After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 281

Chapter 281: A promising young man

Their surprise to his attacks before seem to be an understatement. It contains Robb’s experience in playing games for many years. He has carefully studied and practiced it countless times, and the angle and direction of each skill shot will lead to exactly where the skill will fly.

Two wind blades flew out of the window and drew two beautiful arcs in mid-air…

The goblin, who lifted his shield, came up to block it again. However, unlike bows and arrows, wind blade is a magic attack. The shield on the goblin’s hand can only resist physical attacks. For magic, it’s weak against it. The wind blade cut the wooden shield on the goblin’s hand in half, and even the goblin behind him was also cut in half, and then it continued to fly forward.

The wind blade was impartial, cutting an ogre’s left foot, and which instantly separated itself from its calf. When the ogre was shot, he fell down.

At the same time, another wind blade whirled from another direction and cut on the other side of the stone. Although the power of the wind blade is not great, a gentle push was enough to upset the balance of the stone…

The big stone rolled down toward the fallen ogre, rolled over him, snapped, squashed the ogre, and blood splashed out from under the stone.

The big stone didn’t stop piteously just because it squashed an ogre, and continued to roll…

Originally, the ogres intended to push it down on Robb’s carriage, but now it rolled sideways. Instead of coming at Robb, it rolled over to a group of goblin archers on the slope.

The goblin archers were shooting arrows at the foot of the mountain, so they didn’t expect that there would be an attack from behind, and it was an unreasonable huge rolling stone. When they heard the rumbling sound of huge stones rolling behind them, it was too late to even try to hide. The big stone rolled over them relentlessly, and the gobbling patties came out all over the floor.

The goblin archers next to them were startled and barked loudly. Then, all the goblin archers on that hillside were in chaos, especially those on the slope below the rolling stone. All of them stopped shooting at the foot of the mountain, abandoned their defensive positions, and ran to both sides in panic.

All the people at the foot of the mountain were confused by this stone, especially Gugu and Jiji. They were just worried that the stone rolling down would kill the wind magician who seemed promising, but they didn’t expect them to play such a game.

Gugu couldn’t help sighing, “What a precise wind blade!”

Jiji also said, “Although the power is average, the timing, angle and accuracy of this shot are amazing. This tricky move turned the rolling stone into our weapon, and the archer group on the hillside was put in chaos.”

“Seize the opportunity created by the magician and fight back!” The escort captain of the royal caravan shouted loudly, “Rush to the hillside and get rid of the archers.”

The captain is a soldier by profession and a trainee knight. (Note, occupation and identity are not the same concept. In the real world, a trainee knight is just an identity, not a profession. Only in games is a trainee knight a profession. )

The captain shouted at the top of his voice, “Jump bravely.” He slammed his feet on the ground, jumped on the hillside, and chopped down a goblin captain with one hit.

Other guards rushed up to the hillside.

On this side, the guards of the nobles also shouted, “Leave half the people here to protect the young masters and go!”

Kante glanced at the guards who were rushing towards the hillside, then turned to Robb and said, “Brother Robb, you can stay here to cast magic and provide remote support. I’m going to lead the guards to charge.”

“Huh? You want to charge? ” George cried, “Don’t go. It’s too dangerous. It’s much safer to stay here.”

The other rich second-generation loser also shouted, “Kante, don’t die, just let the guards solve it.”

Robb also looked at Kante curiously, thinking, [This guy is different from ordinary trash. It seems that he has a promising future.]

“I’m going, you protect yourself.” Kante pushed open the door of the carriage and jumped out.

As soon as he went out, George screamed, “Don’t go, I’m so scared.”

Robb laughed, “Don’t be afraid! I’m still here. You can hold my thigh first. “

When this was said, Robb found himself with his left leg and his right leg each holding an idiot…

“Fuck!” Robb looked at the two rich second generations shivering and said, “Is that what I meant when I said hold my thighs? Not only are you guys timid, but your IQ is also very problematic. I can’t believe you want to learn magic with your IQ. “

They saw Kante charge up the hill. He raised his sword and hacked at several Goblin archers. This guy’s swordsmanship is okay. It is not a problem for him to deal with a few scum Goblins. He chopped the Goblin archers in three or two strokes, but he only dropped a few goblins before he turned around and saw a tall and powerful ogre.

The ogre swung a huge wooden stick and swung it down at Kante.

Kante fought with his long sword and with a loud clank, he realized his opponent’s strength was so strong that he almost couldn’t stop it. His face was blue with fear. He didn’t know what to do…

At that moment, a wind blade flew from the side and accurately cut on the ogre’s waist. The ogre broke in two.

Kante was stunned. He turned to look at the direction of the wind blade and saw Robb waving to him and making an OK gesture.

He waved to Robb and said, “We will be invincible if we join hands.”

Robb: “……”

At this time, Gugu and Jiji were watching the battle on their side, because they know how strong their guards are. On the contrary, they were very interested in the strength of the young rich second generation nobles.

“That knight is very good! I remember him. He is the nephew of Baron Nuolun in Westwind Town. I heard that he is not good at learning magic, but he is brave to fight. Other nobles just hide in the carriage, and only he rushed up the mountain with weapons. He has a bright future.”

“He rushed in front, while the wind magician in the carriage supported him with magic in the rear, which was very powerful.”

“They are both promising young people!”

“After the battle, let’s talk to them.”

Both of the two big merchant have seen the vast world and participated in many battles. But small scenes like the one happening in front of them was a first.

Sure enough, the battle didn’t take long. The goblin and ogres were not the opponents of the guards. Once there was no geographical advantage, they would be doomed. Soon, the battle was over.


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