After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Do not deceive this poor youth

Several large carriages drove slowly out of Westwind Town drawn by eight horses.

The high-spirited second generations of the rich rode in a carriage, chatting, while their servants rode horses and guarded the outside of the carriage, forming a large procession and setting out towards Bright Road.

Robb was naturally invited to the Morninglight family’s carriage and sat with Kante, along with two other noble children, whose name Robb doesn’t remember.

On the other hand, Suofa, who dressed up as a poor maid, followed the carriage on a little mare. In order not to attract attention, she deliberately drooped her head and kept a very low profile.

The boys were in high spirits, and there was a song coming from some carriages, which had a different flavor with the sound of horses’ hoofs.

After leaving Westwind Town, they moved slowly along the official road to the southeast. The journey was quite boring, just listening to the few dudes talking nonstop, and in the evening, the team camped beside the official road to rest. They slept in separate tents, while the servants watch out in shifts and slept in the grass.

Robb was a little distressed and wanted to ask Suofa to sleep in the tent with him, but after thinking about the woman’s conservative character, he gave up. Plus she doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in the grass and seems to like flowers and plants very much.

Three days passed in a twinkling of an eye, getting closer and closer to Bright Road.

That afternoon, they had arrived less than a hundred miles from Bright Road. Several noble children chatted for a while and picked up snacks and fruit wine to get high.

After a few sips of fruit wine, a young noble in the carriage with Robb began to talk more, “Brothers, I’m not one who brags, but I have a super talent for magic. Since I was a child, my father praised me for being magical and learning very fast. Look, I can do fire magic.”

With a wave of his hand, a fireball the size of a ping-pong ball was thrown out of the window and hit a big tree by the roadside. A small piece of bark was blackened, and the tree shook its leaves as if laughing at the power of the fireball.

But the young noble didn’t look embarrassed at all. Instead, he said triumphantly, “you see, I have such strength only by self-study. When I enter the school of magic and study magic, I’ll probably be able to fly?”

Robb doesn’t know what to say. He really wants to tell the nobleman that the most elementary, scum, and useless Lv.1 magician in the game, who has just started, is even better than him at throwing fireballs.

But Kante clapped his hands and said, “George, your fireball is really great! To tell you the truth, I have studied wind magic with my uncle for many years, but I still can’t blow out a fart. Alas, my level is far worse than yours. “

The noble, known as George, was happy, laughed, and comforted his brother, “Kante, you are good at swordsmanship! Although you are only a trainee knight now, you will become an official knight in a few years, right? “

Kante said with a bitter face, “I haven’t decided who to swear to and whose knight I’m going to be yet!”

George said with a smile, “swear to Godfather to be his guardian knight.”

Robb was laughing in the dark.

“But I don’t think Godfather needs knights at all,” Kante said. Is there anything he can’t handle by himself? “

The two little nobles next to them thought about it carefully and found that this was true.

“Oh, yes!” Probably the mention of Godfather reminded these young people of Robb Smith, who is sitting next to them and has the same name as Godfather.

The guy named George turned to Robb and said, “I heard that you are an orphan of the Smith family, and you want to sign up to be a specialist in magic items. You must have a considerable degree of spiritual practice in wind magic, right?”

Robb said, “A little, just a little.”

“How much do you know? It must be better than my fireball,” George said.

Nonsense, if the fireball is not as powerful as yours, the world might as well bump into the tree next to you. Robb wanted to jump up and spit out this guy’s trough, but he was now an ordinary fallen noble, so it was better not be too high profile, so he had to say faintly, “I can throw off a few ordinary wind blade skills.”

“Oh, oh! You can use the ordinary wind blade technique? That’s really amazing. ” the several young people sighed together, “too strong.”

Strong? You guys seem to be 18 or 19 years old. Why are you so weak?

Robb really wanted to jump up and retort to them…

While they were talking about this, suddenly, a guard outside shouted, “Ah, a royal caravan led by Gugu and Jiji.”

Hearing this, Robb thought to himself, [The Royal Caravan? They must be going to Westwind Town to buy the iron ingots made by my ‘mining company’. When they come to Westwind Town, they will be suspicious if they don’t see me, who rarely leaves my stone stool. Fortunately, I am not far from Bright Road. As long as I walk into the city gate with this group of noble children, show my face, and report to the school, I can immediately open a portal and go back. They shouldn’t arrive in Westwind Town yet by the time I reach Bright Road.]

The two teams met head on and said hello to each other, and then both teams began to move to the side. Robb’s group went to the side of the road to make way for them as they’re only second-generation nobles.

Robb didn’t care, but the people in the carriage were unhappy. George couldn’t help whispering, “well, what royal merchant, to put it nicely, he’s just a merchant, can we still be noble? I can’t believe they want us to make way! When I learn great magic in the school of magic and become a great magician, even her Majesty will look up to me, and I will force them to make way for me every day. “

How crazy are you? Robb really wanted to complain, [When you become a big shot, you won’t even have the time for that.]

Another noble child also whispered, “Thirty years on the east side of the river, thirty years on the west side of the river. Do not deceive this poor youth. For those who look down on me now, I will hit them in the face in the future. “

Robb, [Damn it! Which fantasy novel are you the protagonist of?]


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