After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 292

Chapter 292: It’s not a mouse meow

Lillian tilted her head and asked, “will master live there until he learns how to make magic items ?”

Xuelu shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. Don’t forget that he has transmission scrolls. According to his personality, once he is in a residence of Bright Road, he will immediately form a portal from there to Westwind Town, and then run back and forth. Maybe he has returned through the transmission portal and is peeping at us bathing in the hot spring right now.”

As soon as these words came out of her mouth, the expressions of Little Yi and the two little light nuns changed at the same time.

Although they were wearing swimsuits, their arms and legs were still exposed outside. If men saw them, they would be embarrassed.

The three nuns immediately raised their heads like mice through a sewer. They looked around, looking around, looking if there was any priest lurking in the night.

Unfortunately, they didn’t expect that Robb, who was as small as a cup, would hide behind a grass near the hot spring pool and peep at them. This way of peeping at them was new and refined, which was beyond their serious scope. Therefore, they all looked into the distance, only to see the back of the chapel and a tree. It was impossible for them to find Robb.

After searching for a while, the three nuns withdrew their gazes and whispered, “it seems that he hasn’t come back yet.”

Xuelu smiled and said, “look at you. You are so nervous. It doesn’t matter even if he sees you dressed so much.”

“We are not you!” The three nuns complained at the same time, “we are nuns.”

“What are you talking about? It seems that to you, a woman who is not a nun won’t be embarrassed. I will also be shy, okay? But you don’t have to be so embarrassed when facing the man, you admire. Lillian, don’t you agree?”

Lillian blushed at her question. “I… I think… You are right… If my master wants to see me bathing in the hot spring, I don’t mind…”

“If you really don’t mind, why didn’t you chase after him when he was not here?” The two girls stuck out their tongues at Lillian and said, “you didn’t dare to come here until he was away, which means you mind.”

Hearing this, Lillian’s face darkened slightly. “I… I’m just a servant. I’m afraid that my master will think that I seduced him on purpose to change my position from a slave to a hostess. This… This is not good. If I were not a servant, then I… I… I would do everything.”

The other four women fell into silence when they heard this

Robb, who was eavesdropping beside, was also lost in thought. What should he do? Should he set Lillian free and marry her? Would it be too deliberate to do so? Lillian might not accept it at that time. She would definitely want to get it. If I gave her freedom to dispel her worries, with her personality, she would definitely refuse. Shit, these women’s thoughts are so troublesome.

Thinking of this, Robb suddenly heard a woman’s voice, “eh? What the hell is this?”

The voice was not from the five girls in the hot spring, but from his behind.

Robb immediately recognized that it was the voice of the little kitten girl, Huahua.

He turned around and saw the kitten squatting in front of him, with her face very close to him. She stared at him with her big eyes and opened her mouth, revealing two beautiful canine teeth.

Robb was speechless

Robb was wearing makeup now, not in the usual shape of a little blonde, but this makeup appearance was only known by Suofa and Baron Nuolun. Other girls didn’t know him. In the eyes of the little kitten Huahua, he was a strange, mini little man. He sneaked into the chapel and watched the girls bathing in the hot spring. Nobody knew what else he would do.

Huahua meowed and shouted, “bastard! Go to hell!”

She raised her right hand, and long and sharp nails popped out from her fingers. Then she scratched at Robb.

Robb didn’t dare to let her hit him. Otherwise, as soon as the Miss sign jumped out, the kitten might guess that it was him. If she said Godfather peeped at women taking a shower, it would be very bad, and his ruined reputation would spread far away.

Therefore, in the face of these attacks, he usually did not dodge, but this time he had to dodge. His body slipped to the side, and the little kitten did not hit one claw, and was dodged by Robb.

But the cat girl’s agility was unusual. Robb dodged the first claw, then her second claw followed closely. Her movement was extremely fast, like lightning.

Fortunately, Robb maxed his agility. Even if his speed was reduced by twenty percent, he was still extremely agile. He dodged the attack of Huahua again.

Huahua, “huh? What a nimble bastard! I really don’t believe it. I’ll let you taste the speed of a cat!”

She stretched out her two claws at the same time. It was the cat folk’s talent skill, Ghost Claw!

She waved her claws so fast that it was hard to see them clearly. In an instant, she made dozens of slashes at Robb.

Robb, “Damn it!”

There was no other way. Just dodge! He dodged the claws of the cat with three circles on the left, three circles on the right, his neck and b**t twisting. It was a piece of cake for Robb.

The beauty of this moment could not be written with words at all. Even if it was made into an animation, the speed of 24 frames per second could not catch up with Robb’s dodge speed and the speed of the cat and the girl’s claw. In the animation, there would only be a pile of horizontal lines or oblique lines to show that it happened too fast, and nothing would be clear.

Therefore, the five girls in the hot spring pool only saw that Huahua was waving her claws desperately, and a small black shadow jumped between her claws.

“What the hell? Is Huahua catching mice?”

“What kind of mouse is so arrogant? It’s jumping up and down under the claws of the kitten girl. It’s unwilling to die.”

“The mouse is so flexible.” Lillian sighed, “there is such a mouse at home that even a kitten folk can’t catch. What should I do?”

Xuelu smiled and said, “use the mouse trap. No matter how flexible the mouse is, it can’t escape.”

“Well, that makes sense.”

“Or use rat poison.”

“Well, shouldn’t be bad.”

When the girls were talking about this, they heard the kitten girl shout, “it’s not a mouse meow, it’s a person! A very small person. Wow, girls come help me meow.”

“What? A man? Who the hell dares to peep at me bathing in the hot spring pool? Does he think I won’t kill him?” Xuelu said.

She raised her hand and said

With a wave of her bare hand, two wind blades rushed towards Robb.


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