After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 100

Chapter 100: It feels as if life has reached its peak

The small piece of candy was put into Lillian’s mouth, and then the expression on her face began to change rapidly. At first, she looked rather confused (~o~) and had no idea what she was eating.

But soon her expression became (~ ~ ~), and then the corners of her mouth began to rise, and her face began to show a happy expression (*︾▽︾), and finally became like this (*^▽^*)┛.

Lillian clapped her hands and jumped up, “Wow, how sweet! This is so sweet, good times, very good times. It’s sweeter than honey. “

Robb smiled and spread the cloth on the stone table, “here, each of you, take a small piece to taste.”

The farmers approached one by one, carefully picked up a small piece of candy from the table, threw it into their mouths, and then the expression on their faces began to replicate the series of changes that Lillian had just made.


“It’s sweet!”

“It’s sweeter than honey.”

“This… this thing is made out of beetroot? I can’t believe it.”

“Oh, my God, this is amazing. I never thought beets could be made into something sweeter than honey.”

In the West, there is almost no other way to get to taste sweets except honey, so honey has always been harder to get than pepper.

And farmers now understand that beets can be used to make candy sweeter than honey. I’m afraid this thing is going against God. It’s not hard to imagine how much it can sell.

Just now, the farmers did not understand why Robb said that they would soon be full of confidence in the future, but now they all understand!

They knew how to grow beets, and now Robb has taught them how to use beets to make such candy. They only need to grow potatoes for half a year and grow a field of beets after the beginning of spring next year. Can you still be poor after producing such things in large quantities in the way Robb taught them?

It’d be a wonder if you didn’t get rich!

Good! We only need to survive till next year.

As they were thinking about how to survive, they heard Robb say, “I know you won’t grow your own beets until the beginning of next spring, so, to ensure your present living conditions, I decided.” as long as you help me to make candy bars of all the beets harvested in my field, I will give you half of the sugar. “


The farmers got excited all of a sudden. This is something worth more than gold. As soon as the priest opened his mouth, he would give us half of it. It was amazing, and they could be regarded as having settled down for the next half year.

The farmers knelt down again in an instant, praising the God of Light, Father Robb, beets, and sugar.

Robb broke a branch from a tree, rubbed it in his hand, and it instantly became a special weapon of a bard – the harp.

While playing the harp, he sang in a strange tone, “It’s so exciting, it feels as if life has reached its best. It feels as if life has reached its peak, so dazzling and colorful….”

The infectious melody infected all the farmers in an instant. They danced together to the melodious sound of the harp and sang, “It feels as if life has reached its peak….”

A few days later…

The miners have dug a big hole and several good-looking amethysts one after another, but no one in this small town of Westwind Town can buy gems except the mayor. It’s unknown where the great merchant Pobo is hiding from the undead, so he can’t buy the gemstones.

So these amethysts can’t be sold for the time being.

Robb and the mayor each paid for a few pieces of amethyst they dug up. With the money they got from the amethysts, they would be able to survive for a long time. They asked the people of White Birch Town to help them build several houses next to the mine and finally settled down.

The farmers helped Robb make a lot of candy, and after getting the candy given to them by Robb, they asked the people of White Birch Town to build houses for them as well. They traded the sugar for a lot of daily necessities and settled down. Then they tried their best to reclaim the land and get ready to grow their own beets the following year.

This afternoon, Robb was in the stone stool in the yard, watching the farmers reclaim the land on the hillside with his detection range of 5000 yards. The harmonious scene was beautiful.

Suddenly, a purplish portal appeared silently on the hillside next to the chapel, which was the “set destination” of Robb. He made it so that you’d be sent back to Westwind Town as long as you used one of his transmission scrolls.

Xuelu was the first to come out!

As soon as she arrived, she winked at Robb, who was on his stone stool. Her red hair fluttered with the mountain breeze, and then she turned and shouted to the portal, then more people came out of the portal.

There were men and women, old and young. The group of people looking dispirited came out one after another, and after a while, the hillside was full.

Robb could have guessed from his toenails that these people were the people of Stone Canyon, so he turned to look at Lillian.

Lillian put down a pot of boiling water for Robb and ran quickly up the hillside. Every person who came out of the portal would greet her, and those people who did saw Lillian and looked surprised.

Obviously, everyone in that little town knew each other, and everyone knew that Lillian had been sold by her aunt, but they didn’t expect to see her here.

Robert looked coldly at the situation there, and after a while, an ordinary-looking middle-aged woman came through the portal. Lillian’s expression immediately changed, and she looked very excited. She shouted to her aunt so loudly that Robb, who was sitting in the yard, could hear her.

Then the woman saw Lillian with an expression of extreme surprise and a touch of embarrassment and fear in her eyes. She probably saw that her niece had now led a rich life.

Lillian was wearing a maid skirt made of cotton cloth. The style of the skirt was completely different from that of an ordinary servant. White silk stockings and leather shoes made her stand out, especially the precious amethyst necklace on her chest. It highlights her status in her new owner’s house.

The middle-aged woman felt fear and knelt down to Lillian with a “puff.”

Robb sighed and murmured, “Why are you kneeling? You abused Lillian. You bullied her! I can justifiably slap you into the sky if you dare to pretend. It’s good that you kneeled in front of her face. Forget it! As long as Lillian doesn’t care, I’ll give you a break. “


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