After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Ready to go

Robb looked at his new look, speechless, but thought it was fine if it was to learn a new class, so forget it! Anyway, in order to learn some skills in the game, the requirements were also extremely abnormal.

Now, to learn a new class, he has to accept the requirements albeit reluctantly.

“Come on, we should go to Baron Nuolun.” Suofa pulled on Robb, “blend in with his nephew and other noble children and go to Bright Road.”

In fact, Robb can find anyone who has been to Bright Road and use the portal scroll he made to open the portal to Bright Road and pass easily, but it would be ridiculous to suddenly appear in Bright Road.

If you want to make your identity more secure, it is more appropriate to walk seriously into Bright Road directly from the city gate with the noble children, and then use the portal to go back and forth.

He first told Lillian to wait at home and that he would be back in a few days. Then he told Xuelu to help with the heating of the smelting furnace for a few days, so that he would not have to bother her whenever he came back.

When these were arranged, Robb opened the back door of the chapel and sneaked into Baron Nuolun’s villa before dawn.

Baron Nuolun had been waiting at the back door for a long time. He did not bring any of his men, but came to meet Robb in person.

Seeing Robb’s black hair, looking handsome but ordinary, dressed in a white-washed robe and holding a wooden staff, the baron was embarrassed and whispered, “Godfather, I almost didn’t recognize you when you were dressed like this. I had to look at your face very carefully to vaguely see who you are.”

Robb said with a smile, “Cross-dressing is called cross-dressing only if it is not recognized by others. By the way, come and see if there is something wrong with my family tree.”

He took out the family tree of the Smith family, and Baron Nuolun looked at it carefully and couldn’t help but marvel, “Wow, this spectrum is so flawless that even I, a member of the Wind Knights, can’t see through it. No one else would see anything wrong. Coupled with my recommendation, no one will doubt your identity. By the way, I’m the only one in my family who knows about this. I haven’t told anyone, not even my nephew.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s good!”

“Then let me introduce you to my nephew now.” Baron Nuolun said with a smile, “there are also a group of children of other nobles who will set out for Bright Road together today. You will blend in and make sure that no one realizes who you are.”

Baron Nuolun took Robb into the villa, waited with him in the drawing-room, and sent a servant to call his nephew down.

His nephew was dressed very solemnly today. Instead of wearing his full-body plate armor, he put on a silk robe that nobles liked, and he wore silk stockings, breeches, and eyeglasses. When he saw his uncle sitting in the living room with a young man, he was stunned, looked at Robb’s whitened clothes and shabby wooden staff, and thought, [How can this kind of person sit with my uncle? Uncle usually likes to pretend to be a noble.]

However, even with such a thought, he dared not be rude to Robb and asked politely, “who is this?”

Baron Nuolun smiled and said, “come on, you are both young people. Let me introduce you guys to each other.”

He first pointed to Robb and said, “this is the only survivor of the Smith family, Robb Smith.”

At the exit of this introduction, he made his nephew think, [No wonder his uncle sat with him. Although he looked a little poor, he was a member of the Smith family after all. When the Smith family had not yet been destroyed, they were great wind magicians. Uncle is giving the Smith Family face.]

He hurriedly saluted Robb, “Hello!”

Baron Nuolun pointed to his nephew and said, “this is my nephew, Kante Morninglight. I think maybe I’m not very good at teaching because I couldn’t teach him magic well. I just want him to try it in the school of magic. maybe he can learn something. “

Robb is not Godfather now. So, pretending to be a young man, he can no longer be lazy in his chair as before. He stood up and told his nephew, “Hello!”

Baron Nuolun said to his nephew, “Kante, Robb will go to Bright Road with you today and sign up for the School of Magic. You will learn more from Robb along the way.”

“Huh? Are you also going to the School of Magic to study magic? ” Kante smiled.

Baron Nuolun said, “do you think everyone is like you? If you can’t learn family magic, will you have to go to the school of magic? Robb has mastered wind magic from the bottom up, and this time he has to sign up to learn the magic items specialty when he goes to Bright Road. “

“Wow! Magic items… ” Kante exclaimed, “this is not an easy course to learn. You have to have a considerable degree of practice on magic and have a deep understanding of how magic works before you can participate in the production of magic items. Your wind magic must be very strong, right? “

Robb smiled, “A little, just a little.”

When he said he knew a little, Kante really thought he only understood it a little and didn’t look into it. “Wait a minute,” he said with a smile. “my brothers will be here soon, and when they all come, we’ll set out together.”

Sure enough, not long after dawn, the nobles living in the second phase of the Wangjiang District came to the house of Baron Nuolun, who, as an elder, paid no attention to these young people.

Unexpectedly, Kante was the leader of this group. He stood up and introduced Robb to them with a smile, and introduced them to Robb one by one, but… Robb is not good at remembering Western names. After this, Robb couldn’t remember their names.

Instead, it was his name “Robb Smith”, the same as “Godfather”, that was remembered by everyone present.


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