After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 32

Chapter 32: It’s you three again

At this point, there really isn’t anything to say. Robb found that Little Yi’s a strong nun. She has her own style, if this kind of woman was in the game, she’ll be called the Grinding Empress! He’s the Grinding Emperor, which seems to be a good match.

“What are you doing in a daze? Let’s go hurry into the mountain before the sun goes down.” Little Yi walked to the hillside behind the chapel.

Robb whistled and followed behind.

To be honest, Robb isn’t looking forward to what’ll happen next, that is, beating a bunch of goblins and then using magic faster that her. Robb doesn’t need to chant to cast a spell, so he’s unlikely to lose, but that isn’t fun. Were it not for Little Yi’s conviction, he wouldn’t have bothered to do this.

He put his hands in his pockets and walked a few steps before two heads suddenly appeared in the distance, two soldiers with the baron. They were dressed in leather armour, bows on their backs, and swords and quivers hanging around their waists. They seemed to be responsible for scouting around their camp.

They saluted Robb and Little Yi and asked respectfully, “Father and sister, are you two going up the mountain? It’s dangerous in the mountains, please be careful!”

“It’s alright,” Robb said with a smile, “We’ll just knock some goblins down before coming back.”

The expressions on the faces of the two soldiers were so wonderful that they seemed to want to ask, “Are you sick? Why would you knock some goblins down at this time of day? It’s your skulls that’ll get knocked up, right?”

But they were only minor soldiers and dared not complain about the priest and nun of the Church of Light.

At this very moment!

A strange blue flashed up on the hillside next to the cemetery, and then a magic array spread out on the hillside with a radius of about 5 yards. That is, it was 10 yards in diameter. A huge circle was drawn instantly, and the next moment, it was filled with all kinds of strange magic symbols.

Robb pointed curiously, “What the hell?”

Just as he uttered these three words, Little Yi next to him also cried out, “It’s teleporting array, something is coming!”

“Alert!” The two soldiers shouted at the same time, “Beware of enemy attacks!”

When several people said these words simultaneously, the 10-diameter magic array had been fully deployed and began to activate. Brushing the dirt off, several figures appeared in the middle of the array, and then a huge figure appeared.

The light of the magic array then disappeared, then finally, three people and a huge double-headed magician.

Those three people were people that Robb already knew, Gorda, Jike, and Xuelu.

The trio looked terrible. Gorda’s heavy armor was full of holes and seemed to have suffered many heavy blows. His body under the armor was probably scarred, his face and head were covered with blood. And this shield that used to be on his left hand was gone. He had his sword in his right hand, but judging from the way he held it, he had no strength left.

Jike looks terrible too. There are black marks on his leather armor. It seems like he’s been scorched by fireballs. Even his hair and beard were yellow and curled up. He had suffered internal injuries that aren’t visible to the naked eye as well.

As for Xuelu, the fire magician, her left hand, left shoulder, and wand held in her left hand were all frozen in ice, while her right hand was spread flat on her chest, holding a used magic scroll in the palm of her hand. The runes on the scroll dissipated, leaving only a faint, blue, scattered magic light still pervading over the scroll.

It’s obvious that Xuelu used the life-saving scrolle Robb had given her and was teleported here.

Morover, when they teleported, they failed to shake off the enemy and brought it back with them. Standing in front of them was a tall and fierce double-headed magician, at least three meters in height, with arms as thick as buckets, and a giant stick in its hand. It has two heads: one blue and the other, red.

Robb was quite familiar with this type of double-headed magician. This was also in the game. It was not only physically powerful, but can also use magic. The blue head on its left can spit ice arrows, while the red head to its right spits out fireballs. It’s a powerful monster with ice and fire magic with high physical attack and defense.

The boss, double-headed magician, is one level higher than Elite. (TL: Ranks are still vague, the author has been using the same term since)

The magician was confused. It still hasn’t understood its situation because it was suddenly teleported.

Robb took the opportunity to say hello to the three adventurers, “Why are you guys in a weird situation every time I run into you? Last time, it was against an Elite double-legged dragon. Now you guys are fighting a double-headed dragon. It’s getting worse. The next time I run into you, will you guys be fighting against an elite black dragon?”

The three adventurers head Robb’s voice and breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, there wasn’t any time to pay attention to Robb’s words.

With the last of her strength, Xuelu shouted, “Mr. Robb, help!”

She just said these three words of help before the orgre moved. It’s acclimated to the sudden transmission, and decided to kill the people around first. Xuelu’s stick fell, because her left arm was frozen. She couldn’t move nor could she dodge.

Gorda leaped from the side with the last of his strength. And with a loud bang, he and his sword flew in both directions, flying in two long parabolas mid-air, and fell miserably.

Robb sighed, “I can’t even be lazy.. Forget it, I’ll do…”

Just then, the sound of bow being tugged suddenly sounded nearby, and two powerful arrows shot into the air and into the chest of the magician. It turns out that the two soldiers nearby assisted. As soon as they sent the alarm, they immediately helped and shot two arrows at the magician, just enough to stop it from attacking Xuelu again.

The attention of the magician was briefly placed on the soldiers. It looked around and wondered where they came from.

At this time, Little Yi’s voice sounded, “Balder, God of Light, your faithful follow offers all my piety and faith to you. Please grant me holy power… radius, 10 yards, Holy Nova!”

The tip of the nun’s wooden staff burst into a golden halo and spread in all directions, instantly shrouding the three adventurers and the magician.


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