After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Life seems interesting.

Her little action made Robb feel that it was really worth going out just now. At the same time, it made him feel a little guilty about his mother in his previous world because whenever he pulled an all-nighter because of grinding in the game, his mother would do her best and prepare a cup of water for him to drink. Thus, he never became thirsty.

“What’s the matter, master?” Lillian was a little worried when she saw the tears glittering in her master’s eyes.

“I’m fine.” Robb hid his expression and pointed at the cup of water on the table and said, “Lillian, let me tell you, it is unhealthy and easy to get sick when you drink well water like this. All kinds of parasites will enter your belly. When you want to drink water, boil it, so the parasites would be killed off.”

“What are parasites?” Lillian asked.

Robb, “…”

Well, though the medieval west was often thought of as being well-educated and majestic because of “Swordsmanship and Magic,” it was actually quite barbaric and oblivious to most things in the world. Well, some things are better slowly changed, Robb said patiently, “It’s a tiny, invisible bug. It’s in this water. Drinking it could give you diarrhea, so you’ll have to boil the water to kill them.”

“Wow, so the reason I got diarrhea back then was because of this?” The funniest thing about Lillian is her facial expressions. Her facial expressions always reveal her emotions. And now, she’s looking at the cup of water on the table with an expression of absolute disgust.

“Well, there’s no need to be so disgusted. After it boils, it will be a normal cup of good water. Go boil it.”

“Master… But… We don’t have a pot here. ” Lillian said, “I just went to the kitchen and found a shortage of utensils.”

“Oh, that’s true. I just moved in today, so I don’t have anything yet.” Robb then said with a smile, “So go shopping first and buy everything you need in your daily life. Speaking of which, your room doesn’t have a bed nor bedding yet, so you should go and buy it while you’re there.”

Pausing there, Robb thought of something, adding, “By the way, pots and pans are all heavy. It’s very difficult for a girl to carry it back. Don’t act brave, and remember to spend some money to ask a few townspeople to help you carry things back.”

Lillian froze, and her expression started. And then she instantly looked like she was about to cry.

When she stayed with her aunt, she had no bedding, so she could only sleep on a haystack in the stables. Just now, in the servant’s room, she was thinking of getting some hay for her to sleep on. She didn’t expect that her master would ask her to buy some bedding. And when she thought she might not be able to carry these things alone, he asked her to pay for someone to help her bring them back.

Her master is not only gentle and kind but also considerate, caring for his servants to the point of madness. Being bought by him was truly the greatest

Robb reached into his pocket, grabbed some gold coins, and handed them over to Lillian.

She shook her head abruptly. “Master, I still have 82 silver coins left from when we bought the cloth, which is enough to buy a lot of things. There is no need to give me any more money. I will buy all our necessities now. I… I will do my best.”

She moved her legs and ran as if she were flying out of the yard. Robb sat motionless on the stone bench and only shouted, “Slow down, don’t fall.”


The little maid didn’t have the klutz’s attribute, falling or tripping. She ran fast and steadily. The maid wearing white and black, flew like a butterfly. In a blink of an eye, she slowly disappeared. Seeing her lovely back, Robb felt more and more that the different world seemed to be becoming more and more interesting. Of course, it’s just that life is interesting. He still wasn’t interested in doing strange adventures.

That evening, Lillian came back with a large group of townspeople.

Each townsman helped her carry a lot of things, including bedding, pillows, pots, pans, knives and forks, tables, chairs, candles, sesame oil, seasonings, tea, dried wood, vegetables, and beef. Even a pile of farm tools such as hoes, spades, and sickles were brought back.

Robb, who was addicted to games and used to rely entirely on his mother to take care of his daily life, finally realized how troublesome it was to build a family. He could not help thanking his parents in his previous world, and then he secretly congratulated himself that the first thing he bought was the maid; otherwise, he would be crazy to take care of these messy daily necessities.

In the evening, the sun began to set, and smoke rose from every household.

There was smoke rising in the small chapel. Lillian was cooking on a fire.

Holding a cup of black tea that Lillian had made for him, Robb continued to limp on the stone bench in the yard, lazy.

After a long time, Lillian brought dinner to the table.

Robb looked intently. My God, what the heck is this?

What looked like a “pot of soup” on the table was 108000 miles worse than his previous world’s soup. All kinds of strange ingredients floated in the soup. Robb glanced over and saw crushed pig bones, pig offal, mushrooms, and wild vegetables. In any case, all the ingredients present at home can be seen in this pot, and there are even pig intestines floating and sinking at the top of the pot. Not to mention, the pot gives off a very fishy smell.

Robb pointed to the pot and asked in horror, “Lillian, what do you call this? Dark cuisine?”

“Huh? That’s how everyone cooks. ” Lillian said, “Haven’t you eaten before, master?”

Pausing there, she suddenly realized she had made a mistake. She made soup that ordinary people often eat, that is, putting everything in a pot, but the nobles didn’t seem to eat like this. They were much more fastidious. Her master is a priest of the Church of Light, so of course, he’s a noble. He can’t eat such food. (The medieval west ate such dishes. Unlike the Chinese, they didn’t like making different kinds of food like fried pork liver. They prefer to chop up their ingredients and put them all in a big pot for soup. You all probably know the taste of boiled offal, and I’m sure you couldn’t handle it)

Lillian said awkwardly, “I. I don’t know… How to make food for master.”

“Oh, forget it! You haven’t used up all the ingredients yet, right? “

“There are still two large pieces of beef left. The beef is costly, so I didn’t want to stew it with the cheaper ingredients. I wanted to dry it and turn it into beef jerky for preservation.”

“Then bring them here,” Robb then said, “By the way, bring some mushrooms and some salt. Right, prepare two plates, knives, and forks.”

Lillian obediently brought the ingredients and plates, knives, and forks.

Robb changed his job to “Chef” and started making steak with mushroom sauce, and in a blink of an eye, two steaks were placed on the stone table in front of him.

Lillian saw that Robb didn’t seem to do anything other than point at the ingredients. The ingredients synthesized into a beautiful dish within seconds, which was amazing. Wow, so this is the power of magic! However, should a noble thing such as magic be used on something so simple as cooking?

Her mouth couldn’t help but open so wide that she couldn’t close it for a long time.

Robb pointed at the chair on the opposite side of the stone table. “Sit down and have steak with me. Here are exactly two, one for each of us.”

“Ah?” Lillian was startled. “This… This is what nobles eat, right? I. I’ll just drink the soup. “

“That soup will be taken out and placed in the middle of the town. Whoever finds it appealing it will eat it. Our family will not eat that anymore. Just listen to me and eat the same thing as I do,” Robb said commandingly.

“Yes, master!” Lillian sat down carefully on the chair opposite Robb. Thanks to the fact that she was an unruly girl from a small town at the border, she didn’t know much of the world. If she had been born in a big city and known certain rules and customs, she would never dare to sit at the same table with her master. She’ll probably maintain respect and show her inferiority to Robb, which he hates.

She picked up her knife and fork like Robb and thought to herself, “Is this how nobles eat? Like her master, she pressed on the beef with the fork in her left hand and cut it using a knife with her right hand… Cut… Cut… Then, she used the fork in her left hand. Oops, no, that’s too much power.


The steak flew over the stone table and stuck to Robb’s face, which was now covered with mushroom sauce.

Robb put down his knife and fork and said sadly, “Lillian!”

“Master! I. I didn’t mean to… Whoo. ” Lillian was so scared that she almost cried

Robb shrugged and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to punish you. I just want to tell you that if you’re not used to using a knife and fork, you can eat it with your hands. I don’t mind.”

Lillian said timidly, “Can I use my hands?”

“Of course, you can!”

“Wow, that would be great.” Lillian was overjoyed, and with a smile on her face, she grabbed the steak in her hand and stuffed it into her mouth: “Delicious, truly delicious… so it was true that food eaten by nobles is better than the soup.”

Robb pointed to the mushroom sauce on his face. “Before you eat your steak, would you wash my face without a basin of water?”

“Oh, dear! Master, I’ll be right there. “


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