After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Wind Blade after the Debuffs

All the skills to reduce the intelligence of the class were used, and finally, his intelligence was reduced to 120.

Robb felt that he became an idiot, 120 intelligence is simply embarrassing, forget it, in order to perfect camouflage, he’ll use it.

He finally finished reading the tongue twister, pointed forward with his staff, and shot out two wind blades.

Wielding the broken staff that Little Yi used in his hand, together with Robb’s current 120 intelligence blade, it fully produced what is called “junk magic”.

The blade flew feebly up the hillside and cut into the waists of two goblins.

The two goblins screamed twice, broke into four pieces, and green blood spilled all over the floor.

“Wow, you did it!” “Brother Robb, you really know how to use wind blade,” cried Kate. “you are so good. Although you are far weaker than uncle, your level is rare among young people.”

Robb, “I’ll punch your lungs!”

“Hmm?” said Kante. ‘What do you mean by that? I don’t understand. “

Robb said, “It’s a dialect, there is no special meaning.”

Kante didn’t look into it either. In fact, they were at war now, so he had no time to study the meaning of such a dialect.

The goblins and ogres on the hillside also became agitated, and an ogre pointed to the carriage of Robb and shouted, “the wind blade flew out of that car.”

“There are magicians in it!”


A large group of goblin archers turned their attention, and the arrows kept shooting at the carriage.

Startled, Kante quickly raised his shield against the window of the carriage. He only heard the sound of “bumping”. The shield did blocked god knows how many arrows, and the body of the carriage kept sounding. Many arrows were inserted into the wooden carriage.

Some of the stronger arrows pierced the plank of the carriage, causing an arrow to protrude, which made George and the other guy cry.

George screamed, “what should I do? Originally, our carriage had not yet been targeted, but the wind blade attracted the attention of the enemy! “

The other man also cried, “Yes, I knew they wouldn’t let this wind blade blade go.”

Kante turned and scolded, “shut up, idiots! Raise your shields. “

“But. Which side should be shielded? There are arrows coming on both sides,” cried George.

Kante shouted, “Why don’t you just sit back to back, Idiots! “

“Wow, Kante, you’re so smart.” George said, “Why can’t you learn magic when you’re so smart?”

Kante: “……”

Robb almost laughed out loud, but quickly held back. He can’t laugh at teammates in common hardship. Although they were fake teammates, As long as they don’t mean anything, what’s wrong with it?

The two sat back to back, each raised a shield to protect both sides, and then the two were happy again, “Haha! We are in an invincible position. “

“Brother Robb, I think we can ignore them,” Kante said.

Robb nodded, “that makes sense! I can’t see them. I can’t see them. “

“Again!” Kante said, “Chant, and when you are finished, gently pat me, and I will remove the shield. You throw out the wind blade, and I will move the shield back immediately.”

How did you come up with such a tactic? Robb wanted to complain, but forget it! Let’s play as he says. Anyway, we are a group of rich second generation men, as long as we don’t let GuGu and Jiji see it, it’s fine.

He began to chant again, and a few seconds later, Robb patted Kante on the shoulder. Kante understood so he moved the shield out of the way. Robb swung his staff out, and two blades flew out of the window. Kante immediately moved the shield back, only to hear another sound of “bumping” on the shield, the sound of arrows being shot down by the shield.

Then there was the scream of a Goblin on the hillside, and someone roared, “that carriage! That damn carriage! “

“There is a powerful wind magician in there.”

“He must be killed.”

“Push a rolling stone down and kill them.”

On hearing this, Kante’s expression froze, and the two back-to-back shield people also froze. The smug men were frightened, and the two shouted together, “it’s over! If they want to push the rock down, we are dead. “

“Don’t panic.” Robb smiled and said, “Let them push. I have a solution. Kante, move the shield a little bit to the side, and I’ll see how they push the stone. “

Kante moved the shield a little bit, and through the crack, several ogres were painstakingly pushing a large rolling stone on the hill. They were looking at Robb’s carriage, figuring out how to roll the stone down to hit it.

Robb smiled and said, “do you see those ogres pushing stones? If I cut his left foot with a wind blade, he would fall to the left, and the stone would roll crooked and roll down the side of the hillside, where there are a group of goblin archers, hehe. “

Kante said, “from so far away, can you accurately hit his left foot?”

“Let’s give it a try and you’ll see.” Robb smiled and said, “ready!”

“Good! Chant. “

While the two were discussing this, Gugu and Jiji were also desperately looking at the situation outside of their carriage. “Ah, there is a wind magician in the carriage of the noble children over there.”

Jiji obviously saw, “that man is not weak, ah, such a long distance, with two wind flying blades accurately hitting two goblins, his skill is quite good.”

“It doesn’t look like the actions of the second generation of waste nobles!”

“Is it the birth of a promising young man?”

“Oh, no, the ogres want to push a stone down to crush their carriage.”

“That’s not good!”

When Gugu and Jiji saw this, they could not help exclaiming, “Archers! Stop those ogres. “

Several guards bent their bows and shot arrows at the hillside, but the arrows had lost a lot of momentum in the middle of the flight, and two goblin soldiers jumped out and blocked the arrows easily with their shields.

Gugu and Jiji had no way to stop it, but watched helplessly as the ogre pushed the stone, “I hope that promising young man will not be crushed to death like this.”

At this time, Robb had just finished his spell, and then patted Kante on the back. Kante moved his shield and Robb waved his staff.


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