After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Death doesn’t scare me

When her Majesty said these words, her eyes and expression were serious. She seemed to be unshakable.

Although she likes Robb as a calling buddy, likes to chat with him, talk about good food, and even complain to him, there is no possibility of giving in to the land issue, which has nothing to do with personal acquaintanceship.

Robb could not help clapping, “your Majesty, you are really an admirable woman.”

This is a heartfelt compliment, not a grotesque smirk.

Robb also loves his motherland. Although those who commit crimes against us will be punished far away, the territory of the motherland is sacred and inviolable.

He pointed to the fugitives and said, “your Majesty, do you mean that I have to drive them out of Westwind Town and let them go back to Bright Road immediately to tremble under the smoke of war?”

“No! I didn’t mean that. “Her Majesty suddenly straightened her posture and, with the dignity of the ruler of a country, said to all the people here, “Westwind Town is also the territory of the Kingdom of Gran, but now it is in a state of dominion. There has never been a law that forbids residents from moving between cities and towns in the Kingdom! It is reasonable and completely legal for you to move to Westwind town to avoid the war.”

“But I need you to remember that you are the people of the Kingdom of Gran, not the people of the Westwind, and if anyone tries to split the Kingdom, I will do my best to fight him to the end. Sixteen years ago, my parents fought the black dragon to death and died bravely in order to defend the capital, and I was always ready to follow their spirit and will. Death doesn’t scare me. Even if the opponent is stronger than the black dragon, it can not shake my determination to defend my homeland.”

Baron Nuolun and all the fugitives knelt down on one knee to the crystal ball, “long live, her Majesty! Long live the Kingdom of Gran!”

Her Majesty gave Robb a hard look, “what’s up? What else do you have to say?”

Robb shrugged, “Nothing. I think it was great. There was nothing wrong with it. Even I was moved.”

Her Majesty said earnestly, “then do you know what I meant?”

Robb smiled and said, “I see! On the surface, you are telling them, but in fact, you are telling me not to build a kingdom, or you will jump up and hit me on the knee. “

The Queen said angrily, “I’m not that short!”

Robb smiled and said, “well, I can’t see your height from the crystal ball.”

Queen, “Don’t tell jokes when talking about national affairs. I’m very serious now.”

“I see,” said Robb. “be serious. Let me tell you, I’ve been working on a new dessert recently. I’m about to make a new variety. Would you like to eat it? “

The Queen was overjoyed, “I want, I want, I want! Get me one later.”

“Didn’t you say to be serious?”

“I’m seriously discussing about dessert with you now. Be serious, don’t laugh. What does this dessert look like? What is it made of? What does it smell like? Don’t keep people in suspense and make it clear all at once.”

“What a woman!”

Robb hung up the phone hard.

The scene was eerily quiet for dozens of seconds. Everyone was bewildered by the “serious” way the Queen spoke of dessert.

Robb clapped his hands and said, “all right, don’t be dazed, do what you have to do. Your Queen has allowed you to settle in Westwind Town. Now there are no problems….”

In an instant, the first to third phases of the Wangjiang District were sold out, and the houses built in the project’s fourth phase were also being bought. Even the fifth phase of the project, which is under construction, has been booked.

White Birch mayor was almost squeezed out and couldn’t make it.

Baron Nuolun, who had already sent loyal servants to get his place, shook his head at the house robbers with ease and said, “it’s so inelegant, not gentlemanly at all.”

The population of Westwind Town has more than doubled all of a sudden.

Moreover, many refugees are coming one after another. As the main army of the desert kingdom approaches, the residents of remote villages that have yet to evacuate from the vanguard can no longer hide because the scale of the main army is too large. Like a huge sieve sweeping across the north, where else can they hide?

One after another, hundreds of refugees came to Westwind Town and settled down.

In a short period of time, the population has reached 6,000. Including the more than 3,000 prisoners of war, the population even faintly reached 10,000.


Poor Robb can’t be lazy again.

Lazy as he is, he is not lazy enough to sit around and watch others starve to death without moving.

So, in the warm winter sun, a large group of reform-through-labor prisoners came to Robb’s fields to help remove the snow from the ground and dig a small hole for him. Robb took a bag of potatoes, put them into the holes, and watered them.

The reform-through-labor prisoners looked at Robb and thought to themselves, [This bastard is digging up the snow in winter to grow potatoes. I’m afraid he’s gone completely crazy.]

However, these reform-through-labor prisoners were hit in the face the next day because they were led here by the police officers and had to dig out tens of thousands of jin of potatoes from the ground with their own hands to the point that they dared not get up after kneeling for a long time.

Robb busily farmed daily.

Plant potatoes for one day, cotton for another day, potatoes for another day, beetroots for another day, potatoes for another day, and soybeans for another day. Repeatedly…

Because the population surge not only increased the demand for food but also increased the demand for cloth, followed by an increase in the demand for pepper and sugar, and the demand for consumer goods as a whole has increased fivefold.

This winter, with the exception of Robb, no one can make these things.

So Robb had to play Happy Farm every day.

Watching him work hard in the fields, the townspeople could not help but be moved, for they knew very well what a lazy man Robb was, and he did it all in order to keep the townspeople alive.

Such a person really deserves to be called Godfather!


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