After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Earning foreign currency

The two merchants thought for a while about solving the transportation problem.

After thinking hard for a long time, Gugu gritted his teeth and whispered, “It seems we can only fly it by air. Ask the Royal Air Force to send a manticore.”

He shook his head and said, “although we are royal merchants, the Air Force and us do work together, so we have to spend money to get their help. A flight to Bright Road will cost us at least five gold coins.”

Gugu, “This is for her Majesty. How dare they charge for it? But even if we pay five gold coins, we can still make a profit. Anyway, the cake is not heavy, so a manticore can transport at least ten or eight cakes at a time, and we can still make a lot of money. “

“I hope the cake can earn us more,” he said. “her Majesty spends a lot of money on the army.”

At this point, Robb suddenly leaned over and said, “how do you make money when you are so stupid? Here, let me show you how to sell a cake that could have sold three gold coins for four gold coins so that you can make more money for her Majesty.”

Gugu looked over curiously.

Robb said, “cut the cake into eight slices with a knife and sell it for fifty silver coins each. Won’t that be four gold coins?”

Gugu thought about it and suddenly realized it.

Robb said, “you can go one step further and cut the cake into sixteen pieces and sell it for thirty silver coins each.”

The two merchants knelt to Robb on the spot, “are you a business genius or a devil? Or both.”

Robb smiled but said nothing, thinking, [How can I not understand after having been teased by cake shops for more than ten years?]

Gugu took a crystal ball from his arms and placed it on the table. He tapped it twice, and the crystal ball soon lit up. A necromancer appeared on the ball.

Robb was intrigued when he saw it, “Oh, a summoning crystal ball!”

This wasn’t in the game!

In the game, if a player wants to talk to another player, even if they’re far from each other, it can be done by opening the friend list and sending a whisper, so there is no such summoning item as a crystal ball in the game. But Robb has seen it in all kinds of western fiction.

This is the first time I have seen this, so he can’t help but be very interested.

Gugu said to the necromancer on the other side of the crystal ball, “Mister number 1, we are now in Westwind Town. We would like you to send a manticore from the Royal Air Force to carry something.”

The necromancer, known as number one, hummed, “does the Royal Air Force have any reason to come out casually to transport goods?”

Gugu, “it’s a gift from Mr. Robb to her Majesty the Queen. It needs to be kept fresh and can’t be delayed, so it must be transported quickly by air.”

“So it’s like that. Since it belongs to her Majesty, I will send a manticore at once. But don’t try to bring any personal belongings.”

“Scoundrel.” Gugu scolded angrily, “You won’t let us bring stuff even if we pay?”

Number one said, “Pay? Do you think you can just ask the air force to come with money? We are sacred soldiers, not peddlers! Only if you give five gold coins will I consider it.”

“All right, all right, we understand now, scoundrel who wants money.” Gugu turned off the crystal ball, then smiled at Jiji and said, “the talk was successful. Sure enough, it was five gold coins.”

Jiji said, “If we ship ten cakes at a time and sell each cake for two gold coins, we’ll earn a total of 20 gold, the freight fee is five gold coins, if we slice it into sixteen pieces, we’ll earn four gold and eighty silver for each cake, so the total income from ten cakes will be 48 gold. Ingredients are 25 gold. After deducting the costs, we’ll still earn 23 gold!”

“If we call over ten manticores at a time, we can earn 230 gold coins,” he said.

“There are a hundred manticores in the Royal Air Corps,” he said.

Robb said, “You two idiots. Is it even fine to use the Royal Air Corps like this all the time? Only once in a while is fine. You’d better study how to keep it fresh through the land. I’ll give you an idea. Refrigerated transportation, hehe. As for how. Think about it yourselves.”

As he said that, he took out his magic container and played with it with his hands.

The two merchants were inspired by his actions, and their eyes lit up, “that’s right magic items! In a small space, using magic items to continuously output ice magic can ensure the quality of food. “

The two hastened to pay homage to Robb, “you are a great talent. We are not comparable at all. There is still a lot to learn from you about business in the future.”

“Well said, well said.” Robb suddenly pointed to the crystal ball in Gugu’s hand. “I would like to ask, do you have more of these summoning crystal balls? Or… do you sell it?”

Gugu froze and then said with a smile, “this thing is not very rare. There are royal families in various countries, but their number is not many, you know. It’s because this thing has a very strong strategic role, generally used in the military….”

“You don’t have to elaborate on its functions,” Robb said. “I understand. All you have to do is say whether you’re going sell it or not and how much it costs.”

Gugu said awkwardly, “this kind of strategic magic item, I really do not dare do so without permission. I need to go back to ask her Majesty if she allows the sale of crystal balls. I can sell it to you.”

“Do you have to consult her Majesty before you can sell it?” There was a hearty smile on Robb’s face, “I see. After you have tasted the cream cake, I sent to her Majesty, ask her if she can sell me a crystal ball, and say that if you don’t sell it to me, my cream cake is not for sale.”

Two merchants: “……”

Before long, there was a lion roar in the sky, and three huge, ferocious manticores flew from the southeast appeared. Their huge wings spread out, blocked the sun, and cast three huge shadows on the ground.

After circling the top of Robb’s chapel twice, they landed and crouched in the yard, one of which sat a knight, and the other two were empty.

The two merchants each held a box of cream cake with ice magic and sat on the manticores, and waved goodbye to Robb, “Mr. Robb, please wait for our good news about the crystal ball.”

Robb smiled, “I’m sure it will be good news.”

The manticore flew into the sky and headed for Bright Road.

Robb waved to the girls and said with a smile, “come here. I’ll teach you how to make the cake now. After you learn it, you can teach the women in town so that everyone can learn to make it. When these two merchants come to restock, we will sell it to them in large quantities and earn a lot of foreign currency.”


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