After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 223

Chapter 223: That’s my dog-headed man

The first thing the female assassin saw when she opened her eyes was a 3D animation of a dog-headed man.

She was so startled that she almost cried out, “Seth, the god of the desert!”

However, this thing is not a real desert god. It can’t respond to her. It is just a 3D animation of resurrection. It blew sand to save the female assassin and then made a very loud and domineering POS, and then a burst of yellow sand wrapped around it. When the yellow sand dispersed, he disappeared without a trace.

“Huangsha!” The female assassin exclaimed, trying to jump up and worship her God, but she found that she could not move and that something was wrapped around her.

She looked down and found that she was wrapped in a layer of white cloth like a mummy, a common method used by people in the desert kingdom to dispose of corpses temporarily. Her body wriggled on the ground as she struggled and twisted like a silkworm pupa.

The picture is actually quite funny.

Only then did she remember that she was killed, poisoned by the great witch doctor, and passed the information back to other assassins before she died.

Her companions must have wrapped the white cloth around her to keep her body safe temporarily. The white cloth is covered with drugs to prevent the corpses from rotting.

Then why was she alive again?

The female assassin immediately thought of the vanishing desert god Seth, and she could not help being ecstatic, “Huangshua! My God came to save me. The great God of the desert! You saved me!”

“No, he didn’t.” A disagreeable voice suddenly popped out, interrupting her delighted speech, and then said in a strange tone, “I resurrected you, not the god of the desert.”

“What?” Startled by the sound, the female assassin quickly looked around and found that she was lying in the churchyard, next to the familiar stone table and stone stool, on which stood a priest who looked like the disabled Robb.

“Huh? Why am I here?” The female assassin was startled and hurriedly said, “Ah, dear Godfather, why am I here? Did something happen? I left you last night to find my fellow people, and then I fell asleep accidentally. How am I in your yard, and why am I wrapped in a strange cloth?”

“Stop pretending. It’s over.” Robb said with a smile, “female assassin from the desert kingdom, your identity has already been exposed.”

The female assassin’s face changed miserably as soon as these words came out. She wanted to jump up and fight to the death, but she could not beat the white cloth wrapped around her body. She jumped about like a big pupa on the ground for a long time and finally fell down feebly, her face dark and saying, “that’s it. Kill me.”

“What’s the matter with you, woman?” Robb said, “I just said I resurrected you. Why would I resurrect you if I want to kill you?”

The female assassin’s forehead was a little confused, and she didn’t understand what happened, “it was Seth, the god of the desert, who resurrected me just now.”

“No, you are mistaken. You see, that thing is not Seth, the God of the desert. Just a dog-headed man who looks like Seth,” Robb said with a smile.

The female assassin was furious, “Nonsense!”

“You don’t believe me?” Robb smiled and said, “well, I’ll show you the dog-headed man, then make it do all kinds of animations.”

With that, Robb waved his hand casually, the magic of “sage,” sandstorm!

The 3D animation effect of this skill is that a dog-headed man appears in mid-air, and then a large area of yellow sand rushes violently forward, and if there is anyone in front, he will be buried in the sand instantly by this magic. The dog-headed man then slowly disappeared.

Female Assassin: “……”

Robb waved his hand again, and the magic of the “sage” came again.

This time, a dog-headed man appeared with him as the center, a yellow dust whirlwind constantly spun and danced around him. All the enemies who enter the dust whirlwind will be torn to pieces.

Female Assassin: “……”

Robb waved his hand again, and the God disappeared without a trace.

He smiled maliciously at the female assassin, “you see, when I call him out, he will come out. If I tell him to disappear, he will disappear. He is not your desert god Seth, but a dog-headed man I made.”

Female Assassin: “……”

She was so shocked that she dared not speak for a while, and after a long time, she sighed hard, “Huangsha! You… who on Earth are you?”

Robb said with a smile, “I am the target of your assassination, the leader of Westwind Town, the king of laziness, the great magician with broken legs, the man who likes to bathe in the open air, the inventor of snacks, the father of God… Robb! After getting so many titles, I feel like I’m quite powerful whenever I introduce myself.”

The female assassin groaned, “Your titles are really good, but what kind of titles are these? Are you trying to be pushy or funny?”

“All right, let’s get to the point.” Robb said, “Let’s get down to business! I have arrested all of your dozen companions except one who was deliberately put back for arraignment. “”

On hearing this, the female assassin immediately understood what had happened. She snorted miserably and whispered, “so, did you know who we were all this time? Ah, it turns out that I’ve been played by you all this time.”

“I didn’t know beforehand.” Robb said with a smile, “at first, I just thought that a group of very strong people came to Westwind town and needed special attention, lest chivalrous men use force and hurt civilians. It wasn’t until you ran over while I was sleeping and stabbed me in the neck that I realized you had a grudge against me.”

The female assassin whispered, “That’s impossible. I was sure you were asleep.”

“Yes, I did fall asleep.” Robb said with a smile, “but you didn’t know that I have a special ability. That is, if someone attacks me, it will let me go from the ‘normal state’ to the ‘combat state.’ At that time, I will certainly wake up, so, from the time you stabbed me for the first time, I have been awake.”

Robb had the “rules of the game.” In the game “Dark Blade,” if players are attacked by any person, monster, or NPC, they will go from a “normal state” to a “combat state,” accompanied by obvious hints, such as red light particles flashing on the edge of their field of vision.


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