After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 162

Chapter 162: I want a robe

Xuelu was used to joking with Robb. Even if he said he rejected her, she was not angry. She smiled and threw another magic spell to do the experiment. Sure enough, she could feel it herself this time that she consumed much less magic when using it. This robe can really alleviate the problem of her lack of mana points “to some extent.”

She smiled, threw herself onto Robb’s neck, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but women these days don’t have lipstick to wear, so they can’t put a red mark on Robb’s face.

Robb wiped his face with his hands and murmured disgruntled, “Don’t mess around. You’ll make my face wet.”

Xuelu smiled, “Smiling and acting smug while saying words of disgust. Ah, males!”

They were flirting here while Baron Nuolun looked at the pile of silk robes on the ground and was lost in thought, which obviously subverted his cognition and moved him at the same time.

He wants… wants the master-grade silk robs very much. If he wears one, he’ll look nobler.

But he’s not retarded. He won’t rob, let alone steal.

After all, he is a magician, and his intelligence is not low. Even his little toenails would think of Robb as an incomprehensible monster. If he wants a robe, he should talk about it through money.

“Oh? You’re interested?” Robb smiled. “No problem. Choose whatever. You can buy all of them if you have a lot of money.”

Baron Nuolun knew that he could not afford to buy all these robes. “I think I only need to buy one,” he smiled. “well, I’m interested in the robe you just mentioned that increases wind magic power. I’d like that one.”

Baron Nuolun can only see that the robe has a strong enchantment, but he can’t tell what kind of enchantment it is. Only Robb can see it because he has game rules and can see the description of the equipment.

Robb rummaged through the pile of robes, found the robe with “Wind Magic + 10%,” and put it on the table, “is this it? Allowed! If you want, I’ll sell it to you, but as you know, it’s not cheap. I doubt you can afford to buy real estate in Westwind Town after you buy it, so don’t try to make yourself homeless.”

Baron Nuolun smiled, “Father is really funny. I am a baron. I have some wealth.”

He waved, and a loyal servant came from behind. The loyal servant pulled four jars out of the cart, walked up to Robb, put the jars on the table, and said with a smile, “here are four jars of honey, four whole jars! I am willing to trade them for this silk robe of yours.”

Robb did not open his mouth, but the nearby Xuelu laughed and said, “wait a minute. I’ll get something out.”

Xuelu floated into the warehouse as soon as she said so. After a while, she ran out again, holding a large wooden box in her hand. She put the wooden box on the table with a bang. It was full of candy clumped together.

Robb took out a piece of candy as small as a pearl and handed it to Baron Nuolun. “here, how does this compare with honey?”

Baron Nuolun put the small piece of candy into his mouth and was embarrassed on the spot. He quickly waved his hand, and the loyal servant ran away with the four jars of honey in his arms.

“Well, it seems that Father is not short of sugar, so I think it’s better this way.” Baron Nolan waved his hand again, and the loyal servant brought up four more jars of pepper and put them on the table, “I will exchange these peppers for your silk robe.”

Robb still sat still.

Xuelu said with a smile, “wait a minute. I’ll get something else.”

As soon as she uttered this sentence, Baron Nuolun felt something wrong.

She quickly carried a huge linen bag out of the warehouse and put it on the ground. With a loud bang, seemingly very heavy, she opened the mouth of the bag, and they looked inside. The bag was full of pepper.

The peppers were very big, too.

He has no choice but to come up with something unique.

The former manor of Baron Nuolun is located in Crystal Canyon, which is rich in crystal ore. After careful carving and polishing, several beautiful pieces of crystal ore in his hand were processed by a jeweler and enchanted by an enchanter. It made for a very excellent crystal necklace. He has to take a crystal necklace in exchange for these robes.

He was about to ask his loyal servant to take out his treasured crystal necklace when he saw a little girl running out of the chapel, looking like sixteen or seventeen years old, with a kettle in her hand and a maid’s dress. She ran quickly to the stone table with the kettle and poured Baron Nuolun a cup of hot tea.

As she poured tea, she leaned forward slightly. Her beautifully crafted amethyst necklace, with a mysterious purple enchanted light, shook left, right, left, and right in front of Baron Nuolun’s eyes.

Baron Nuolun: “……”

Damn it, are all the maids in this house wearing this?

Baron Nuolun flashed several meters from the ground and crouched by the bamboo fence in the churchyard, drawing a circle.

He won’t survive today…

“All right!” Robb said with a smile, “Don’t be so aggrieved. You can’t barter. But you can still use money. I’ll give you a discount. A hundred gold coins will be fine.”

Baron Nuolun had no choice but to pay obediently.

Fortunately, the quality of the robe is really good. When he put the robe on his body, he immediately felt that the price of 100 gold coins was very worthwhile, super worthwhile!

“Mr. Nuolun.”Robb smiled, “Are you going from Crystal Canyon to Bright Road?”

“Yes!” Baron Nulun nodded gracefully, “Crystal Canyon was raided by Kerte, the desert kingdom. Although Kerte needs to rest and march again after capturing the border town, it will be quick once they start sending troops to the south. From Crystal Canyon to here, no large city can resist them.”

“Really?” Robb smiled, “I think Bright Road is also quite dangerous. You should know very well why a small kingdom like Kerte dared to raid West Gran. They must have signed some agreement with Mondra. I am sure Mondra’s army is about to attack Bright Road.”


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