After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Crossdressing

Robb got up before dawn, and did not immediately go out of his room, but called Suofa in, of course, not to play hooligans or anything, but to dress up.

In order to steal the “magic item production technology”, the lazy Robb finally wants to return to Grinding Emperor Robb, and began to take active action and work hard again.

The current situation, for Robb, is like a new expansion was added, adding a new production class “magic item maker”. For people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the new class must be max!

Nothing can stop him from maxing up this new class, not even the scariest magic in the world.

Besides, he doesn’t have a strong enemy in this world.

Suofa made a strange green liquid from some plant juices, put it in a washbasin, and said to Robb, “soak your hair in it.”

“Oh? Is this hair dye? ” Robb asked.

“Yes!” Suofa said seriously, “your yellow hair is too conspicuous. I think it will be easier for you if you use a dye. After all, you chat with her Majesty through a crystal ball every day. Her Majesty should remember your appearance very well. I have also seen you, and many people in the Royal Air Force have seen you.”

She concluded, “if you are walking at Bright Road like this, you are likely to be besieged. As you know, although her Majesty talks to you on the phone and laughs every day and seems to be friends with you, if there is a chance to kill you, she will never miss it.”

Robb thought about it carefully and couldn’t help laughing, “you’re right. If that ghost woman had a chance to kill me, she wouldn’t let it go, even if she doesn’t know if she could break my defenses.”

“She may not be able to do it herself, but her skeleton dragons…” Suofa said earnestly, “the Skeleton Dragon is the strongest combat power of the Church of Darkness, and it is no weaker than the Sphinx. If you are attacked by Skeleton Dragon off guard, you may not come out unscathed.”

Robb thought about it carefully. The last time the Sphinx blew a yellow sand spell on him, he was dealt 8232 HP even when he had a magic defense BUFF.

If Miss Queen’s skeleton dragon is really comparable to the Sphinx, if he doesn’t BUFF himself and is hit by it without any precautions, it may be very painful.

“Well, you’re right.” Robb said with a smile, “it’s good to save trouble, not to mention that once my identity is discovered, I won’t be able to steal the technology. I have no problem with dyeing my hair, but… Can we change the color? I can’t have a green color on my head. “

“But green is so beautiful. It’s a great color to see a little green in the desert,” Suofa said.

“I admit that green is great in the desert, but when it shows up on top of my head, it’s not that great,” Robb said.

Suofa knows that this guy Robb is saying strange things again, but that’s it. All she needs to do is change the color.

After a while, the hair dye in the basin was blended black.

Robb liked the color as soon as he saw it, and quickly lay down on his back and soaked his hair in the basin.

During the time when his hair was dyed, Suofa took out some messy tonics and daubed it on his face. After a while, when Robb looked in the mirror again, he found that he had become a handsome guy with black hair. A head of jet-black and beautiful hair seems to have been produced.

Thick eyebrows, a raising nose, little bit of beard residue, and a shadowy face outline, his face looked deep and domineering as a hero that has gone through the vicissitudes of life.

However, Robb was delighted with his new look when he heard Suofa murmur, “It feels good doing it again. I haven’t lost my cosmetic skills. Now I can wipe it off and start all over again.”

“Wipe it off? Hey, I love this heroic flavor,” Robb said. “it’s very good. There’s no need to wipe it off.”

Suofa squinted, “you have to pretend to be the illegitimate son of an exterminated noble family. As an illegitimate child who has been living in the kingdom and was raised by his mother and escaped the tragedy of the Smith family, do you think… it is appropriate for a person like you to look like a hero? “

Robb, “What are you going to make me look like, then?”

“Frivolous, shallow, short-sighted, the nouveau riche feeling of a typical rural poor boy who grew up and was told that your grandfather was a billionaire,” Suofa said.

Robb, “F**k, don’t want it. I protest! I don’t want this kind of nouveau riche. I want to dress up as a handsome guy, the kind everyone loves. “

Suofa, “that will only reveal your identity.”

After a heated discussion between the two, each side took a step back. The mature and stable handsome guy demanded by Robb and the frivolous and shallow nouveau riche demanded by Suofa were rejected. The result of the final discussion between the two is one of an ordinary, not very stupid, but not very smart either teenager.

After all, this character inherits the lineage of John Roland Smith, and his IQ should not be too low, otherwise he will be suspected of having a lineage problem. However, he was also set as an illegitimate child and grew up in the countryside, so he should not be that great either.

In the end, Robb became an ordinary dark-haired boy who inherited the excellent pedigree of the Smith family, with the Smith family tree, seal and family lines. He reported the dream of reviving the family, and prepared to enter the school of magic, study and serve the country.

Suofa took out a set of noble clothes that were deliberately whitened and handed it to Robb, “put it on.”

Robb took a look at the clothes, “is it necessary to wash it white on purpose?”

Suofa said, “you are a fallen noble. You must remember that you are so poor that you can only repeatedly wash your clothes. The tuition fee of a hundred gold coins for you to attend the Academy of Magic was sponsored by Baron Nuolun for your grandfather’s sake. “

Robb, “Hello!?”

Suofa, “or do you want to wear silk stockings like a rich noble instead?”

Without saying a word, Robb hurriedly put the whitened clothes over his body.

Suofa immediately took out a wooden staff and handed it to him.

Robb recognized at a glance that the staff was made of pure wood. It was the one Little Yi had brought when she first arrived in Westwind Town, with no ornaments embedded on it. (for those who have forgotten, please see Chapter 31.).

Robb protested, “Hey! Little Yi’s staff is too shabby, at least let me inlay an amethyst on it. “

Suofa didn’t bother to pay any attention to him, and she went back to the room herself, and soon came out dressed as a poor maid in patched linen clothes.

A poor master with a poor maid, cross-dressing completed!


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