After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Work together to make by-passes

Bishop Elsie froze slightly, lost in thought. As a bishop, of course, he has a good mind. He only needed a moment to understand the circumstances.

It is impossible for them to go home. Bright Road has fallen into the enemy’s hands, cutting off the connection between the Kingdom of Gran and the towns on the western border. Now the only way is to cross the Black Pine Mountain Range through the east and west.

But even without thinking, the princess must have stationed an army in the Black Pine Mountain Range to prevent King Mondra from sending troops through the Black Pine Mountain Range to flank her army.

Her army has undead and demi-humans, which are fine being stationed in the mountains, not as uncomfortable as when humans are stationed there.

If the bishop’s team of three hundred men is ambushed by the princess in the Black Pine Mountain Range, they’ll die.

If they can’t cross there, Bishop Elsie won’t be able to return.

He sighed, “We can only stay in Westwind Town for peace of mind. We can’t go out. You also promised them that we would not be allowed to go out. No matter out of respect for you or for the sake of our own safety, we can no longer leave Westwind Town.”

Robb nodded. “now that you’ve decided to stay, there’s something I have to make clear to you.”

“Oh, go ahead!” Bishop Elsie was very polite to Robb. On the one hand, he saw his strength, and on the other hand, he was informed by Little Yi that he was a heretic judger, although Robb had just released the enemy. In the eyes of high-ranking people like the bishop, Robb’s action just now is obviously a strategic move and is a compromise taken to protect Westwind Town, which is the right judgment.

Robb said, “since you want to stay, You need food, drink, and shelter for three hundred people. However, almost none of you are producers. If you are in a big city, the city’s residents will feed you. But in Westwind Town, which only has less than a thousand townspeople and the recently accepted eight hundred refugees from Stone Canyon and White Birch Town…. Do you understand what I mean?”

Bishop Elsie understood on hearing this that with a small town and only a few workers, it was impossible to feed three hundred people who ate and drank for nothing. If the Templar Knights only pass by for a short time, maybe the townspeople can provide them with a meal, entertain them and send them away, but if they want to stay here for a long time, this small town will never be able to support 300 freeloaders.

Bishop Elsie could not help but feel embarrassed. It was complicated for him to deal with. He was good at studying politics, making strategies, and how to swindle people, but he didn’t know what to do from a producer’s point of view.

Therefore, he had to ask for advice with an open mind, “Father Robb, how can we support ourselves?”

Robb tilted his mouth and whispered deliberately, “how about forcing the townspeople to hand over their food?”

Without thinking about it, the bishop refused and said, “the Church of Light will not treat ordinary people like that. They have to be willing to do so. If they do not want to, the Church of Light has no reason to impose expropriation.”

Rob thought to himself, [This sentence saved your life. If you really nodded, I would slap you to death. I guess the people in the middle of the Church of Light ranks are alright. Only the guys at the top are bad ones, probably.]

“Then, what can you guys do?” Robb said with a smile, “farming, mining, hunting, herb picking….”

Bishop Elsie looked embarrassed. “these are all…”

“Ha, then there’s only one way.” Robb suddenly put on a serious face and said, “if you want to get rich, first build roads. I think these three hundred soldiers can work together to make by-passes, stand guard, and be soldiers of the people. They have to do some real things for the townspeople. In this way, people will be willing to give you food to reward you. What do you think? “

The bishop jumped into the pit dug by Robb and said, “Oh? Build by-passes? This can be done. Moreover, doing so is also a good deed, which is very much in line with the image of the Church of Light.”

Robb said, “That should be fine. I’ll discuss with the townspeople to replace the men who rotate as guards and let them return to work in the fields. Your men will take over the defenses. In addition, the wages for the construction of the by-pass will be arranged by you.”

“Besides, my chapel is too small to accommodate many people.” Robb then said, “anyway, you marched here, so you should use your marching tents, camp on the hillside, and then ask the people of White Birch Town to build wooden houses for you.”

Bishop Elsie said, “Father Robb is truly great at organization. We shall respect your arrangement.”

The three hundred templar knights settled down in this way, and they were not penniless. Many of them had gold and silver coins, so they took out the little money they had with them and gave it to the townspeople to help them build houses.

Those with more money hired masons to build stone houses, while those with less money asked carpenters to build wooden ones, and until the houses were built, they temporarily had to live in tents.

Robb provided them with potatoes that’ll last them seven days and then said solemnly to Bishop Elsie, “These potatoes were given to you by the townspeople. It’s their thanks for building the by-passes… Now the most needed road in the town is from the gemstone mine behind the hillside to the silk stockings factory on the hillside, then to the area of the wooden houses, and through the newly reclaimed field. Once this road is completed, the three major areas of the town can finally be fully integrated into the town, and if the road is built, the townspeople will certainly be grateful to the Church of Light.”

“In that case, I’ll give the order to let everyone do it.” Bishop Elsie immediately agreed. The wise man had already figured out that if he wanted to live here, it would depend on Robb’s decision; otherwise, Robb would use his “splash damage” on his three hundred men with his knife.

Bishop Elsie soon arranged a construction team, and a large group of Templar Knights soldiers began to build the road. As long as they had the strength, it was not difficult, but occasionally, some people would get injured while moving stones and priests and nuns would help to cure them.

In these days, building roads is actually very dangerous. Ordinary people building a road through the mountains might cost several lives, but it was not a problem for the Templar Knights, especially with 70 to 80 priests and nuns ready to heal them.


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