After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Deadly healing waves

Poor little shamans die wondering why each other’s “bloodlust” is so strong and what kind of big shaman can be used?

“in short, let’s just continue taking part and do what we can.”

Afterward, more than a dozen shamans began to chant at the same time and then pointed forward, and a fork of lightning shot out from the tips of their fingers.

This lightning is quite powerful, it looks like a flash of electricity when shooting, but after flying a certain distance, it will split and attack two targets at the same time.

Although skeletons are not afraid of physical attacks and can be reassembled and resurrected after being broken up, they are afraid of magic.

Two skeletons were struck by lightning at the same time, and there was a flash of lightning when they were struck, and their bodies seemed to glow. They showed their bones, and after it, the two skeletons fell down at the same time and could no longer get up.

More than a dozen shamans released more than a dozen forks of lightning, and in an instant, dozens of the bravest skeletons in front of the battle got electrocuted.

As a result, the offensive of the skeleton army was suspended for a while, and the morale of Mamluk and the machete warriors were immediately boosted, “Hahaha, we still have long-range support. We don’t have to be afraid!”

“We can win. There are more than a dozen shamans behind us.”

The shamans laughed loudly and went on with the next spell.

Just then, Robb sitting on the town wall, also waved his fan, “I’ll do as you did. Eat my forks of lightning!”

His fingers shot out a lightning ray as strong as a “positive electron siege cannon” and shot at the shamans behind the enemy array.

The more than a dozen shamans only looked at it and were scared out of their wits. What kind of lighting is this? Why is it so thick and long!


“Oh, it’s too late! Everyone get ready.”


After a loud boom, they lost contact.

The witch doctors standing not far from the shamans felt that something big had happened.

They saw black smoke on the shaman’s side, and dozens of shamans were all lying on the ground in strange postures, all in a blackened state after the electric shock, which made people cry.

The witch doctors wiped the sweat on their foreheads.

They want to run! However, the general did not give the order to withdraw, so they had no choice but to fight.

The witch doctors raised their hands and cast magic at the injured Mamluks, “Healing Wave!”

Healing waves are healing spells that bounce from person to person. They first act on the first target and then bounce to the next target. With each jump, the healing effect attenuates a little bit until it decays to no power at all.

Simply put, the more powerful the healing wave, the more times it can bounce.

This group of witch doctors is quite confident about their own healing waves. Each of them can make it bounce more than ten times. That is to say, they can treat ten soldiers, and if the dozen witch doctors cast them together, they can bounce and treat more than 100 soldiers at the same time. As long as they keep chanting incessantly, they can provide continuous recovery to the army in front of them.

Sure enough, this round of healing waves has brought a strong supporting effect to the Mamluk in front of them. Dozens of Mamluk who were beaten by the bloodlust-affected skeletons suddenly felt a healing wave leaping over their bodies, and their wounds instantly healed. They could not help feeling refreshed, waving their machetes in their hands and chopping the skeletons in front of them to the ground.

“We can still win!”

“We still have witch doctors!”

Robb laughed, “I have healing waves, too!”

With a wave of his hand, he threw a healing wave at the skeleton soldier.

As mentioned earlier, the number of bounces of the healing wave depends on the power of the caster, and Robb, the grinding emperor, is powerful. It has to bounce at least thousands of times if you want it to decay to completely disappear.

The two thousand skeletons present had not yet reached Robb’s maximum number of bounces in the healing wave. Of course, it bounced on all of them.

For a moment, the whole army of skeletons was bathed in the light of the healing wave.

The audience on the town wall cheered loudly, “hahaha, we are invincible with Father.”

When they finished cheering.

Suddenly, a skeleton soldier froze, then burst into bone powder, and disappeared without a trace.

Then the skeletons on the battlefield froze one after another and turned into bone powder one by one.

In a twinkling of an eye, all the skeletons on the battlefield disappeared without a trace.

Townspeople: “……”

Number 8 and the two dark nuns covered their faces and groaned, “Skeletons are undead creatures. Ordinary healing magic does damage to them, not healing effects. The healing wave of father is so powerful that it overloaded the skeletons.”

Everyone: “……”

Baron Nuolun jumped up with a brush and was ready to run away again.

The goose feather fan in Robb’s hand froze in mid-air. Your motha, he forgot that skeletons could not be breastfed.

But don’t panic. Just get past it by force at this time.

Robb brushed the ground and put on a serious face, “I saw that these skeletons were tired after fighting for so long, and they needed to rest, so I’m going to change my group of soldiers to fight.”

With that, he waved a fan in his hand and “swoosh” on the ground outside the town. A bunch of fat blue people appeared. Oh, no, the exact scientific name should be called voidwalker

The witch doctor, Mamluk, and machete warriors opposite were all bewildered, with question marks on their foreheads one after another.

Are you kidding me?

Is there anyone who just throws milk at his soldiers and then changes them to another?

Will you go to heaven fighting like this?

Robb solemnly added a “bloodlust” to the Voidwalkers, then fanned the goose feather fan again and said in a forced voice, “Let’s turn back time for a few minutes, cough… Let’s start over… Healing wave!”

A healing wave was thrown out of his hand, and he jumped on the Voidwalker. This time he did heal the undead. The Voidwalkers could eat the healing wave. They straightened their chests and rushed toward the enemy.

Robb laughed, “look, my healing wave is so good.”

Everyone: “……”

The townspeople couldn’t help shouting at the same time: “Father, the Voidwalkers have just been summoned and haven’t been hurt yet. You healed a ghost!”


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