After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Witty

Number 32 was so miserable that he fell to the ground, frustrated.

Other important officials were also discussing in succession, exploring some details of this magical item.

Someone sighed, “In fact, the principle of this thing is very simple. We didn’t expect it to be possible to connect it together to form a continuous emission effect.”

“Yes, it’s just a difference in imagination.”

“A little imagination can turn a piece of garbage into a weapon.”

“I’ve learned a lot. I have to think about other ways to play when I go back.”

Robb smiled at the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, you can see that the principle of this thing is very simple. In fact, it’s just a combination of the simplest magic item. So… if you really want to use it against Mondra, you’d better give a command, and don’t let all the senior officials present speak out. Otherwise, the next time your army takes this thing to the battlefield, you will find Mondra also brings out a lot of it.”

His words awakened the dreamer. Her Majesty was startled. She quickly issued a command. All the ministers present were beaten. Anyone who leaked it would be punished by wringing. This threat was repeated one by one. Then she was relieved.

Of course, the Queen should also take this “sample” made by Robb away immediately and hide it. It must not be seen by enemy spies.

After all this, it was already dark.

Her Majesty called Robb to her, With a straight face, she said, “Robb Smith, although you grew up in the countryside, you are worthy of inheriting the blood of the Smith family. You are very talented. I sincerely hope that you will make more and more remarkable achievements in the field of magic items production in the future, but… I also want to warn and advise you that being a man is not just a matter of talent, but also a matter of rest and self-cultivation. There can be no lack of personal morality, otherwise, it is just a talented scum man. “

“Her Majesty is right! Robb, pay attention.” Madeleine unexpectedly jumped out from behind the queen and said, “Personal virtue is even more important than talent.”

Robb had to keep silent. If he was talking to the Queen in his original identity, it must be that he would say some strange things to make Miss Queen speechless. But now it is inconvenient for him to stand up to Miss Queen, so he let her talk.

Her Majesty left with the important officials, and Madeleine continued to go to the city for inspection. The princes still has not been caught. Now the city is still nervous, and the nobles dare not go out, so she is busy and has no time to walk around Robb every day.

Finally, only number 32, Robb and Marian walked on the school venue.

Number 32 will go back to the teachers’ dormitory, while Robb and Marian will go back to the students’ dormitory. There is a short path that they’ll go through together.

Robb squinted to see number 32 with his head drooping, and felt it was funny. It’s a skeleton. Why can this guy express his emotions so clearly? Normally, without facial muscles, it is difficult to express emotions. Is this guy a born actor?

Rob smiled and said, “Master, you don’t have to be so depressed. You only lost 150 gold coins.”

Number 32 stretched out his hands to the sky, and his ten white bone fingers opened, “Only one hundred and fifty? You don’t know how poor I am. When I was revived, I knew that the little property that I had saved hard before my life was gone. Oh my God! It was stolen by those assholes and slaves at home.”

Robb smiled and said, “Anyway, you are a skeleton now. You don’t need to eat or wear nice clothes. You don’t need money.”

Number 32: “……”

It seems to be reasonable. No, it’s reasonable!

Number 32 said, “Although I’m a skeleton, I also need an advanced robe, advanced staff, various tools, and magic items… Why don’t I have money?”

Robb thought for a while, and he was right. Who said that skeletons don’t need money?

“Well, you don’t have to be depressed.” Robb smiled, “As your course continues, I will learn more and more techniques for making magic items, and there will certainly be more and more new inventions. When you invest in one, you will make a profit.”

“Huh?” Number 32 was overjoyed, “Yes, yes, that’s right. From tomorrow onwards, I will teach you all the magic item making techniques I know, and you will desperately wonder if there is any way to improve these techniques. Then we will work together to make new inventions. I don’t want all the bonuses, as long as you can give me a little, just a little, it’s fine.”

Speaking of this, number 32 began to fantasize about his appearance when he got rich. He could not help murmuring, “At that time, I will pile up gold coins like a hill at home. In the middle of the gold coins, I will put a luxurious chair, wear black armor, and sit on the pile of gold coins with a black helmet, tuttut… that majesty, that momentum!”

Robb helped him add, “It’s like a small BOSS on the first floor of a maze.”

Number 32: “……”

At this time, it was time for them to part ways, and number 32 went to the teachers’ dormitory. Only Robb and Marian were left.

Marian had been very low-key just now, and now she said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that you could invent such a powerful thing. Although I participated in the whole process of production, I didn’t see the effect of its launch with my own eyes, nor did I understand how powerful it is.”

Robb smiled, “It’s average! In fact, there are various ways to improve it. Let me take an example. You can make a small cylinder with three compartments, and use a small circle to block the middle of each compartment. If you meet the enemy, you can shoot a fireball in one compartment each time. In this way, you can release fireballs at least three times, and you can also prepare a fireball in advance, so you can shoot four fireballs.”

Marian thought for a moment, “Does that mean that it can solve the slow chanting speed of magicians and being easily cut down by soldiers at close range after setting off a fireball?”

Robb smiled and said, “Haha, that’s right! The soldier who rushes in will find that you still had several fireballs to give him straight to his face. That would be a big surprise.”

“Ah, that’s a great idea.” Marian said, “If I put this cylinder on the tip of my staff, I can always hold it in my hand and carry it everywhere. I can beat other magicians way easier.”

Robb smiled at her and said, “I’m very clever.”


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