After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 195

Chapter 195: It must be done well

Hearing this, Chief Elsie seemed to understand something.

Robb continued, “there are a lot of nobles in Westwind Town now. There are seven or eight nobles headed by Baron Nuolun. Once my fruit trees are about to be given to them, won’t they fight for them?”

Chief Elsie whispered, “You’ll let me decide who to give it to?”

“Bingo! I like talking to smart people. “Robb said with a smile, “anyway, you are in charge of the prisoner-of-war camp, you are also responsible for harvesting fruit and squeezing juice, and you are also responsible for digging the fruit trees. At that time, someone will certainly ask you what to do with these fruit trees, and you can tell them. I have handed over to you the responsibility to ‘throw’ them away. If you want to throw them in the ravine behind the mountain, just throw them in the ravine. Throw it into the home of which noble you want to throw it into. In this way….”

Although it is only a batch of fruit trees, it is a considerable asset, and the nobles must be willing to spend money.

He was still a little afraid that Robb was testing him and said with a serious face, “I dare not accept such money. I will do justice and examine the qualifications of those nobles. I will give it to the one who can run a big orchard.”

Robb smiled, “I still understand the truth that there is no fish when the water is clean. Bribes can be accepted but cannot be too much. Accepting bribes shouldn’t affect practical work, and you shouldn’t accept bribes from incompetents… Do you understand what I mean?”

Chief Elsie understood that Robb simply meant that he could be allowed to make some money out of it, but it had to be done well. When it is done well, it is allowed by Robb, but if it is not done well, the money will be banned.

Robb said with a smile, “all right, go ahead, take bribes reasonably, and improve your life. Look at the holes in your clothes. Our public servants can’t be so shabby.”

Chief Elsie said with great delight, “your lower official understands that this matter will be handled properly for you.”

A few hours later, the fruits on the hillside were ripe, with large clusters of yellow oranges, red apples, and purple grapes hanging.

Chief Elsie immediately showed up with 3,000 prisoners of war and ordered them to pick the fruits.

Just then, a line of refugees appeared on the road in front of the chapel. There were fifteen male and female refugees with dark skin and weather-beaten skin, while the women were masked with gauze. She just looked good.

They were all dressed in rags and carrying large parcels on their backs, which were probably filled with a few belongings.

They just came from the north, and after the guard at the gate of the town gave them a general account of the religious precautions of Westwind Town, he let them into the town without any difficulty.

The refugees were a little surprised at how easily they could enter a “mid-war” town, but they soon picked themselves up, wandered around the town, and then naturally strolled near the chapel. As soon as they came over, they saw that all kinds of fruits were being harvested on the hillside.

A middle-aged man led by the leader whispered, “what the heck is this? Why can apples, oranges, and grapes be harvested on the same day? Is there something wrong with the season here?”

Beside him, a masked woman whispered, “this is really amazing. The world outside the desert is really rich. Fruit can be grown during winter. We in the desert kingdom can’t do this at all. We can only do it in summer. Ah, forget it, you can’t grow it even in summer. “

Others: “……”

“Cut the crap and lock on the target first.” The leading middle-aged man whispered, “look, under the tree over there, on the stone stool, that man should be our target-Robb, the controller of Westwind Town!”

The party of more than a dozen people looked at Robb.

Robb was holding a long fishing rod that reached into the nearby stream, fishing leisurely.

“This crap is our goal?” The masked woman was a little dissatisfied, “I can beat ten guys like him.”

“Just looking at the appearance, I can beat twenty.”

“Then I can beat thirty!”

The masked woman said angrily, “Don’t think that since I spoke first, you can add randomly to the numbers.”

Everyone stopped talking, and a few seconds later, the middle-aged man opened his mouth and whispered, “Don’t talk big. This man is not as simple as it seems. According to the information sent back by scouts and spies, this man knows songs of bards, the magic of shamans, the magic of witch doctors, spells of necromancers, and was able to summon void walkers.”

The more than a dozen people nodded together. As an assassin, the most important thing to do is to be cautious and never misjudge the target’s strength; otherwise, not only can you not kill the opponent, but you die doing so.

The masked woman whispered, “Captain, what do you think we should do?”

The leading man looked at the large area of prisoners of war harvesting fruit trees on the hillside and then looked at the three hundred prison guards holding the prisoners of war, along with many nobles and townspeople watching the hustle and bustle.

Among them, Baron Nuolun looks the most magnificent, wearing a master-grade silk robe, holding a staff inlaid with gems, acting pretentiously, and looking like a powerful magician.

The middle-aged man whispered, “We can’t do it now; otherwise, even if we can kill Robb, we will be besieged by these people. Look at that noble magician, who looks powerful. If this group of people surrounds us, we’ll get killed. We have to wait until the dead of night when there is no one else around, kill Robb quietly, and then withdraw quietly. Remember, our task is to kill Robb. The rescue of prisoners of war has nothing to do with us. “


“Spread out and take a good look at all the topography and buildings nearby. Study the place before our assassination, and find an evacuation route. Kill with one blow, and evacuate calmly. “

The people next to him nodded together, “Yes, sir!”

They were about to disperse when suddenly Robb, who was fishing, turned his head, waved to them from afar, and smiled, “Welcome to Westwind Town.”


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