After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Don’t try to escape through death

Feeling that he had been patted twice on the shoulder, the assassin leader almost jumped two meters high, and his whole body was scared out of cold sweat. He’s in stealth. Theoretically, no one can see him. How could anyone pat him on the shoulder from behind?

If the other person had not just patted him but stabbed him with a knife in his chest, he would have died.

He turned abruptly, but behind him, he saw only a few happy townspeople watching the hustle and bustle and did not see anyone that threatened him.

“What the heck? Where is the person who patted me on the shoulder?” The sweat on the assassin leader’s forehead flowed down like Niagara Falls.

Just then, he felt a pat on the shoulder again.

“Damn, on my shoulder again?” The captain of the assassin brushed the ground and turned around, this time several times faster than before, regardless of whether he had caused turbulence or not.

However, no matter how fast he turned, he couldn’t keep up with the speed of the man who patted him on the shoulder. He still didn’t see anything behind him.

The captain of the assassin wiped the sweat on his forehead, frightened.

Just then, he suddenly heard Robb’s voice very close to his left, “Brother Assassin, it’s me!”

“Hmm?” The assassin leader heard it all at once, “It’s Robb!”

“That’s right. It’s me.” Robb’s voice said with a smile, “You’re not the only one that can do stealth, but I can too.”

Startled, the captain of the assassins, without thinking, waved his dagger and stabbed it in the direction of Robb’s voice.

However, he stabbed nothing.

Robb’s voice sounded to his left, “I’m here.”

After a while, he ran to his right and said, “Actually, I’m here!”

All of a sudden, he came back and said, “No, no, I’m actually behind you.”

He came to his front again in the twinkling of an eye and said, “I lied to you just now. I’m in front of you.”

The assassin’s leader instantly freaked out, stabbing left and on the right, one front and on the right again. After stabbing crazily for a while, he suddenly stopped and sighed and said, “that’s it!” Then he turned the dagger and stuck it into his heart.

Robb appeared in front of him, reached out and clasped his wrist, and said with a smile, “Don’t die so fast. I’m telling you, you’ve committed espionage and attempted murder. It’s impossible for you to get away without five years of hard labor.”

Assassin leader: “……”

As soon as Robb swung, the assassin leader was thrown in front of two policemen, both of whom had the blessing of the king, and held the assassin leader as soon as the assassin leader’s body reached them.

The two policemen said with a smile, “Good labor is waiting for you, just about the right time since we needed more than a dozen people to dig a small canal. It’s no use committing suicide. Godfather will bring you back to work. You can’t escape. Only by working can you liberate yourself.”

Assassin leader: “!”

At this time, the onlookers finally understood what had happened, and they laughed with laughter, “so this is what it really was!”

“I didn’t know assassins were willing to assassinate Godfather.”

“Is Godfather something you scum can kill?”

“Even if Godfather stands still and lets you attack him, you won’t be able to hit him.”

When the assassin leader heard them, he couldn’t help but protest loudly, “Impossible! It is obvious that there is no water here, and he can’t use Immortal Cloud Magic.”

Robb smiled up to him and whispered in his ear, “that’s nonsense.”

Assassin leader: “……”

“Well, bring him away.” Robb waved his hand.

The paladins dragged all the dozen assassins into prison, and then they opened the mine. Of course, there were no trapped miners in the mine. It was empty. It was all a play.

Robb waved to Chief Elsie, who immediately ran up to him.

“I asked you to create a reasonable opportunity for me to leave the water. How could you make such a big situation for me? Deliberately collapsing the mine, attracting the whole town to watch, can’t you make things a little more low-key?”

Chief Elsie said awkwardly, “well, your lower officer has thought of many small ways. However, with the lazy name of Godfather, there is no small way to reasonably lead Godfather away from your stone stool. If a little trick can get you out, then the townspeople will think it’s a fake Godfather, and the assassins certainly won’t believe it.”

“So, after thinking about it, only this sensational method can make people feel that it requires your presence.”

Robb: “……”

This didn’t make any sense, so Robb got back in his wheelchair and said to Lillian, “go home!”

After a laugh, they dispersed. Today’s assassination has brought a lot of after-dinner topics to the people of Westwind town, and they can boast happily that they’ve seen what happened. There are few things that the townspeople in this small town can brag about, so such small topics can last for a year.

Just as the townspeople blew up the topic, Robb returned to his chapel.

He saw that two policemen had been waiting for him here for a long time. In the chapel courtyard, a body wrapped in white cloth was next to his stone stool. It was the poisoned female assassin. Although she was dead, they had to ensure that the body didn’t have parasites. It looked lifelike and peaceful because she had provided important information for the motherland before she died. She died without regrets.

However, the poor girl was going to regret it soon!

Robb said to the two policemen, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The two policemen immediately bowed, “it is our honor to serve Godfather.” With that, the two walked away quickly so that they didn’t prevent Godfather from resurrecting the female assassin and turning her into 18.

Robb moved his a*s, moved back from his wheelchair to his beloved stone stool, motionless, and then gently waved his hand, this time without the resurrection of normal classes.

He used the resurrection skill of the special class “Sage” in the game. It is a game class designed for people with a background of belief in desert gods.

He then saw sand blowing over the body of the female assassin, and then a dog-headed god loomed in the sand. Of course, this is not a real god, but a 3D animation made by the artists of the game “Dark Blade”.

The god blew out yellow sand, which twisted around the female assassin. A few seconds later, the female assassin suddenly opened her eyes.

She’s alive!


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