After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Special pardon for reform-through-labor prisoners

After several months of continuous construction, Westwind Prison has become a very powerful and domineering architectural achievement, covering a very large area, almost occupying the entire valley.

In the past, more than a dozen reform-through-labor prisoners were huddled in a small room, but now Westwind Prison already has more than 2,000 cells. Reform-through-labor prisoners can live in two’s, and prisoners who behave well can have their own cells.

This large group of reform-through-labor criminals work every day, with the main building of the prison as the core, with farmland opened everywhere, orchards planted, and large tracts of pepper trees. Anyway, Robb’s Happy Farm always grows fruit fast with their trees, and of course some of these trees will be intercepted by Chief Elsie and handed over to the prisoners to take care of, becoming a prison industry.

Robb did not care about this kind of thing, so slowly, the whole of Westwind Town was surrounded by all kinds of cash crops.

Now, the reform-through-labor prisoners in Westwind Prison learned to pick crops, make sugar, squeeze out fruit juice, plant fruit trees, and brew fruit wine. All of them became omnipotent workers.

However, in this way, prison makes its own income and has its own expenditure, so it is easy to breed corruption.

In order to prevent this kind of corruption, there must be special financial institutions to do accounts and calculate revenue, but……

This involves the establishment of government institutions, an institutional issue that Robb hates.

It’s a little annoying!

Otakus’ by nature don’t like to involve the system.

As the town gets bigger, there will be more and more things that need the system, and it will become more and more annoying.

But who should I dump it to?

This issue is even harder than the ones he faced before.

When Suofa came to the prison pushing Robb’s wheelchair, accompanies by Chief Else, dozens of prison guards had been waiting for a long time. The rarely used door of the prison opened loudly to both sides. Inside, two rows of prison guards in their uniforms saluted Robb in uniform, apparently rehearsing in advance.

Robb said angrily to Chief Elsie, “I mean, do you still have time for these tricks?”

Chief Elsie said with a smile, “you misunderstand. I didn’t ask them to do this. They used to do it even when they were Templar Knights. The pope sent people to greet them like this. It’s just that the clothes they wear have changed.”

Robb: “……”

Well, I almost forgot, these prison guards used to be Templar Knights, guys who are more professional in rituals than in war.

Robb had to enjoy the ceremonial treatment and slowly entered the Westwind Prison.

A large banner has been pulled up in the big square in the middle of the prison, which reads, “We warmly welcome the supreme governor of Westwind Town to preside over the amnesty activity of the prison. As soon as Robb’s wheelchair was pushed under the banner, he heard two sounds. Two balls full of petals exploded, and the petals inside the ball went everywhere, spilling all over Robb and Suofa’s face.

Robb: “Damn!”

In the square ahead, more than three thousand reform-through-labor prisoners were already waiting. When they saw the arrival of Robb, the faces of the commander, the Great Shaman, Motra, and the leader of the assassins all showed an expression of fear. On the contrary, it was the ordinary soldiers who were nearer to Robb.

After all, the more working people at the bottom, the more they can feel the benefits from Robb.

Chief Elsie went on to a high platform and shouted, “listen to me, you shits. Today, the great Godfather came to Westwind Prison because there are 20 of you who are about to turn from shit to human today. You should be grateful that your shit-like life is coming to an end.”

Robb kicked Chief Elsie away and snatched the right to speak, “I am here today to commend 20 reform-through-labor prisoners who have performed well. I believe the story has already spread among you, so there is no need for more nonsense. Please come to the stage.”

As a result, all 20 reform-through-labor prisoners lined up to take the stage.

To tell you the truth, their feelings were perturbed, although Robb has already stated that “they’ll be released”, they dared not fully believe it.

What is even more unbelievable is that it’s still very early on the agreed three-year prison sentence. They have only been locked up for one winter, but they can be commuted and released from prison, which greatly exceeds their expectations and makes them feel a little unreal.

They were worried that Robb was deceiving them. after all, big people like to buy small potatoes, and falling out often happens to nobles of the desert kingdom.

It would be tragic if they were fooled and played as monkeys by the nobles.

This is not only what these 20 reform-through-labor prisoners have in mind, but also what the other 3,000 other people were thinking about. They were all worried that “release at the end of their sentence” is just a big joke, that they are a teased mouse, and that Robb is the cat.

Robb was delighted to see the twenty amnesty objects in front of him looking forward to the future, but at the same time full of worry and cautiousness.

To this kind of people, we have to give them a strong medicine to give them a huge reassurance.

So Robb stopped talking nonsense and waved his hand, “Suofa, give them what I have prepared in advance.”

Suofa gave a “hmmm” and took a huge bag out of the back pocket of the wheelchair. She opened the bag, and a pile of silver coins inside.

Suofa went to the twenty reform-through-labor prisoners and gave each of them twenty silver coins. Four hundred silver coins glowed in the twinkling of an eye, leaving only an empty bag.

The twenty reform-through-labor prisoners looked at the money in their hands with a bewildered face.

Robb said with a smile, “this money is a special bonus given for your excellent performance. You are free now, and you can take the money as a fare to return to the desert kingdom and be reunited with your families. And if you are willing to become civilians of Westwind Town, you can also use this money to rent a house, buy daily necessities, and buy food, so that you will be able to gain a foothold in the new place.”

“Clamor!” An uproar rose among the more than 3,000 reform-through-labor prisoners.

No one thought that Robb would not only release people, but also hand out money. He subverted their cognition. It was crazy.

Seeing the ignorant look on their faces, Robb said with a smile, “Don’t be in a daze. You can go now. Don’t you want to get out of this damn prison and get your freedom?”


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