After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 31

Chapter 31: We are inexplicably going to have a contest

Robb replied, “I feel pretty good about myself.”

Little Yi coldly said, “It’s just your feeling. I have never seen a lazy strong man. You won’t get strong without diligent practice.”

“That your misunderstanding.” Robb shrugged and said, “Before you met me, my guild was unique. It was one in a million. How many players were there in “Dark Blade”? I was the first to take the clothes back then. I had several nicknames: The Grinding Emperor, The Demon of Xiuxian, Virgo’s Feak, and the Pervert who died whilst a patch update. My grinding tendency has long since been deemed a legend, although I’ve left the game, my legend is still being spread. I’m sure you’ve never seen such a hardcore grinder in your life.”

Little Yi didn’t understand a word, “What on earth are you talking about?”

“I meant I’m hardworking, so I’m quite strong.” Robb said.

Little Yi, “You said such strange things, why did it turn dwarf upon translation?”

Robb smiled and said, “Ha! This is called the secret of linguistics!”

Little Yi’s aloof style almost collapsed. This priest was just too weird. She didn’t know why she always thought his smiles were cheap, especially his exclamations. Whenever he exclaims, it makes people feel the urge to yell at him, “Shut up, priest.”

Of course, they can’t yell at him because “Wrath” is also one of the seven deadly sins. It’s pointless to commit a sin just to persuade another to stop committing another sin.

She forcibly suppressed her soul which tried to run away and coldly said, “But I feel that you’re weak.”

“That’s just an illusion. I’m strong!”

“But I really feel that you’re weak.”

“I’m amazing. Don’t just talk about me. What about you?” Robb said.

Little Yi deliberately used Robb’s tone and said, “I am pretty good too!”

At this point, the atmosphere became subtle and oddly played a glaring tone.

“Then should we have a match?” It’s unknown who said this sentence first or if both said it at the same time, but it inexplicably turned into a situation where it was impossible to maintain a normal conversation regardless of victory.

Robb said, “If we’re having a contest, then we’ll have one. Say the rules. What are we competing in?”

Little Yi coldly said, “Let’s compare our Restoration magic. We’ll compare which is more powerful, larger in range, and chant speed. If you lose to me, please spend your time practicing instead of lazing around.”

Robb said, “That’s a constructive proposal, but why do you want to compete in restoration magic? Isn’t it better to just compete in holy magic in commander? Is it because you’re unconfident?”

Little Yi’s face remained expressionless and chanted silently, “Balder, God of Light, your faithful follow offers all my piety and faith to you. Please grant me holy power… Divine Punishment!”

A golden light flew from her fingertips and hit the ground next to her with bang. When the light dissipated, a big hole was left on the ground.

She said coldly, “See, think I can use offensive magic?”

“Wow!” Robb uttered an authentic priestly exclamation, “Awesome, what a powerful ‘Divine Punishment’.” But secretly, he thought, “The chanting of holy magic seems to be different from Xuelu’s fire magic. I treated the townsmen’s leg last time and used that nonsense, but it seems that I was wrong. Urgh, forget it! I’ll just watch my words in the future.”

He smiled and asked Little Yi, “If you can use offensive magic, why do you want to compete with restoration magic?

Little Yi said, “The God of Light is loving. He loves everything. Because of this, most magic he creates is used to cure patients and save lives. The limited offensive magic we have is a weapon we use when darkness strikes. It is not what the God wants us to master! So, to find out who is more pious to the God of Light and who is more proficient in divine magic is better tested with restoration magic.”

*clapping* Robb applauded, “Admirable. I already knew how worthy of a nun you are, but… to compete in restoration magic? Do we go and find a group of townspeople, give them some serious injuries, and then cure them afterward?”

Little Yi almost jumped and almost committed “Anger” again, “Are you kidding me? Why is your idea for competition so cruel.”

“Then what better way do you have?” Robb asked.

Little Yi said, “You see, the sun is about to go down. Soon, it’ll be the time when monsters are most active. We can go into the mountain and find a group of goblins or ogres. We’ll beat them with kindness, and come to cure them.”

Robb: (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This is definitely a fake nun, saying that offensive magic is not in line with the purpose of the God of Light, but insane enough to the extent that people have to flip their tables in anger.

However, this is ridiculous. Whatever, a competition is a competion. Robb is a lazy person, but he’s unyielding. Only this kind of person can become the grinding emperor.

After dinner, the sun set. It wasn’t completely dark, so it’s the best time to go into the mountains to find monsters to beat.

Little Yi went o the red horse she rode and took her weapon. Robb saw that her weapon’s a staff, not some magnificent staff used by wizards with precious gems at the the top, but a staff made of pure wood with no gems embedded, an unadorned staff.

Robb smiled and said, “Wow! It’s a simple weapon. It goes well with a poor nun.”

Little Yi didn’t bother to talk to him, and threw a white eye at him. After several seconds, she asked, “Where’s your weapon?”

Robb said solemnly, “To show that I’m a real priest, I have no weapon. However, you do, so we can see that I am the man who truly loves everything and believes in the God of Light! I won before we even started using restoration magic.”

Little Yi, “…”

Since she hadn’t learned that Robb had slain a double-legged dragon from the mayor and the townspeople, she thought that Robb was just a normal priest who hadn’t learned much about holy magic. She thought, “It seems that he can only run his mouth, but his actual combat effectiveness are weak. It’ll be up to me to seriously injure monsters, and all he’ll have to do is use his restoration magic.

She carried her staff on her shoulder and pointed at the mountains that have been dyed red by the setting sun, “Let’s go! Let’s find if there’s a goblin or an magician which are both good targets for our competition.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? Goblins and ogres are not creatures you can play around with. Moreover, it’s dangerous to enter the mountains after sunset. If you are surrounded by ogres, I won’t save you.”

Little Yi said, “I’ll save you though.”


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