After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I have to buy her

When the girl was about to be pushed out, her expression suddenly became very sad. It turned out that earlier, when she just stood there, though she didn’t dare to speak, she had been secretly looking at Robb, seeing that he was so young and good-looking, and a handsome blonde. She thought in her heart that it was better to be sold to serve such a master than a fat noble.

Moreover, she also heard the merchant say, “The priest of the Church of Light,” which made her feel better about Robb. In the hearts of the poor, the Church of Light is the messenger of the God of Light and a synonym for salvation. The priest of the Church of Light must be good.

Of course, this is just what the little girl naively thought. If a modern person were to understand it, it’s a medieval religious organization, hehe! The priest is such a creature, hehe!

In short, the girl was sincerely looking forward to being bought by Robb, and now seeing that the deal hadn’t been completed, tears started pouring from her eyes, and she stumbled pitifully as the two servants pushed her.

“Wait!” Robb said, “I want her. You don’t need to replace her.”

The expression on the girl’s face immediately turned into an expression of ecstasy, and the two servants who pushed her dared not push anymore and froze in place.

“But.” The merchant hesitated and said, “You don’t seem to be satisfied with the price….”

The merchant was quite euphemistic and did not say the words “you can’t afford to pay,” saying that you were not satisfied with the price, which saved Robb’s face.

However, no matter how euphemistic this is, it still sounds upsetting.

Robb’s face sank, “I’m satisfied with the price now. I must buy this girl for not a penny less than five gold coins.”

An awkward smile showed on the merchant’s face: “That… are you planning to….”

Robb said, “just put it bluntly. How will I get the money?”

The merchant laughed awkwardly.

Robb put a hand on his chin, “Last night, you bought double-legged flying dragon skin from us. Do you still have it?”

The merchant nodded, “It’s still there!”

Robb said, “Well, you bought it from us with two hundred silver coins. I’ll use two hundred silver coins right now to buy it back. It should be fine.”

The merchant nodded and said, “Of course, you can. The goods haven’t been sold yet. So I haven’t incurred any extra expenses yet. So there’s no real problem with you buying it back for its original price. I’m not the kind of black-hearted merchant that charges more than necessary. But…. don’t you happen to be a little short on money? Buying back this skin is not only useless but will also reduce the money you currently own. won’t it….”

“Don’t worry about it, and bring me the dragon skin.” Robb took out a handful of silver coins from his pocket and counted two hundred silver coins on the table. Sure enough, he had less than five hundred silver coins in his pocket, but he still had another two hundred. After taking out the money, his trouser pocket completely shrunk, and it no longer had a big bulge.

The merchant waved his hand, and a servant went into a nearby room and soon carried a large circle of skin. It was the dragon skin of the double-legged Flying Dragon yesterday, green, thick, and with a very heavy texture. It is a material for making leather armor because not only does it defend against sword attacks, but it also has a certain degree of magic resistance.

“Lend me a quiet room and give me a minute,” Robb said.

He nodded, “Oh, please feel free to use the extra room there.”

Robb picked up the dragon skin, took the salt bag he bought for cooking the wild board, went into the extra room, and locked the door tightly.

The merchant intently looked at the locked door and said with a questioning look, “What on earth is he doing?”

Entering the room, Robb threw the heavy dragon skin on the ground, creating a dull sound. Then, he picked up the salt bag he had just bought, opened the bag, grabbed a handful of it, and sprinkled it on the dragon skin.

Occupation Transfer – Leather Maker!

Select material, one “Double-legged flying dragon skin,” select material, two “Salt,” Synthesis!

Create, “Aged Double-legged flying dragon skin”!

Choose an item – “Flying Dragon Leather Armor”, using the material, one “Aged Double-legged flying dragon skin”.

Production Initiated!

Master Leather Maker Skill Effect – Physical and magical defense is increased by 50% compared to normal flying dragon leather armor.

Randomly enchanted “Agility of a Flying Dragon” effect: +20% attack speed, +15% movement speed.

Production complete, item obtained – Flying Dragon Leather Armor!

The flying dragon skin that Robb has just thrown on the ground has disappeared and been replaced by a flying dragon leather armor, glittering green light. Ordinary flying dragon leather armor doesn’t produce this kind of glittering green light. This is a special effect only “enchanted” equipment possesses. The flying dragon leather armor not only has the same lines as an ordinary flying dragon leather armor but also carries an extra row of magical lines engraved on it because of the “enchantment.” It looks both beautiful and mysterious.

If it’s in the game, the item will have the “agile” prefix, but there is no such thing in the real world. It will only be called “flying dragon leather armor.” There will not be any prefixes.

Robb took the dragon leather armor in his hand, pushed open the door, and went out.

Outside the room, the merchant was confused, and the girl looked anxious. The both of them were waiting for Robb to come out, but neither expected that Robb would come out with flying dragon leather armor.

As soon as Robb shook his hand, the flying dragon leather armor flew in a parabola mid-air and landed on the table in front of the merchant with a bang, shaking the entire table.

Then Robb sat across the table, raised his legs, with his toes swaying in the air, and said lightly, “You are a merchant. You should know the goods. Help me see how much this flying dragon leather armor can sell for.”

“Huh… Huh…? Where did you get the flying dragon leather armor? In that room. ” The merchant was shocked and stunned. That small room didn’t even have a window. Where did Robb get that leather armor? Is it made of the double-legged flying dragon skin that he just carried? That’s impossible!

Fresh dragon skin can’t be used to make armor immediately. It needs to be aged and dried. This process lasts several days. Then it takes a lot of days for a leather maker to cut, grind, sew, polish, and go through countless procedures before it becomes wearable leather armor. How could it have been done so quickly?

He could only think that Robb used some secret trick in that room! Yes, it must’ve been some trick!

Robb knocked on the table and said, “Hey, don’t stay dazed. Just look at how much this dragon leather armor is worth. Don’t be distracted.”

“Oh, sorry.” The merchant hurriedly stretched out his hand and gently stroked the flying dragon leather armor on the table. At the same time, he observed it carefully and was startled when he looked at it. The flying dragon leather armor was well made, and its craftsmanship was simply miraculous. This definitely wasn’t just made on the spur on the moment. With this exquisite craftsmanship, it can be guaranteed that it is more durable than ordinary flying dragon leather armor, and of course, its defense ability is better.

Moreover, this flying dragon leather armor also possesses “enchantments.” As a small merchant with limited knowledge, he didn’t recognize the extra row of magical lines on his leather armor at all, so he couldn’t guess the effect of the “enchantment,” but only by looking at the intensity of the glittering green light, he knew that it must be some top-class enchantment. The kind of thing that shocked even the skies.

The merchant almost knelt on the spot!


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