After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 166

Chapter 166: The power of capital

The mayor of Westwind Town also posted a recruitment notice, recruiting a large number of masons, stonemasons, porters, and so on to prepare for the fourth phase of the Wangjiang District brick house project.

The silk stockings factory also took the opportunity to come out to play. The newly bred little spiders are thriving, so there is an urgent need for a group of prepared female workers to first enter the factory for observation and internship. When the newly cultivated little spiders can take up their posts, these female workers should also follow suit.

The mayor of Stone Canyon has also come out to take people. The smell of spring is getting closer and closer. He needs a lot of manpower to do spring plowing, recover some land for cultivation and prepare for sowing beetroot and soybeans. There must be a lot of farmers.

The people who fled to Westwind Town were surprised to find that instead of rejecting the fugitives, the town gave them a warm welcome with a posture of “We need you.”

The town also has many low-rent and neat houses that fugitives can rent cheaply and can slowly repay for ten years to buy them.

“Is this heaven?”

“It’s heaven!”

“The only question here is whether it can stop the attack of the desert kingdom.”

The mouths in Westwind Town suddenly doubled, from a small town with a population of only more than 2,000 to a medium-sized town with a population of 5,000.

Of course, this has caused a test as to whether the food supply of Westwind Town can manage. If the town can’t withstand such a fierce population leap, everyone will be hungry in the twinkling of an eye.

But there is their Father, Robb. Food? If he spends two days using the happy farm, the food supply problem will be fixed.

As a result, the newcomers to Westwind town are all concerned with only one problem: the desert kingdom’s army!

When will they come?

Evening, the sky once more turned dark.

Westwind Town will become very quiet once it gets dark, but now it is different. Although it is dark, lights are shining everywhere, especially in the Wangjiang District community, where small wooden houses are placed. There are still many windows lit up.

Baron Nuolun’s villa was even more brightly lit, where a small ball was being held, and he invited several fugitive nobles to his place to dance. Of course, he also invited Robb, but Robb preferred his bathtub. He won’t bother to dance with a group of medieval natives.

The crystal ball is on the stone table, and her Majesty’s face appears on the crystal ball.

“You’re building too fast.” Her Majesty could not help sighing, “Giving blessing of the king and swift wind to hundreds of migrant workers, a large house usually takes a few decades to build was built quickly. This is a nice way of construction. For an ordinary magician, even if he can do so, he will not do so.”

Robb smiled viciously at the crystal ball, “that’s because magicians haven’t touched their capital yet. I’ll tell you, once capital starts to run at full speed, not to mention proud magicians, even kings, and emperors, have to bow to capital.” (TL: Capital in economic terms)

The Queen said, “do you mean that even I have to yield to capital?”

Robb smiled, “Hey, you certainly may not believe it now, but it won’t take long….”

He deliberately didn’t finish his sentence but dragged on a long note.

The Queen smiled and said, “you underestimate me. The royal family is good. It’s not just money that can influence people.”

As soon as she finished, number 1 leaned over and whispered, “your Majesty, the royal waterworks we built on Bright Road were seen by many nobles. They are probably jealous, and they jointly submitted a letter. They want to take some shares of the one in Lost City….”

“Hmm? The Queen frowned and said, “this is a matter for the state. Why do they want to take advantage of it?”

The necromancer whispered, “The funds of the treasury are really tight. Now that the war has begun in the west, and the army in Fengjing Cave has fought with the advance troops of the Desert Kingdom, while on the side of Bright Road, the vanguard of the Knights of Mondra has arrived. Several battles are going on, some victory or defeated. Money is burning right now. If we use the pre-collected annual fee scheme provided by Mr. Robb, we will still raise enough money to build waterworks in the lost City. “

The Queen mused for a moment and sighed, “well, nobles are allowed to contribute to the construction of the waterworks in Lost City, but they can only be given a 49% stake, and the royal family must own more than 51%.”

Number 1 whispered, “in addition, our cake industry has been hit a little recently. A smart noble set up a caravan to go to Westwind Town bought cream and candy in large quantities and then used magic to keep it fresh. They transported the cream and sugar back to Bright Road to make the cake and spread the cream on the cake to make the cream cake. In this way, his cost is much lower. We have to fight with their prices. It took away a large portion of the market share of the Royal Cake Shop.”

Queen: “……”

She turned to look at the crystal ball, the corners of her mouth slightly pressed down, disgruntled, “Mr. Robb, you actually sold cream to another businessman to suppress my business.”

Robb said, “We did not sign an agreement. If we do, then I am breaching the contract. Since I did not sign, then there is nothing wrong with me doing so. You didn’t think of buying the cream separately. It’s not me to blame. Let me teach you. It is because of competition that businessmen become smarter and smarter. Without competition, the market will be unhealthy.”

Although the Queen was a little exasperated, she understood it when she heard Robb’s words.

Indeed, if there is no competition, how could anyone think of buying cream from Robb instead of cakes?

Robb said with a smile, “at a time like this, you need to use your head to think about what you can do to beat your opponent. Come on, use your head, think about it….”

“I understand now.” The Queen was not angry but a little happy, “I should speed up to develop the self-made method of cream as quickly as possible so that I can take advantage of the cost and hang the bastard noble who messed with the royal business.”

“Right!” Robb said with a smile, “however, you still have to be on your guard. If the noble buys the recipe from me, then you’re screwed. He’ll take all your market share before you could even come up with your cream recipe.”

A blackmailing idea suddenly appeared on the Queen’s face, “I have an idea… that is to bribe the middle-aged women in Westwind town who have learned to make cream and make them spit out the recipe through money. It must be much less than buying the recipe from you.”

“Hahaha! That’s right.” Robb clapped his hands and laughed, “I thought of this earlier. Poaching is a shortcut to stealing technology from your opponent. It may be stupid, but it works.”


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