After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 140

Chapter 140: The taste of cream cake

Lu Xun once said, “Only men refuse cake.”

Confucius said, “Women are born for cakes.”

Lu Xun also said, “Women have two stomachs, one of which is specially used to hold cakes.”

Confucius said, “Want to make a woman happy, capture a woman’s heart, apologize to a woman, propose to a woman, just give them a cake.”

Lu Xun also said, “I rubbed my mother but didn’t say it!”

Xuelu was the first to reach for the cake and shove the novelty into her mouth. It was as if she had been in the art of fixing herself, and then she desperately stuffed the piece of cake into her mouth and reached for the second one.

Of course, Robb immediately seized this hand, and this time he said nothing and gently rubbed it in his hand. “Don’t panic. I’ll do it later, don’t rush to grab someone else’s,” he said with a smile.

Xuelu also wrapped a piece of cake in her mouth and vaguely said, “for a moment… Make… Something bigger!”

Robb smiled and said, “do women really like big ones?”

“Rascal, go to hell!”

On the other side, Lillian picked up a piece of cake carefully. She didn’t move as fast as Xuelu but operated slowly. She first licked the cream on the cake, and her face instantly turned into o (* ^ @ ^ *) o. Then she ate the cake and cream together. Her little face filled with happiness.

Little Yi said coldly, “I’m not gluttonous. I just want to see what it tastes like. First of all, I’m not gluttonous. Overeating is one of the seven deadly sins. I’m a loyal believer in the God of Light. I can’t eat a lot.”

With that, she took a piece of cake and stuffed it into her mouth.

Later, Little Yi confessed to the God of Light for a week because he had committed seven deadly sins of gluttony. After the confession, Robb came up with a new cake flavor. So she confessed for another week. After that confession, Robb came up with one again, so Little Yi confessed for another week…

The two light nuns licked their fingers and wanted to eat, but they were afraid that Robb would take the opportunity to grab their hands. It was not until they saw Robb holding Xuelu’s hand that they seized the opportunity, hurriedly grabbed a piece of cake, and ran.

After a while, the sound of “mm, mm” sounded behind a tree.

Although Robb gave them thick clothes and black stockings, they still put themselves in a “not willing to see you” position.

The two dark nuns dared not reach out their hands, but the cake was not only beautiful but also fragrant, and the smell could be smelled from afar. The hands of the two little nuns were almost reaching out of their mouths. Their eyes were full of grievances.

Then, Robb waved to them, “number eight, two little nuns, what are you doing there? Come and take some.”

The necromancer numbered 8 respectfully saluted, “Sunshine and delicious food do not belong to a necromancer.”

Robb said angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense. If you don’t come and eat, your two little nuns will not dare to come here. Even If you don’t care about yourself, think about your subordinates.”

“This…” The necromancer turned to look at the two little nuns who were drooling and cried, “if you want to eat, go and take some. Why are you staring at me?”

The two dark nuns said pitifully, “Master, we dare not.”

Number 8 had no choice but to climb over the fence and come over. He took two cakes, put them into the hands of the two little nuns, and sighed, “eat! It feels like the rules will be messed up at Robb’s place.”

Robb said with a smile, “I won’t. I’m very orderly.”

Everyone shook their heads together and thought, [In order, my mom.]

However, it was true that they misunderstood Robb. Robb was actually orderly, but the order he kept was the order he had brought from modern generations, which was slightly different from that kept by people in this world, such as religious disputes and wars. Robb doesn’t think it’s necessary to get involved at all.

However, robbery, arson, rape, and fraud, are all things Robb will never do.

The two dark nuns who got the cake also brushed the floor and hid behind a tree, and soon the sound of “mm, mm” also sounded behind the tree.

Seeing what the girls looked like when they ate the cake, the expressions of the two royal merchants immediately became dignified.

Merchants always look at things differently from ordinary people.

Gugu reached out and picked up a piece of cake, put it in his mouth, and his eyes suddenly opened, “Oh, this thing, it can make a lot of money.”

Jiji picked up a piece, took a bite, and then said slowly, “Ladies should be willing to pay more than three gold coins for this thing. The most expensive ingredient is sugar. Assuming that the cost of the sugar costs 50 silver coins, you can earn two and a half gold coins by selling one cake. There are a lot of rich people in Bright Road and Lost City, so the sales of this thing will not be bad. “

Gugu nodded, “Men are always willing to spend money on their women! I’m sure it will be a blockbuster. The key issue now is the production process. “

At this point, the two men turned to look at Robb.

Just now, when Robb was making, the two of them opened their eyes wide and tried to steal the process, but Robb used a “chef” skill and made it just by rubbing. It was not normal at all.

The two merchants could only look at Robb with pitiful eyes.

“Want to learn the process?” Robb laughed, “I don’t want to teach you. Why should I foolishly teach you the process for nothing? Such a profitable business can only be enjoyed by me in Westwind Town. If you want it, you can come to Westwind Town to buy my goods every once in a while. “

The two merchants sweated, “Westwind Town is far from Bright Road. The taste will definitely get worse when we get back.”

Robb said: “then it doesn’t matter. Capitalists always find a way to solve all kinds of difficulties to make money! But I like you guys.”

Two merchants: “……”

“Well, since I’m not a devil. I’ll give you two cakes, one for her Majesty, the other you can cut into dozens of slices and sell to the ladies.” Robb casually rubbed out two cakes easily, and two cream cakes appeared on the table.

The two merchants frowned tightly as soon as they saw the cake. [Oh, my God! What can I do to get these two cream cakes back as fast as possible? The taste will be completely different if we take even a few more hours.]


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