After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Return to your grave

The sky was dark. Most of the citizens of Westwind town have already fallen asleep, with only a few houses still lit.

Robb took a big barrel, put it in the yard, and bathed.

Truly, without a doubt, a warm bath must be done in a yard. Indoor bathing is depressing, but outdoor baths are comfortable. You can see the stars all over the sky, and the black pine mountain behind the chapel becomes a vast black silhouette with a great sense of gradation. At the same time, the wind flows across the water’s surface and calmly brushes his head. It was indeed an indescribable sensation of comfortability.

Additionally, the little maid was very happy. She wasn’t shy when he entered the bath, but she turned her head when she saw Robb taking off his clothes. She waited until Robb sat in the water before moving and standing beside him with a bright red face.

Whenever Robb said the water was getting cold, she ran to the kitchen, brought the hot water that had been boiling all this time, and gave it to Robb.

Of course, he’ll take his time in such a comfortable bath. Robb accidentally soaked for an hour. Lillian has already boiled two large pots of water, yet he still hasn’t finished bathing.

“Master… When I went to the kitchen to fetch water… I heard a strange sound in the graveyard behind the chapel, rustling as if something was digging. ” When Lillian came back with the hot water this time, she had a frightened expression as if she was genuinely alarmed.

Robb thought, “It’s normal for girls to be afraid of cemeteries!”

He smiled and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all right. Don’t forget that I’m a priest. No undead will dare appear in front of me with the holy light in my hand.”

What he said reassured Lillian. With a Church of Light priest here, there was nothing to be afraid of. Speaking of which, cemeteries are built behind the church so that the souls of the dead can return to the God of Light as soon as possible which is more or less the reason “light” can be used to suppress the undead.

She nodded and said, “As long as master is around, I’m not afraid.”

“Of course, great!”

After soaking in the bath for a while, the water started becoming cold. Robb smiled, “You have to heat up the water again.”

Lillian quickly ran into the kitchen again and soon came back with hot water with a frightened expression on her face, “Master, there really is a sound coming from the cemetery. This time it is not only digging but also the kind… the kind that sounds like bones moving and cracking. It’s so scary… Master… Would you like to have a look? “

“I want to take a bath. I’m too lazy to look. What bones are moving? At most, a few skeletons crawled out of the grave, that is to say, a skeleton king. It’s no big deal.”

Listening to him downplay the situation, Lillian wept inside. She thought, “Master if there really is a Skeleton King, the whole of Westwind town, oh, correction, a hundred miles near the vicinity of the town will be razed to the ground by the army of undead. How could you underestimate the appearance of a skeleton king?

“But… but…” Lillian then said. “The cemetery is part of the chapel. If anything happens in the cemetery, your reputation will be tarnished.”

When she said that conflicted, Robb unexpectedly thought about it… huh? That’s right. The cemetery is part of my property which is also my real estate. If something is suspicious in my most expensive real estate, it doesn’t make sense for me not to take care of it.

“Well, let’s just have a look then.” Robb laid motionless in the barrel but secretly changed his job to “Ranger” and activated “Detection.”

His vision expanded at once, detection could provide Robb with a field of vision of 5000 yards, and the Ranger had a passive called “Night Vision,” so the night didn’t affect his vision.

He looked far away at the cemetery on the hill behind the church.

At a glance, he saw three tombstones tilted on the ground, three gloomy holes lay in front of the tombstone, and three skeletons were scraping dirt out of the hole as if they were trying to climb out.

“The skeleton really crawled out of the grave,” Robb said.

“Ah? Aah! ” Lillian screamed, “Skeleton?”

“Don’t yell. It’s just a few skeletons. What’s there to shout about.” Robb then said, “Forget it. After all, it’s my real estate. I have to take care of it and return these skeletons back to their graves. If they run away, when the townspeople come to pay their respects, they’ll realize that the remains of their loved ones are gone. Isn’t it pitiful that they can’t even pay their respects?”

Robb climbed out of the barrel, and Lillian hurriedly turned her head and handed over a piece of dry cotton cloth with her hands behind her. In fact, if she didn’t turn her head, Robb would be shy. He was still just an eighteen-year-old virgin, and he couldn’t bear to stand in front of the little girl naked, but the girl turned her head away first, so he managed to stay calm. Playing rogue still depends on who first surrenders!

He took the cotton cloth and wiped his body. He wasn’t wearing his previous T-shirts and jeans anymore. Ordinary people liked wearing loose clothes after taking a bath. He took a pair of “Tube pajamas” from Lillian and wore it on his body: “All right! I’ll go to the cemetery now. Lillian, wait here if you’re afraid. “

“Ah? I… I want to follow…. ” Lillian then said, “Staying here makes me more afraid. What if a skeleton suddenly climbs out when you leave?”

“Nonsense! Skeletons can’t climb out of anywhere! ” Robb smiled and said, “If a skeleton wants to climb out, you must first have to have a skeleton buried underground.”

“I don’t know if skeletons are buried in the front yard….”

“Whatever, just come along. By the way, bring a shovel; we’ll bury something later.” Robb doesn’t mind being followed by a girl; rather, he likes to be followed by a girl. It was originally a tedious task, but it would be much more interesting if he did it with a girl. The girl was yelling 666 behind him, which is much more comfortable than a few stingy men shouting the same thing. (TL: She’s yelling 666, meaning she’s hoping that everything will go smoothly)

Lillian followed cautiously, holding the shovel, and soon, they arrived at the cemetery. The cemetery was small, with only a few hundred graves. This is because Westwind town was small with a small population and short history.

When Robb walked into the cemetery, he saw that not only the three tombs he had seen but also dozens of tombs were empty. Looking at the marks on the holes they dug out of; he realized that they’d been digging and climbing out for several days. He wasn’t even at Westwind town yet when they started.

He didn’t care about it before, so he didn’t talk about it. But now that he’s here, he obviously won’t allow them to crawl out of their graves anymore. Later, he finally came across a skeleton that was crawling out of its grave.

Seeing a living skeleton crawling out of the grave, Lillian was frightened and grabbed the hem of Robb’s clothes, trembling all over.

Robb knew at a glance that she was barely afraid. It was just that she had been inflicted with “Fear.” Undead creatures all carry a certain degree of “Aura of Fear,” which can scare mentally weak people. The more powerful the undead, the stronger its “Aura of Fear” is, and the greater its range.

The reason why Lillian looks like this is because of the aura of fear. Although a skeleton soldier is one of the weakest undead monsters, it can still frighten Lillian a little, but not to the extent of making her run away.

Robb took her hand with his left hand and used the holy magic “Dispel.” Afterward, a stream of warm light dispelled her fear without a trace. Lillian’s mind cleared up, and her trembling body finally stabilized.

Robb squatted down with both hands on his chest to look at the skeleton crawling out in front of him.

The skeleton was digging with both its hands, expanding the mouth of the hole, and crawling forward little by little. Then, it finally noticed him squatting in front of it, a blonde man in tube pajamas.

The skeleton glared at Robb with its hollow eyes, then it opened its mouth and roared, “Cracking!” Creaking! “

“Crack your head.” Robb then put his hand on the skull of the skull and pressed on it hard: “Return to your grave and never come out and frighten my little maid.”


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