After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Her tone was very firm

As soon as Robb dodged the cat’s claw, two wind blades had appeared in front of him. The cat stepped back to avoid being hit by the wind blades.

Fortunately, Robb was agile enough. With a light flash, he passed through the middle of the two wind blades!

Before he could let out a sigh of relief, the two girls had finished chanting at the same time, “Divine Punishment!”

Two rays of golden light smashed into him.

Robb rolled on the ground, but before he could dodge, the paws of the kitten behind him came again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh.

At this moment, Robb suddenly heard Little shout, “Holy Nova! Let me see how you’ll dodge this!”

A ball of golden light spread out with Little Yi as the center. In an instant, it covered everything within a radius of 10 yards. The girls were completely unharmed. They were even nursed, and their wounds were all healed.

However, Robb was the one being attacked.



The golden light swept over Robb’s body, but nothing happened

Robb was speechless

[Oh my God! They’ve seen through my trick!] he thought.

Sure enough, the expressions on the girls’ faces all became strange.

There was only one person in the world who won’t be affected by such magic.

She quickly withdrew her hand, which had just stretched out to release another holy nova, and only exposed her head outside the water. She shouted, “oh my God! The mini man is Godfather!”

The two little fair skinned light nuns also cried out and shrank into the water at the same time.

Lillian hesitated for a moment and shrank back shyly.

Only Xuelu didn’t shrink back. Instead, she jumped out of the hot spring pool. This time, her perfect figure suddenly appeared in front of Robb. She had a tall and slender chest, slender legs, and wore a one-piece red swimsuit. She looked really hot and charming.

She walked up to Robb, squatted down, opened her eyes wide and looked at the helpless Robb, “Mr. Robb, what’s with your current look?”

Robb said with a guilty conscience, “it’s required by the fallen noble household and the chaotic Bright Road.”

“Is this the reason why you shrank to peep at us bathing in the hot spring?”

Robb was speechless

Xuelu turned to the other girls and asked, “sisters, what should we do with this crazy guy?”

With a cold face, Little Yi said, “beat him!”

Xuelu replied, “but I can’t defeat him.”

“I still want to beat him.” The two girls each picked up a stone and threw it towards Robb. Miss, Miss! The two stones passed through Robb and rolled into the dust behind him.

“See? It’s useless.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s useful or not. I have to show my attitude.”

After saying that, she reached out to the nun’s clothes placed by the side of the hot spring pool and took out the two firearms. She aimed at Robb’s face and fired two shots.

A bullet passed through Robb, and Miss! It hit the ground, splashing a trace of Starfire.

However, the other bullet fell on Robb’s face and hit him!

It turned out that since these two firearms were rubbed out by Robb, the game rules were applied. Especially the second one, it had a random enchantment added, and the hit rate was increased by +20%. Moreover, this was not to add 20% before the attack settlement, but to add 20% after the attack settlement. In other words, it needed to first settle 1% of Little Yi’s hit rate, and then add 20%.

As a result, the chances of the firearms hitting Robb were as high as 21%. It was simply a rare holy weapon.

The attack hit Robb’s face. On the other hand, Little Yi was startled. Regardless of her swimsuit, she jumped out of the water and rushed to Robb and asked, “how are you? Are you hurt?”

Robb reached out and removed the bullet from his face. He spread out his hands and said, “it’s okay. Hp -1 is just a small thing. As a nun, how much damage can you deal with the firearm?”

Little Yi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Oh, that’s great.”

Robb smiled and said, “you are going to yell and shout at me again, but if you really hit me, you will worry about me again. Well, women are really troublesome.”

“Only God will know when you’ll get hit.”

He was going to talk nonsense again, but it suddenly occurred to her that she was standing in front of Robb in a swimsuit. Weren’t her legs all bare?

She brushed the ground and jumped back into the pool. This time, she was too embarrassed to even show her head, so she held her breath under the water.

“Humph!” Robb had no reason to argue with this crazy woman. He waved at Lillian and smiled, “Lillian, I’ve been away for a few days. Has anything been wrong in Westwind Town?”

“No!” Lillian replied immediately, “only the queen called me two times in the evening. As you ordered, I told her that you were going to inspect the mountain behind the prison, so she hung up. It seems that there is nothing important.”

“Oh, very good.” Robb smiled and said, “from tomorrow on, I will come return to Bright Road every day and stay there for a long time. In the evening, I can also come back to answer the queen. I will only go there when I have classes in the magic school and when I go to bed at night.”

Lillian nodded to show her understanding. Hearing what he said, the girls were secretly happy. They would feel at ease if he was still in the chapel of WestwindTOwn.

Robb told the girls how to deal with others when he was not here. Then he pointed at the chapel of darkness next door and said, “there are all the Queen’s people over there. Don’t let them know what happened to me.” After saying that, he turned around and said to Huahua, “especially you, don’t tell anyone.”

Shaking her head, Huahua said, “I’m a faithful believer of the Church of Darkness. I can’t lie to the Master!”

“Ten fish!” Said Robb.

“No, I’m a faithful believer of the Church of Darkness…”

“Twenty fish!”

“No, I am…”

“Fifty fish!”

“Deal! Meow!”

She was no match for fifty fish.

Robb shook his head and said, “Bribery has already rotten the cat folk from the Church of Darkness. Ah, this evil Westwind Town.”

“Who is to blame?” The girls despised him together and said, “you made Westwind Town like this by yourself.”

“So I’m just thinking about moral lessons.” Robb said to Little Yi who was hiding in the water, “you have to work hard. It’s very important to spread the thoughts of the true, kind and beautiful.”

The water wasn’t soundproof, so Little Yi could hear it clearly under the water. She answered seriously, “Rumble, rumble, rumble!”

Her tone was extremely firm!


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