After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 164

Chapter 164: How much is this house?

Nuolun was thinking of this when a migrant worker ran past him at speed as fast as the wind, brushing the ground hundreds of meters away, picked up a tool on the ground far away, brushed the ground and ran back again, and then knocked on the top of the house with that tool.

“Swift Wind!” Baron Nuolun knows this spell, and he can do it himself, but his swift wind isn’t as strong. All the wind magicians of the wind knights will cry at this scene.

When he turned around, he saw that a migrant worker was building a wall and flying everywhere. The worker was so fast that he could not even see his hands clearly. He only saw that the wall was built at least a yard high in the blink of an eye.

Baron Nuolun didn’t have to ask to know that the man was under a spell.

It’s getting difficult for him to keep his demeanor now, and he couldn’t help asking the mayor of White Birch next to him, “how many people can Father use this magic on?”

Mayor White Birch shook his head and said, “I don’t know how much he can use it on. I just know that the workers have to go to Father every day before construction starts. It seems to be a group Buff. As soon as he raises his hand, a bunch of people will be added.”

Baron Nuolun: “……”

The mayor continued, “We will come and start work as soon as we are added a BUFF, which has been going on for ten days now. We have already completed the first phase of the project, and the brick housing area of the second phase of the project is nearing completion. The carpenters are already building the third phase of the project, and that phase of the project is also full of wooden houses. Father said there should be more houses for the poor and fewer brick houses for nobles, and the pyramids were always bigger at the bottom. Anyway, there are a lot of words that I don’t understand.”

At this time, Baron Nuolun was silently estimating the fighting ability of these workers!

Although these guys are building houses, they carry combat-type enhancements, and it is difficult not to let people think in the direction of combat.

Baron Nuolun could figure it out without thinking that if these workers went to war, three hundred people would be able to defeat two or three thousand, no, four or five thousand, or more enemies.

Just as he thought of this, a migrant worker came running with swift wind, running so fast that he was about to pass by him in the twinkling of an eye.

White Birch Mayor shouted, “Why are you running so fast? What’s the matter?”

The migrant worker paused for a moment and said, “there is a hill ahead, blocking our important garden planning. I’ll ask Father what to do.”

“Oh, then go quickly!”

The migrant worker swooshed through the floor and disappeared.

Less than 30 seconds later, the migrant worker ran back again with a scroll in his hand and said happily, “Father gave me an explosive scroll and said it was enough to blow up that hill.”

The White Birch Mayor said with a smile, “what are you waiting for? Go quickly.”

The migrant worker went quickly.

Nuolun looked hard in the direction in which he had disappeared and did see a hill, about three or four stories high. He then heard a loud “boom” in front of him, the sound of high-grade magic explosions of fire occurred, and a burst of flame and smoke rose in front of him, magic scattered all over the sky.

Then the three-or four-story hill disappeared without a trace.

The group of migrant workers cheered in front, “the things given by Father are so easy to use, come on, remove the gravel and dirt….”

Baron Nuolun snorted, “throw the precious explosive scrolls into the enemy, not at a hill. If you do so, the Ardent Flame Knights fire magicians will cry.”

Mayor White Birch led Baron Nuolun to a beautiful brick house and said, “Baron, this house will suit you very well. This is the largest house here, the largest number of rooms, and the most suitable for dignitaries in Wangjiang district. “

“Oh?” Baron Nuolun was suddenly refreshed.

Mayor White Birch said, “you see, this is a two-story villa with two floors, eight rooms, three halls, two bathrooms, and two balconies, with a garden in front and a private space behind. And there are several small houses next to it, which surround the main villa in the middle so that all your family members can live in the main villa in the middle, while servants and guards can live in the small houses around it. “

“Huh?” Baron Nuolun felt a little fond of this architectural layout. In his former manor, there was only a small castle in which his family and servants lived in a noisy and inconvenient mess.

In this house, the main villa in the middle will only have his own family and his closest slaves, and all the other guards and servants will live in the small houses around them, which is excellent.

Baron Nuolun could not help sighing, “this house is so well designed.”

The mayor of White Birch smiled and said, “it was designed by Father himself. He said this is something called modern manor architecture. Well, we don’t quite understand it. Anyway, we just built it according to Father’s instructions.”

Baron Nuolun suddenly noticed several copper pipes on the house’s outer wall, which seemed to be connected from far away. He couldn’t help asking curiously, “what is this copper pipe?”

“Oh, speaking of which, I have to give you a special introduction. This is a special feature of this town. It is called the ‘tap water system.’ If you try it once, you can no longer live without it.”

Twenty minutes later…

Baron Nuolun peed in the toilet, then turned on the tap and flushed the toilet clean. While washing his hands under the faucet, Baron Nuolun sighed, “this thing is so convenient. There is actually such a magical thing as sewers. Ah, I want this house so much.”

He came out of the bathroom and asked the mayor of White Birch, “how much is this house?”

The mayor of White Birch said calmly, “the main villa, the servant room next to it, the guard room, the garden, the private land, and all the supporting buildings… five hundred gold coins altogether.”

“What? This expensive?” Baron Nuolun turned black. “what the hell is the price? It’s five times more expensive than the robe made by Father. It’s the best robe.”

Mayor White Birch said, “this villa is also designed and made by Father, a great master-level real estate developer. Although I am not very clear about what a real estate developer is, it should be better than a tailor anyway. You see, the clothes made by Father are small, yet they sell for a hundred gold coins, but this is also made by Father. Is it too much to sell you this for five hundred gold coins in such a big house?”

Baron Nuolun thought about it carefully, [It didn’t seem to be too much.]

The mayor White Birch, said, “by the way, Father also said that considering that the price of this house is indeed a little high, even aristocrats will find it very difficult to make a one-time payment. You can make a down payment of 20% gold coins, that is, a down payment of 100 gold coins and the remaining 400 gold coins can be owed in advance. It will take ten years to pay off slowly. You only need to pay five gold coins a month. In this way, you’d be under no pressure to pay, right? “


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