After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Stop messing around

Robb has a good habit of greeting everyone with a smile, no matter how high his position is.

He did not want to become a decadent ruler, nor did he want to become a god above all. He did not want to look down on the poor just because he had money, nor did he want to trample on the weak just because he was strong.

He wants to live like a man!

Therefore, no matter who comes to Westwind Town, whether fat sheep or lean sheep, as long as he sees the person, he will straighten up his posture, show a kind smile, and give a warm welcome.

Usually, when Robb welcomes outsiders like this, it makes people feel the spring breeze and saved face.

However, when the fifteen assassins heard Robb’s greeting, they were startled, several of them had beads of sweat in their cloaks, and the masked woman’s eyes became sharp.

They can not be blamed for making a fuss, for the lord of a town, the ruler above all, suddenly greeted the refugees, which seems to them to be too unusual.

According to reason, this kind of lord should have a nose on the top of his head, and for ordinary refugees, he would not even bother to look at them. Even a kind of lord would call a few hands to comfort the refugees.

How can you wave to the refugees in person and welcome them?

Generally speaking, there is only one possibility in this situation. With a sharp eye and insight, the lord saw through their group’s identity as assassins at a glance, deliberately throwing puns, and sarcastically said to them, “Welcome to your death.”

Everyone’s nerves collapsed, and several of them pierced their hands into ragged clothes, grasped their firearms or daggers, and waited for the leader’s order to fight Robb desperately.

Of course, they also know that if this situation is made final, it will probably be their end; unless the thousands of prisoners of war on the hillside also help their group.

However, looking at the prisoners of war being escorted to work obediently, and even their general, Motra, picking oranges like idiots, they knew they could not help at all.

The assassins were dripping with sweat.

Only the leading middle-aged man remained calm and whispered quickly, “Don’t do anything. I’m not sure he sees right through us. Don’t mess with yourselves.”

After drinking and stopping the misbehavior of his men, the middle-aged man bent over Robb and saluted, “Hello, My father!”

Robb smiled and said, “where did you come from?”

The middle-aged man pretended to be respectful and said, “We are the residents of Crystal Canyon, driven away by the army of the desert kingdom.”

“Oh, that must’ve been tiring.” Robb said, “Looking at your dark skin, you must’ve been baked by the sun a lot.”

Robb is actually carrying out authentic “Chinese greetings.” Anyway, he is just talking nonsense, such boring polite words as “have you eaten,” “have you gone to work,” and “you are so tall.”

But this remark moved the hearts of middle-aged men. All the people of the desert nation were tanned by the sun. This is indeed a detail that can easily expose them. Is it what aroused Robb’s suspicion? Doesn’t matter, though. He already has something to counter it.

He said respectfully, “We live in the high mountains near Crystal Canyon, where the sun is very powerful.”

“Oh, the ultraviolet rays in the mountains are really strong, and it only takes a few days for you to get a tan. That must’ve been tiring,” said Robb.

Ultraviolet rays? When the assassins heard it, they had no idea what it meant and became more vigilant, [This is not some kind of “do it” code, is it?]

They looked warily at the group of prison guards around them and found that they had not been told of the word “ultraviolet” either. It was slightly relieving that they didn’t rush to kill them.

Robb continued to talk Chinese nonsense, “how do you usually live? What kind of work do you do?”

There was a worry in the hearts of the assassins, [The man’s problems increased one after another, and his suspicion escalated.]

The leading middle-aged man said solemnly, “We hunt in the mountains for a living and often fight with wild beasts.”

“Oh, that’s really hard. No wonder you all have great mental temperament and look very vigorous and flexible, with extraordinary skills.” Robb came to authentic Chinese-style business praise. In fact, it was just to see that they are in good shape, just like how your next-door neighbor’s aunt praised your child’s intelligence, not so seriously.

But when this sentence fell on the ears of the assassins, their hearts tightened, and they thought, [Oh no! This person probably can see from our body shape and pace that we are all practitioners, which is why he has such doubts.]

A tense atmosphere surrounded the middle of the fifteen assassins. Their hands holding the dagger in their cloaks trembled slightly. They trembled so hard that their fingertips became a little white, and all of them were sweating, but fortunately, they were covered by their cloaks, so no one knew how nervous they were.

The leading middle-aged man pretended to bow his head respectfully to avoid his nervous expression being seen by Robb and said, “Thank you for Father’s praise. If we hadn’t picked up our skills, we would have been eaten by monsters.”

Robb said with a smile, “very good, capable, confident. I like such people! Capable people are most welcome in this Westwind Town. Take a look around, see more of the town, and stay if you like. Pay attention. People like you who have the ability to fight do not have conflicts with ordinary townspeople. It is wrong to hurt ordinary people. If you hurt the townspeople, I will be very angry. Of course, I am not asking you to endure losses. If you have any problems, just come to me. “

When the assassins heard this, they almost blew up on the spot.

Isn’t that clearly him saying, “Just come at me, don’t do such roundabout things like fighting others!”

He’s confident!

The assassins perspired even harder.

The leading middle-aged man is a little slightly trembling. He said with difficulty, “I respect your orders.”

At this moment, Robb suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, hold on. I’ve caught something.”

He turned around, jerked the fishing rod, and water splashing sounded. Unexpectedly, he picked up a huge treasure chest from the water. Before he opened it, he just looked at the cover of the treasure chest and thought it looked great.

The lid of the box is decorated with sparkling gems.

The assassins suddenly looked confused. What the heck? Why can there be such a big treasure chest in the water? Oh, is it possible that it was tied to the fishing hook beforehand, and now it was just pulled up on purpose to show us?

What does he want us to see?


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