After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Tension before the war

Despite her idea being called stupid, the Queen was not angry at all.

She discovered one thing. She’s better than Robb when it comes to plotting, forming national policies, cooperating, and negotiating interests. However, when it comes to business, she’s not even close.

After talking on the phone with Robb for several days, she has found that Robb is not the kind of person who bothers for interests. He often gives profits to others and does not feel distressed at all. Moreover, he does not care about cooperation much. He does not like fishing in troubled waters and does not try to balance the forces on all sides, which shows that he is not as good as her in dealing with diplomatic matters.

Talking about strategy and tactics, Robb has never done so. He’ll just go to the battlefield recklessly. She’s never seen him deploy troops yet. Maybe he really won’t.

There is also the political structure of Westwind town, which can now be said to be chaotic. Although Robb can be vaguely called lord, he did not actually hang up his title of lord. The Church of Light and the Church of Darkness, the three town mayors, and the newly arrived nobles in town have formed several major forces which do not belong to each other and can be said to be chaotic. It can be seen that this guy’s organizational structure is also a mess.

But such a messy person who is too lazy to do anything has a strong ability to do business. Lying on the stone stool, he can make money fly up, earn and spend indiscriminately, and see people angry.

On the commercial side, her Majesty can only be defeated by Robb.

In fact, she’s not to blame. She is not fighting with Robb alone but with a super team of profiteers from modern generations. Robb casually came up with one of the commercial means of modern times, and she had to think for a long time to figure it out.

“Mr. Robb!” Her Majesty was ready to hang up, but before she hung up, she had something to say to Robb, “Have you figured out how to retreat from the attack of the desert kingdom?”

“En, I’ve made up my mind.” Robb waved his hand. “I’ll slap them and make them cry and then bring them all into town to be reform-through-labor criminals.”

Queen, “what is a reform-through-labor criminal?”

Robb said with a smile, “it is to let the bad guys work, use labor to transform their body and mind and make them good people. This is called reform-through-labor. Of course, reform-through-labour criminals can’t be paid for their work, so they can only be given some potatoes to ensure they will not starve to death. Hahaha, I’ll let them all become my money-making machine.”

Queen: “……”

For a moment, she didn’t know what to say. It took a few seconds for the Queen to come to her senses and whispered, “you have to be careful! Westwind Town depends on you alone. If I want to attack Westwind Town, I will have to find a way to plot against you. As long as I kill you, Westwind Town will destroy itself. It is impossible for the people of the Desert Kingdom not to know this, even if they do not know at first, they will know when the vanguard is beaten back by you, and then they will develop tactics against you. You are now facing a country that is fighting with all its strength. All kinds of strange tricks, shady tricks, magic items, secret treasures, and artifacts will emerge one after another, so you must be careful. “

Robb smiled, “Thank you, Miss Queen, for reminding me of all the ways you can use to deal with me in the future. Are you saying that because you are not afraid, you will not be able to deal with me in the future? Why do you care so much about me anyway?”

The Queen put on a serious face, “because you are helping me against the East Army of the Desert Kingdom, if Westwind Town loses, this army will point straight to Bright Road, and I will be attacked again, so we are now on the same side. Isn’t it normal that I can give you a little advice? “

“Well, I guess it’s normal.”

“Well, that’s the end of today’s diplomatic talks.”

The phone hung up, and the Queen looked at the crystal ball that had lost its light and sighed faintly, “you have to hold on! Whether because of national reasons or personal reasons.”

The Queen’s voice stopped abruptly as a necromancer ran over, and he hurriedly shouted, “your Majesty, no, the Knights of Mondra attacked at night. The siege began at the East Gate.”

“What’s the panic?” The Queen stood up with a brush, and her long white dress fluttered. She wrapped a black cloak around her body and covered her white dress. Her body was immediately surrounded with gloom and horror as if she had released the smell of death. It turned out that she was a “Psychic,” which was a title that “necromancers” could only get when they practiced to the extreme.

She inherited her parents’ blood and has an excellent talent for magic. She is only 20 years old and has already stood at the pinnacle of necromancy.

She smiled, “Let’s go. I’ll visit the East Gate in person to see what Mondra can do.”

Just as she stood up, a skeleton dragon squatting on the roof of the palace raised its head to the sky, let out a terrible dragon roar, spread its wings, and flew toward the East gate.


Westwind Town began to enter the tense stage before the war. The townspeople took the time to put small stools and parasols on the town wall to give themselves the best place to watch the game. Even if they don’t watch, they can still make money by selling their spot.

A large group of townspeople who are good at seizing business opportunities are frantically frying potato chips and racing against the clock to prepare snacks that can not only be eaten by themselves but also sold to others.

Everyone’s busy.

In this tense atmosphere, the nobles and refugees who fled were stunned, “should the tense atmosphere before the war be like this?”

Baron Nuolun had taken all his belongings out of the rental house and put them in a cart, and his people were assembled at the south gate of Westwind Town. If he notices something going wrong, he plans to use up his magic and add “Swift Wind” to his people to flee south.

Several other little nobles were also bargaining with Baron Nuolun to get him to give them a copy of the swift, which, of course, is for escape.

However, when they saw the townspeople’s reaction, they could not help being a little confused and even began to doubt life.

At this time, a convoy suddenly appeared outside the south gate, a team of townspeople running towards Westwind Town at breakneck speed.

Baron Nuolun was surprised to find that while there was going to be a war, and he was ready to flee, someone came into Westwind Town. What kind of weirdos are these guys?

The sentry guarding the south gate laughed loudly, “, The masons and blacksmiths are back. Did they make a lot of money building a waterworks on Bright Road?”


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