After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Walking in front of others

Modern novels also take some ideas and combine them with magic to make a new magic item.

Robb is not interested in such magic props for beating people. He will take them away if he likes to learn. Anyway, I don’t want them.

What he is more interested in now is something that can be used to improve his life and help him find the feeling of modern life again.

For example, he has no game console to play, no computer to use, no Internet access, no happiness when going out, no fast-food… How boring is his life here?

It would be great if we could use magic tools to solve a lot of problems.

Marian saluted Robb and said, “Thank you for telling me such a useful idea. If you give it to the Queen, you will be rewarded.”

Robb smiled, “That’s not true. I’m sure that Her Majesty the Queen and her important officials, even number 32, will immediately think about all kinds of permutations and combinations after they go back. Let alone the bee nest type, they will also make all kinds of shapes. As I said just now, they will soon figure out how to play with it. People’s imagination is infinite, but they need one person to guide them Just a moment. “

Marian thought it over, and thought it was true.

Robb smiled, “But the Queen will not feel strange about the various usages they have come up with, and certainly will not give high bonuses. Everything must be at the forefront to get the maximum benefit.”

Marian considered the question very seriously and seemed understand something, “No wonder! My father has been studying some things in Westwind Town recently. He said that they are better than others. They are the first to get them, so they can sell stuff so expensively. Only looking at the raw materials, they are all very simple things that can be seen everywhere. It is because Westwind Town is ahead of us that he can earn so much money. My father follows behind, so he can only pick up others’ leftovers. “

Robb laughed, “It’s Development and Research!”

Marian’s face was embarrassed. “But we don’t play with ordinary things like your brain does.”

Robb thought that Marian, the Corton family, seemed to be a rich merchant who worked hard here in Bright Road. He even had the strength to go into the mountain to catch spiders to raise his own silk stockings. It seems that this family is also a good partner.

The silk stockings produced by Robb’s silk stockings factory flow into Bright Road through two channels. One is the traveling merchant, who is engaged in small businesses. His purchase volume is very small, and has fallen behind Robb’s output speed. Another channel is the caravan set up by the Silk Stockings Factory itself, but its foundation is in Westwind Town, not Bright Road.

After they have transported the goods to Bright Road, it is often the clothes merchants who go here to dump their hands and return to transport their second batch of goods.

To be honest, such channels are obviously insufficient, especially for Robb.

Some of Robb’s new ideas and designs cannot be promoted in Bright Road only by this way.

Take the use of silk stockings as an example. In Westwind Town, women wear silk stockings. This is because Robb’s thought has influenced Westwind Town. But in Bright Road, only men wear silk stockings. That is because Robb has no way to influence Bright Road.

The traveling merchant and the caravan of the silk stockings factory have no ability to teach in Bright Road!

But what if the Cortons help? Then the situation is different.

This family has enough strength and influence to promote its own business model on Bright Road. Just in time, I’m betting with Miss Queen. Let’s use the power of the Corton family to win this game.

Robb smiled and said, “Marian, do you know I’m from Westwind Town?”

“Of course, you came from Westwind Town with Kante and George,” said Marian.

Robb smiled, “I can tell you secretly that there are not only black silk stockings and white silk stockings in Westwind Town, but also a special kind of silk stockings that have not been circulated in the market for the time being. They are absolutely going to be a hit. Godfather in Westwind Town has always held this kind of silk stockings in his hands and has not yet let it come out. If your family sends someone to Westwind Town to reach an exclusive agreement with him, you will be in front of others. Your family will make a lot of money by then.”

He just said to Marian that he should innovate and make a lot of money by walking ahead of others. This concept has also been recognized by Marian. Now he says that there are new varieties of silk stockings, which of course immediately attracted Marian’s attention.

She whispered, “Really? How do you know that mysterious Godfather in Westwind Town has not released it yet?”

Robb smiled and said, “Because I have the same name as him, he looked at me kindly and told me secretly. He asked me to come to Bright Road. Is there any merchant willing to take over? If there is, I will introduce him to Westwind Town.”

Marian said happily, “Of course my family is very interested. Can you tell me a little bit about what it is?”

Robb whispered, “It is a kind of silk stockings that can make women more beautiful. Once your family introduces a large number of such things, it is guaranteed to lead a new trend.”

As soon as Marian heard the words “make women more beautiful”, she was already excited. Combined with the chicken soup like “walk first and make the most money”, she immediately made up her mind, “I see! I’ll go back to talk with my father. Thank you for telling me the news.”

“You’re welcome.” Robb smiled. “You helped me first, so I should help you. Everybody helps each other.”

The second day!

After a day of magic items production class, it was still afternoon, and it was still too early to leave.

Robb washed away his disguise, sneaked through the portal, returned to the chapel in Westwind Town, and collapsed on his favorite stone stool.

As soon as he came back, Lillian was happy and turned around with a smile on her face.

Robb was also happy when he saw her. He smiled, “Lillian, do you know how to embroider? I want you to embroider something on my stockings.”

“Ah? This… no!” Lillian shook her head, “This is a very powerful technique. I don’t know how to do it. Usually only expert tailors and noble women can.”


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