After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 114

Chapter 114: What do you think about the situation?

Standing on the town wall, Bishop Elsie used to be a very elegant man. This is a necessity for all bishops. Even when they are mad, they have to keep a gentle, kind, elegant, and handsome demeanor. Only in this way can they attract the hearts and minds of the people.

Just now, when the group of children ran to make trouble on the town wall, he managed to stay gentle. However, now Bishop Elsie’s mouth was O-shaped, surprised, and confused.

If Robb knocked down the magic swordsman with one attack, he would still understand because it is still within the scope of the word “powerful.”

However, when Robb attacked, all the Black Earth Knights behind the swordsman were also knocked down, which is difficult for him to understand. This is no longer within the scope of the word “powerful” but belongs to the scope of being “impossible.”

Robb, with a hypocritical smile on his face, said in a tone that even a three-year-old could understand, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

The swordsman really wanted to jump up and scold him, but he was so badly hurt that he didn’t even have the strength to jump, so he had to lie on the ground and look at Robb with frightened eyes.

Now, not to mention Robb, even just a few armed men from town could kill all the Black Earth Knights.

The magic swordsman looked at the templar knights, who were ready to move from the town wall and come out to kill them. He could not help but close his eyes and thought, [I knew I should have retreated! It was I who stubbornly fought and killed more than a thousand subordinates.]

Just then, Robb suddenly turned and shouted to the Templar Knights in the town, “Nobody leave!”

Several paladins and priests who were about to climb the wall and jump immediately froze.

Robb said coldly, “didn’t you hear what I just said? I promised this magical swordsman that you would not be allowed to go out of the town of Westwind again and cause trouble. If you come out of the town, you are forcing each other to send troops to fight again, and you are making trouble for me. “

Templar Knights: “……”

If they hadn’t seen the attack Robb had just made, they might not have given Robb face, but who dared to after seeing that scene? The group froze on the town wall and dared not move.

It was only then that Robb turned back and faced the swordsman again, “although the Black Earth Knights have converted to the God of Darkness, your bodies are still human, right?”

The magic swordsman nodded.

“That’s good. Heal should still be useful then.”

Robb waved his hand – Sacred Hymn!

Golden light rippled, hymns reverberated in the air, while the Black Earth Knights rose from the ground one after another, and the swordsman felt that all the injuries he had just suffered had healed.

He jumped up from the ground, touched his body, and looked at Robb in surprise.

“You guys go then! Your attitude saved your life,” Robb said. “if you were a rude person, you’d already be dead.””

The magic swordsman could not help saying, “You’ll really let me go?”

Robb laughed, “Do you want me to not let you go? I can tell that your unit is one of the most trusted by the princess. If I kill all of you, she’ll fight me endlessly. That would be too annoying.”

The magical swordsman was silent. Robb said he let the swordsman go because of his attitude, but in the end, it was to avoid trouble.

“Just like the necromancer I sent back.” Robb said to the Black Earth Knights, “you also tell the princess. Do not attack me; I do not keep prisoners. As long as you do not come to trouble me, Westwind Town will not trouble you.”

The magic swordsman took off his helmet, held it in his arms, then bent down and made a 90-degree bow, “I will certainly tell that to the princess.”

“Oh, right!” Robb said, “although Westwind Town is becoming more and more complete in terms of industries, there has been a shortage of salt here recently. And I still have all kinds of products to sell in exchange for more colorful goods that could enrich my daily life. So, I need to do business. Tell the princess that if she needs copper, iron, medicine, leather, sugar, Coca-Cola, amethyst, and stockings that can make her look more beautiful, she should consider doing business with Westwind Town. What I need most is not money, but all kinds of strange food. I love good food very much. “

The magical swordsman was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh and thought to himself, [You still want to trade with us? Aren’t you a priest of the Church of Light? We are on the side of the Church of Darkness. We are supposed to be complete enemies. Besides, we’re at war. Yet you want good food?]

Robb knew what he thought when he saw his strange expression, but there was no need to make it clear. Some things should be left for them to think about.

The swordsman left, returning to Bright Road with admiration and fear of Robb’s strength and a lack of understanding of Robb’s strange way of thinking.

Robb knew that after this guy returned, the people on the princess’s side won’t take any action against Westwind Town for a while. After all, more than a thousand people saw what happened and got knocked down. If the princess did not want to make trouble for herself, she would certainly not confront him until her territory was consolidated.

Now his real problem is not the people on the princess’s side but the three hundred templar knights who have just fled to Westwind Town.

Robb walked slowly back to town, back to the town wall, and said to Bishop Elsie, “well, the pursuers have retreated, so you are safe for the time being.”

Bishop Elsie breathed a sigh of relief.

The three hundred Templar Knights also breathed a sigh of relief.

It was not until now that Robb had time to take a closer look at them. The majority of the three hundred men were armed warriors and archers, about two hundred, while the real priests and nuns added up to less than eighty.

After a little thinking, it became clear that these people thought they were just going to the mountains to purify some skeletons. If these eighty men kept purifying, it would be enough if each person purifies a dozen times. There was really no need for more. The soldiers were just used to protect this group of priests and nuns.

Robb turned to Bishop Elsie, “you guys are going to live in Westwind Town now. You can’t leave either. What do you think about the situation?”


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