After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 177

Chapter 177:  Bloodlust, I can do it too

Motra clenched his teeth and said nothing. His machetes continued to attack ferociously.

Originally, his strength was not as good as Gorda with the blessing of the king, but with bloodlust given by the shaman, his strength was greatly enhanced, but he was barely able to catch up with Gorda, and the two passed several moves in the twinkling of an eye.

The battle between the two was so wonderful that the audience seemed to be watching a fighting action blockbuster, which was simply a feast for the eyes. There was a lot of cheering on the town wall, and some people even wanted to open some bets, “it’s time to open the market. Does anyone want to bet on which side to win? “

“Don’t be silly! Father Robb is sitting here. Who will buy the enemy’s side at all? If only one side’s being opened, it cannot be done.”

“Won’t it be a bad bet?”

“Fool, there was no gambling in the first place.”

“Huh? Look over there. The groups advancing like snails have finally bumped into each other. “

It turned out that when Gorda and Motra fought inextricably, the soldiers did not give up their efforts, they were still charging at the enemy in slow motion, and now they finally arrived.

A Mamluk threw an axe, and every detail of the action of throwing the axe could be seen clearly, along with the “ferocious” expression on his face when he threw the axe. After the axe flew out of his hand, slowly flying in mid-air, the special effects, tsk!

Violence aesthetics, playtime.

Modern audiences would usually say that they are too tired of waiting…

But for the audience of this era, this was their first time seeing this kind of thing. Too wonderful, countless people’s eyes chased the axe, slowly gliding in mid-air, watching it fly over the mountains, over the plains, over the surging Yellow River.

Flying in front of the skeleton army, the first skeleton soldier in the front of the platoon flashed sideways, and the axe brushed his face dangerously, and even the bone powder that appeared on his face could be seen clearly.

The axe continued to fly backward. The skeleton soldier behind it was not so lucky. The axe hit its chest with a poof, the three ribs in front of the chest were cut off simultaneously, and the bone residue flew in mid-air ultra-slowly. The skeleton fell to the ground with a scream.

It was then that the townspeople shouted, “Wow!”

Then the two armies finally collided with each other, and in slow motion, everyone saw the skeletons being hammered upside down by the enemy… And seeing more clearly than before, the skeletons were still no match for the enemy and were pressed to the ground for a violent beating.

Baron Nuolun could not help shouting, “Father, the other shaman has bloodlust, our skeletons are small and weak, and the other side gave bloodlust to the whole army, which leads us to a dead end. Besides, the general covered with gold rings can fight Gorda with bloodlust, which is not good. “

Another fugitive nobleman also shouted, “Yes! Father, do you think you can think of something else?”

Robb was sitting in a wheelchair, gently shaking the goose feather fan in his left hand and pretending to be playing with his beard in his right hand. Although he didn’t grow a beard, his attitude had to be shown.

Turning to look at the people next to him, he smiled and said, “Don’t panic.”

“That’s right. Why panic? Father can kill them with just a few elementals,” one townsman said with a smile. “he’s just thinking about whether to summon water or fire.”

Robb said with a smile, “I will not use elementals this time. I used the move once, do not want to use it the second time.”

He said with a smile, “Look at their strategy. I can also do it, though! Bloodlust, I can do it too.”

He waved his fan forward!

All the skeletons suddenly shone red, just like the red light on the opponent’s army.

The shamans on the other side immediately froze, “Huh? It’s bloodlust! Why are there shamans in the Kingdom of Gran?”

“Yes, that’s impossible!”

“Moreover, if you want to add bloodlust to two thousand skeletons simultaneously, you have to cast it with several shamans. West Gran can’t have that many shamans.”

“Oh, it’s that guy on the town wall who seems to have a broken leg and is in a wheelchair!”

“He did it alone.”

“This man was just a bard, but how can he become a shaman now?”

“Oh, my God, does having a broken leg increase the power of magic?”

“Just like how baldness can make you get stronger?”

While the shamans were surprised and uncertain, the situation on the battlefield had undergone earth-shaking changes.

The skeletons were originally beaten on the ground by Mamluk and machete warriors, but with the “bloodlust” effect, the skeletons suddenly became strong.

A skeleton soldier that was about to be cut down by a machete warrior suddenly rose to power. With a rusty sword in its hand, it hit off the machete soldier’s machete, kicked him in the chest, and kicked him back for two or three meters.

Another skeleton soldier that had already fallen to the ground and was about to be trampled down by a Mamluk’s camel’s hoof and turned into a comminuted fracture, but when the hoof was halfway down, bloodlust was cast on him, and the skeleton soldier suddenly became extremely powerful. It held the camel’s hoof on its chest with two thin skeletal hands and forcefully refused to let it step down, then roared “click” and lifted it hard. The camel was knocked to the ground.

The audience on the town wall applauded in unison, “Wow! You are the best!”

“Well done, powerful skeleton soldier.”

“Fight, Skeleton Brother!”

“With your blood and sweat… cough… Use your unyielding souls to tell the enemy that the lowest soldiers should not be underestimated.”

The situation on the battlefield was reversed in an instant.

Two thousand bloodthirsty skeletons suddenly beat more than two thousand Mamluk and machete soldiers on the ground.

The shamans of the desert kingdom were confused, “this is not right.”

“Without bloodlust, our soldiers should be stronger. In theory, with bloodlust, our soldiers should still be stronger.”

“Right, but why are the skeletons on the other side stronger than our soldiers with bloodlust?”

“There’s something weird!”

“The combat effectiveness of theirs is much better than ours with bloodlust?”

“But it’s so much stronger. The difference is too big for it to be normal.”


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