After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 142

Chapter 142: A queen that doesn’t desire material wealth

A few days later…

In Bright Road!

The headquarters of the White Lion Cavalry, the residence of Grand Duke Yingsi, has now been converted into her Majesty’s temporary palace. Still, the size of the palace is obviously not enough compared to the old palace that she used for many years.

Her Majesty, who was only a few days away from reaching the age of 20, lived in such a humble palace without showing any impatience.

Although she is just age 20, she has experienced greater storms than any of her peers. She has enjoyed prosperity, experienced countless difficulties, gained radiance above all, and is hidden in the dark.

She has a more determined mind than any of her peers, with no materialism, luxury, or desire for enjoyment.

Her calmness and reason often make people forget she is just a teenage girl.

At this time, she was sitting on the throne, flipping through a stack of documents that recorded the latest military expenditures and her financial situation.

Obviously, there is not much good news!

The battle is unsettled, and a werewolf leading a guerilla army is in her territory. It is very tricky, and he hasn’t been caught yet. Although she has sent a group of Black Earth Knights to wipe out the guerrillas, whether she will succeed or not is still unknown.

After all, White Moon is a famous general under Mondra, and is not so easy to deal with.

Her brow frowned deeply…

As winter drew nearer and nearer, cold wind came through the window, and her Majesty’s long white dress was slightly rolled up by the wind. She suddenly thought of something and said to the guard next to her, “go and get the cook.”

After a while, the royal chef came and stood beneath her respectfully.

The Queen said faintly, “it’s outrageous for that damned priest to blackmail me with cream cake and force me to sell him the crystal ball. It’s just a snack. How can I exchange it for a strategic magic item? Do I look gluttonous?”

The chef hurriedly said, “of course, you don’t.”

“Hmm!” The Queen asked unwittingly, “did you succeed in studying the cream cake I asked you to do?”

“No!” The chef said with a bitter face, “the cake has been made successfully. It’s very simple and not much different from making bread. But cream… the cream alone is impossible to make.”

The Queen clasped the armrest heavily, “isn’t the raw materials needed very clear? There are only three kinds of materials, fish maw, milk, and sugar. Nothing more. Why can’t it be made? “

The chef was sweating, “this… There must have been some trick involved in this… We studied till our brains trembled but still couldn’t produce it successfully. Gugu and Jiji couldn’t give us any useful hints. According to them, Mr. Robb just rubbed his hands and turned the materials into the cream. The exact steps were not clear at all. “

The Queen sighed, “just say it. Is there any hope of finding out?”

“Yes!” The chef said. “But… it will take a few more months at the very least.”

“Months?” The Queen raised her voice.

The chef said, “Yes, a few months.”

The Queen waved, “forget it, go.”

The chef bowed his head, saluted, and then retreated quietly.

The Queen thought about it carefully for a long time and then said to the guard, “go and call Gugu and Jiji. Prepare a crystal ball….”

The guard was about to leave when the Queen stopped him and said, “Bring me the last piece of cake in the magic refrigerator.”

A few minutes later, her Majesty carefully took the last piece of cream cake with both hands and gently licked the cream on it. It was refreshing, non-greasy, comfortable, and delicious. Ah, why is this food so delicious?

I am obviously a person who has tasted all the world’s sufferings and has long been unmoved by such things. What is a mere delicacy in the face of the great ambition of reviving the country? Don’t play with me. Stop trying to influence my firm will.

She failed!

The sweet cream made her face look as beautiful as a rose. Once the first beauty of the Kingdom of Gran laughed, all the guards in the palace could not help turning their heads and dared not look directly at her.

They heard her Majesty sigh in a melancholy voice, “there are only five mouthfuls left. It’s almost finished.”

It’s almost winter, and the fields will soon be empty.

The villagers of Westwind Town collected the last batch of autumn-planted potatoes and stored them in their warehouses.

At this time in previous years, most townspeople would be ready to go into rest mode and wait for the beginning of spring to start working again.

But this year is different. The stockings factory in the town does not stop because of winter. In order to feed the spiders, hunters have to hunt desperately to catch goblins and ogres, as well as all kinds of beasts and monsters.

Moreover, there are fewer beasts and monsters around the village now. Some quick-thinking townspeople felt that catching beasts and monsters alone would not be enough to feed the hundreds of spiders, especially since the second batch of spiders was about to be born. Greater demand for meat has been put on the agenda.

Coupled with the fact that the people of Westwind Town are getting richer, they are willing to start spending money on food.

The price of meat in Westwind Town began to soar, and after calculating, the townspeople found that raising pigs, chickens, and even rabbits could make a lot of money and that they would no longer lose as much money on feeds as before.

As a result, some townspeople began to raise all kinds of livestock, such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and pigs. They could raise whatever they could and didn’t have to worry that they could not be sold. Winter happens to be a fattening season to let the livestock grow. They will sell them to the silk stockings factory when they become big and fat.

As a result, the idle season in previous years is still hot in action this year. Westwind Town has become a small town that doesn’t rest.

That morning, Robb was slumped on the stone stool in the yard as usual, and suddenly the alarm sounded again on the sentry tower to the southeast of the town.

The sound made Robb a little curious. No one has dared to make trouble in Westwind town for a long time now. What is this alarm for?

Before he could speak, Lillian ran over with his wheelchair, smiled, and said, “Master, come on.”

Robb moved his ass, sat down from the stool to the wheelchair, then picked up the goose feather fan handed over by Lillian, pointed to the southeast corner, and said with a smile, “Let’s go!”

Little Yi, the three adventurers, Bishop Elsie, Number 8, and a large group of people came out of their houses and followed Robb.

Robb looked from side to side, “well! Our lineup is really getting bigger and bigger.”


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