After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Sugar Production Method

The farmers were envious when they saw that the miners had dug up valuable amethyst in only one day.

The miner’s job is really a quick job. As long as you dig something up, you get a harvest immediately, which is really enviable, but those of them who are farmers are different. The planting cycle of crops is too long, and you have to pick the season. They can’t settle down like the miners in the twinkling of an eye.

Today, although they helped Robb harvest a mountain of beets and did some work, they knew that helping people harvest crops was not a great job. They were lucky that Robb was kind enough to give them some pay. They can’t say anything if they aren’t happy with it either. After all, they are still eating potatoes given by Robb.

On the other hand, they are still reclaiming their land for cultivation. They have not even begun sowing potatoes, and their harvest is far off. This sense of disparity makes them look up a little bit.

As soon as Robb looked at these guys, he knew they “Had nothing to live for” how could he accept that? [I want to eat candy. You scum don’t have to worry about that stuff. Hurry up and get to work.]

But even if he thought so in heart, he couldn’t say that.

Robb put on a compassionate, gentle, and kind expression and said to the farmers, “Don’t panic. I know you lack confidence in your future, but I guarantee that you will feel that your life has reached its peak tomorrow. I am about to pass on to you a holy skill, and when you learn it, you will be full of confidence next year, the year after that, and for the rest of your life.”

Hearing what he said, the farmers were refreshed and already worshipped Robb. After all, it was no exaggeration to say that such a man who could grow crops in one day was carrying the blessings of God.

Everyone hurried closer, stood respectfully, and assumed the appearance of being taught with an open mind.

Robb said, “First of all, go and wash the beetroots. You don’t have to finish them all. I’m just going to teach you how to do it. It’s just ‘trial production. So just wash 20 or 30 beets first, wash them as quickly as you can, and bring them to me.”

The farmers hurried to wash the beets.

Robb told Lillian, “go and get a pot and some linen.”

Lillian took orders and soon brought out a very large pot. Yes, it was the pot she used to cook the stew.

She knew Robb hated mixed stew most and didn’t like using this pot to cook food. She didn’t know why she was asked to take it out. She was confused, but she still obediently brought it out.

Robb gave Lillian the blessing of the king and said with a smile, “go and half-fill the pot with water and heat it on the fire.”

Lillian did as told, and the cauldron was half-filled with water and boiled on the fire.

This is just like the mixed stew. Lillian said awkwardly, “Master, this is… Do you finally want to eat mixed stew?”

“Only ghosts want to eat that!” Robb couldn’t help covering his nose when she talked about the stew.

Seeing that the farmers had brought the washed beets, Robb immediately ordered, “cut the beets into small pieces and throw them into the pot to cook.”

The farmers thought, [is the priest going to make beetroot soup? Forget it! People like us can’t figure out what the priest is thinking. Just do it.]

They quickly chopped up the washed beets and then threw them all into the pot.

They stewed the beetroot in the large pot, and instantly, the sweet smell wafted from the pot.

However, seeing that the beets were cooked and ready to eat, Robb did not let people eat the beet but continued to watch the big pot boil without saying a word.

It boiled and continued to boil. It was not until the beets had been boiled and turned to dregs that Robb ordered, “take out the beet dregs from the pot, wrap it in linen, and squeeze it hard to squeeze out all the water back into the pot.”

The farmers were a little confused. One farmer finally couldn’t help asking, “Father, if you squeeze all the water out of the beet dregs, the beet dregs will become completely inedible and taste very bad.”

“I didn’t ask you to eat dregs.” Robb smiled, “squeeze out the beet dregs and save it for the pigs.”

Farmers: “……”

What a waste of food! The farmer wanted to vomit, but no one dared, so he had to endure his heartache, fished the beet dregs out of the pot, wrapped them in linen, squeezed them hard, and squeezed the water out of the beet dregs back into the pot.

At this time, there were no solids left in the pot, only a pot of clear water, sweet water.

Robb felt sorry for Lillian and didn’t want her to work more, so he said to a female farmer next to him, “come here, take a long spoon, and keep stirring in the pot.”

Although the female farmer did not understand, she obediently did it, taking a long wooden spoon and stirring the sweet water in the pot.

The fire under the pot still continued to blow heat, and the water constantly evaporated. And with the stirring of the wooden spoon, the water in the pot is turned continuously, so it evenly evaporates.

Slowly, less and less water was left in the pot, and the proportion of sugar became more and more.

Stir, stir, and at the last stir, the water in the pot was so scarce that the female farmer felt that every stir of her wooden spoon became very difficult. It turned out that the pot was no longer sweet water but dark brown syrup.

The syrup is very high in concentration and sticky, so it is difficult to stir.

Robb smiled and said to the female farmer, “All right! You can stop now.”

The female farmer obediently stopped, and Robb blew out the fire with magic, then picked up a copper spoon, reached into the pot, and scooped up a spoon full of syrup from the bottom of the pot.

The syrup began solidifying and turning into a dark brown candy bar like amber as soon as the fire was blown out.

Robb wrapped the candy in a cloth, clapped his hands hard, and with a bang, the candy was broken into many small pieces. And he spread out the cloth, and what appeared in front of everyone was a pile of small dark brown crystalline candies.

He picked up a small candy and threw it into his mouth.

Aaah! This is the taste… The taste of my favorite “Sugar Painting” when I was a child.

It was not easy to eat the same food only available in his previous world, and Robb was instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia.

At this time, the onlookers did not know what Robb had done and looked confused as he showed sadness and was eerily quiet.

After a while, Robb picked up a small piece of candy and put it in Lillian’s mouth, “Come, taste it!”

【Robb Acquired Sugar and Candy】


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