred.

This is a bit embarrassing!

Robb frowned, “Can you give me a discount?”

The merchant saw his movements and expressions and immediately understood, “Well… Mr. Robb, I can’t make her cheaper. I spent a lot of money to buy her from her aunt. I’ll exchange someone cheaper instead.”

Then he winked, and the two servants pushed the girl back into the yard, intending to change her.


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