After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Fight to the death

Robb took out the crystal ball for communications.

Baron Nolan recognized what it was at a glance and could not help but freeze slightly, “How can you have this crystal ball in your hand?”

As soon as he asked Robert and said that sentence, his face changed greatly, “do you have a crystal ball that can directly contact her Majesty, the Queen of West Gran? My God! How is that possible?”

“Cake… I mean… Her Majesty and I often have diplomatic talks, so of course, we need this. “Without saying a word, Robb put the crystal ball on the table in front of him and stroked it three times.

The crystal ball emitted a glittering light and began to call.

However, her Majesty’s side didn’t answer for a while.

“She seems to be very busy.” Robb looked up at the sky. It was already evening. At this time, the Queen should have just finished a day of government affairs and harassed Robb while he was bathing. Why didn’t she answer the phone today?

He waited patiently for another minute until he was about to hang up when the light on the crystal ball suddenly flashed, and then her Majesty’s face appeared in the ball.

This face was not as noble and beautiful as usual, and a touch of black and gray on her face affected her flawless appearance.

Moreover, she was not wearing a white dress but wearing a black cloak. Her person exudes a gloomy smell, which is the breath that psychic magicians have when they fight. (TL: I’m reconsidering psychic, any ideas? The words the author used are 通灵法师)

Robb immediately saw through the ball that the Queen was not talking to him in the palace but on the city wall, and behind her was a dense number of people, an army attacking the city, and she was leading an army to defend the city.

The tracks left by magic can be seen everywhere behind her, bows and arrows flying all over the sky, soldiers hacking each other by the city walls, sacred halos of paladins, and necromancer plagues advancing and retreating.

The defensive array that had already been drawn on the ground was constantly shining, and the siege magic cannon of the other side was bombarding the defensive formation repeatedly, breaking the magic light all over the sky.

A large group of dragonhawk knights flew up, trying to attack the city from the air.

But there is also a large area of manticore knights flying in the city to fight against the dragonhawk knights head-on.

However, this is not the most eye-catching part!

What is really exciting is a skeleton dragon flying in the sky, fighting with an archangel with white wings, the greatest power of the light camp and the dark camp.

Such a battle scene is beyond imagination. There is no chance to see it in this small border town.

When Baron Nuolun and others saw the skeleton dragon and the archangel, they couldn’t help turning green and whispered, “Oh, my God! Bright Road is fighting so fiercely.”

“That’s her Majesty’s skeleton dragon!”

“Opposite is the archangel summoned by the Templar Knights.”

“Oh my God. We would’ve faced a battle when we went to Bright Road.”

Robb glanced at the exciting picture but yawned and didn’t watch anymore. This was far worse than the battles he had fought in Dark Blade. However, the number of people in the game was less than that in reality. After all, the server’s capacity is limited, unlike tens of thousands of miscellaneous fish in reality.

But the players’ own strength is great. If put into this world, any player can be regarded as an epic BOSS, and the players’ summoners class is high, all kinds of creatures, such as the skeleton dragon, archangel, and so on, but more than one, and in groups. Only a skeleton dragon put together with an archangel is here.

This kind of war is too childish for Robb.

He just glanced at the Queen’s face and smiled and said, “is the war raging? Then don’t answer the phone! Hang up the phone and go to war, and we’ll talk when you’re done. “

“It doesn’t matter.” The Queen gasped and smiled on her side, “I just played a big spell. I need a rest. I have a few minutes of rest. Number 1 is currently in command.”

“Alright.” Robb said with a smile, “I’m used to your usual appearance, but your gloomy appearance in this combat posture is quite fresh. Come on, let me have a better look.”

When the Queen heard him say this, she thought that her condition seemed wrong and bad, and she didn’t want him to see her gloomy appearance. She hastened to pull off her black cloak, revealing her snow-white dress inside, and the expression on her face suddenly changed from the shady side of a “psychic” to the noble, gentle, elegant queen style.

Robb smiled and said, “Don’t hide it. I’ve already seen it. Is there any point in wearing a black cloak now?”

The Queen blinked and looked innocent. “what did you say? I don’t understand at all.”

“What a woman!”

Robb saw at a glance that the shoulder of the Queen’s white dress was black, with a big hole, revealing her snow-white shoulder.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Did you hurt your shoulder?”

The Queen said, “I ate a fireball, but a priest has cured me. Don’t worry.”

Robb sighed, “is the war that bad that even the queen was hurt?”

Her Majesty laughed and said, “Mondra isn’t safe either. He ate one of my bone spears.”

Robb: “……”

“Alright, if you have something to say, do it quickly.” Her Majesty said, “I have to go and throw a few more spells at Mondra.”

Robb shrugged. “well, the vanguard of the East Route Army of the Desert Kingdom has just come to Westwind Town.”

The Queen said, “Oh? What’s the result?”

“They’ve all been arrested,” Robb said. “they’ll start to do hard work tomorrow.”

Queen, “as expected, I’m not surprised.”

Robb said with a smile, “the main reason I called you is to talk to you about a serious problem. A group of nobles and fugitives have been driven from north to south by the army of the desert kingdom. Now they are all in my Westwind Town. They want to live comfortably with me, and they no longer want to be affected by the flames of war, but they also love their motherland, the Kingdom of Gran, so they want to have dual nationality. My side has already agreed, and it depends on whether you agree or not. “

“Oh? Is that so?” Without even thinking about it for a second, the Queen said earnestly, “dual nationality? You gotta be kidding me! Kingdom of Gran is sacred and inviolable. Westwind Town has been, is, and will be the territory of the Kingdom of Gran since ancient times. Westwind Town can only exist as a dominion, but it can never become an independent kingdom, or we’ll fight to the death. The matter of dual nationality does not need to be discussed at all. It is impossible.”


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