After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Spring is here

After a while, the old craftsmen took good care of their dormitories, which were also brick houses with kitchens and bathrooms of high quality, much better than their home at Bright Road, and Robb also carefully prepared all kinds of daily necessities in advance.

In Robb’s words, this is called “Check-in”. It is the treatment that only senior technical personnel can enjoy only when they are stationed in Westwind Town.

People grow, and when the old craftsmen saw that Robb had given such a good treatment, they couldn’t help thinking to themselves, [Godfather is so kind to us. We have to live up to his expectations and teach our students well.]

When the craftsmen were settled, Robb counted the types of craftsmen who had arrived this time.

Not many people came this time, only an old blacksmith, an old carpenter, an old tailor, an old farmer, an old cook and a poultry expert. A total of six people who brought six kinds of expert technology.

The next morning, the first phase of enrollment of the Advanced Technical School began!

A huge advertising banner was placed in the center of town.

“the first phase of Enrollment of Westwind Advanced Technical School has begun. Recruiting students interested in 6 professions, namely, blacksmiths, carpenters, tailors, farmers, cooks, and breeders, with a monthly tuition fee of 10 silver coins.”

The high tuition fees startled the people of Westwind Town, and a group of people gathered around the banner and said, “I can’t afford to learn this at all!”

“Is it necessary to spend so much money to learn a skill?”

“I won’t go.”

But soon the second banner was pulled out.

“Godfather will offer a student grant to every town who signs up for school with a grant of eight silver coins a month. You only need to pay two silver coins to learn.”

As soon as the banner was pulled out, there was a bang, and the registrants broke through the school gate.

Of course, Robb didn’t bother to take care of how many people have signed up and how many classes needs to be set up. As the man at the helm, he doesn’t need to know the specific data, he just needs to know the general direction of the development of Westwind Town. He believes that with the success of the first batch of apprentices and making a lot of money, more people will want to go to school for further studies, and then it will lead to a leap forward in Westwind Town’s educational level.

By the way, along with these six teachers are hundreds of pigs, sheep and cattle.

This large quantity of livestock was handed over to Robb at market price by Gugu and Jijji. Then Robb resold them with a small wholesale profit to the two nobles.

The two nobles sent their domestic servants to Westwind Town, which instantly solved the meat needs of the people in Westwind Town.

Harmonious Westwind Town, safely through the winter of 1345, began to move towards spring.

March has come, the smell of spring began appearing, green buds came out from the branches of trees, and flowers began to bloom on the hillside.

The farmers in Westwind Town were all beginning to rub their hands and getting ready to do a big job.

Last summer, Robb arrived, bringing several promising industries to Westwind Town. Bringing everyone the dream of taking off. However, these hopes have nothing to do with farmers’ dreams, they don’t have happy farm like Robb, they can only wait for spring to grow crops!

And now, spring has finally arrived!

In an instant, farmers can be seen working hard in all the fields around Westwind Town. They planted seeds that have been treasured for a long time in the fields, watering and fertilizing them hopefully.

People who want to make a fortune are growing beetroot, but smart people, who see that all the fields around them are planted with beets, quietly planted wheat in their own fields. Others planted cotton quietly, while others stubbornly planted potatoes.

Robb used “Detection” to scan the fields on the mountain with a sight distance of 5000 yards without interfering. He knew that it would be foolish to interfere with what the farmers planted by administrative means.

In any case, it is only through the regulation of the market that farmers will know how much each crop needs to be planted in order to achieve a more balanced proportion of output without destroying the economic structure of the whole town.

“Godfather!” Chief Elsie’s cry pulled Robb back from a distance.

He looked back and looked at the chief in front of him and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Chief Elsie said respectfully, “Godfather, today is the release day of the first batch of prisoners in Westwind Prison. You agreed to release them personally, so I came to pick you up.”

“Oh, yes, that’s true.” Robb was happy. The so-called first batch of reform-through-labor prisoners released originated from an accident 15 days ago.

Fifteen days ago, a prison guard, with 20 outstanding prisoners, carried vegetables and fruits far away from the prison. After a while, the prison guard suddenly had acute appendicitis and fell to the ground clutching his stomach and could not get up.

This situation was very dangerous. if the 20 reform-through-labor prisoners took advantage of the opportunity to kill the prison guards and then ran away, it is quite possible that even the prison guards themselves could only be killed and wait for Godfather to resurrect them.

Unexpectedly, instead of killing him, the 20 reform-through-labor prisoners helped him up and sent him to the chapel, where Robb cured him and saved him from his appendicitis.

Of course, the prison guards were greatly moved, and Robb was also very satisfied with the performance of these prisoners.

After checking their records, we learned that this group of reform-through-labor prisoners were originally model reform-through-labor and performed well at ordinary times, so Chief Elsie was assured and boldly let them leave the prison and be watched by a prison guard to carry goods.

Robb immediately decided that in view of their good performance, they would be given amnesty, and the amnesty ceremony would be held today.

Although Robb is very lazy, he still does what he promises. Grinning, he said, “Suofa, come and push me to the prison.”

Suofa quickly brought Robb’s special wheelchair, bit her lower lip and said, “Don’t you usually let Lillian push you? Why do I have to push you today?”

Robb smiled and said, “Don’t you want to see for yourself the release of your people? Maybe after watching it, you will be full of hope for your future.”

There was a slight movement in Suofa’s heart, this was true!

She had thought that Robb would sooner or later reveal that he’s tricking her and forcibly possess her, but even if he did, she wouldn’t be able to escape and could only be regarded as a toy by him. Unexpectedly, even after winter ended and spring came, Robb still hadn’t touched a finger of hers.

This made her feel at ease, it was not impossible to live as a maid every day, but she always wondered whether Robb would really let her go when her sentence ended.

She really wants to see it with her own eyes whether her comrades will really be pardoned and released.


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