After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 328

Chapter 328: I’ll try the multiple conditions

Robb understood when he heard this guy. This is a damned conservative.

No matter in any world, any era, or any social environment, there are always some conservatives. They always rely on their old experience to reject new things, believing that new things are useless and are all rubbish.

Then they become the tears of the times!

This kind of people not only existed in ancient times, but also in modern times, and will still exist in the future.

For example, many people are saying that online novels are rubbish, and the writing style is all trash, and the words of classic novels are more beautiful. They do not know that since ancient times, characters have been developing towards colloquialism and never stopped.

Pushing forward for several decades and hundreds of years, the classics they talked about were all small white books that were despised by scholars at that time.

When Robb heard the obstinate tone of number 32, he knew that he was hopeless. It was better not to talk nonsense with him. He could go back to Westwind Town and slowly make his own multiple conditions thing. There was no need to waste words with number 32.

Robb stopped talking!

Number 32 said, “Well, this lesson is too simple. It didn’t take much time to finish it. There is still more than an hour before today’s class ends. You can do whatever.”

He sat on a chair and began to read a dark magic book.

The students in the church began to play their own games, but Robb was not as fond of playing as they were. He wanted to review the “trigger runes” he had just learned, and also wanted to try the most basic multiple conditions.

However, he is a poor man in this world. He don’t have the materials, nor can he draw magic arrays. If he wants to practice, he has no materials to practice, which is very embarrassing.

He turned to his deskmate next to me, Marian Corton, and said with a smile, “Miss Marian, I want to study the multiple conditions just mentioned, but you also know that I am extremely poor. Can you help me with some materials or draw a magic circle for me?”

“Oh?” Marian smiled, “Your last invention made me earn 150 gold coins. Of course, earning gold coins is just a small matter. The key is that my Corton family has been praised by Her Majesty, so I’m willing to help you. I don’t have so many materials, but it’s no problem to draw a magic array for you.”

Marian is a fire magician, so what she helped Robb draw was also a fire magic array, the simplest and most basic, “explosion trap”. This magic array was actually an “explosion” sealed in the magic array. When someone stepped on it, it will be triggered, and then blow the enemy to the sky with a “bang”.

At this time, they were still in class, so the magic circle was directly drawn on the gap between the two rows of desks. The students on both sides bent down to look at it. Of course, everyone recognized it as a basic “explosion”.

Marian smiled, “I have drawn it. What are you going to do with it? Step on it? Oh, it’s better not! It will blow up the classroom.”

Number 32 also flipped through his dark magic book and said, “Remember to erase the magic circle later. Don’t really blow up the classroom.”

Robb smiled, “I just want to change the trigger rune.”

He squatted next to the magic array and carefully looked at the trigger runes on it. Previously, he could not understand the magic array, but after today’s lesson, he already understood a lot. Soon, he found the trigger runes in the array, which were long symbols, similar to a “programming language”. Each symbol represented a meaning.

It meant “when, people, step on me, then, start”!

“Yes!” Marian nodded, “This is the key to trigger.”

Robb picked up a pen, dipped a bit of “magic essence ink, wrote some stuff and said with a smile, “Now, it becomes ‘when, more than one, step on me, then, start’?”

Marian thought carefully, “Eh? That means that at least two people need to stand on it to trigger it.”

Robb smiled, “In this way, one enemy can’t trigger it, but two enemies can trigger it. If I draw many ‘people’ symbols here, then it needs a large group of people standing up to trigger it. Then we can prevent the enemy scouts from triggering it, and it can be used to explode the main force of the enemy.”

Marian cried “ah You are right! The enemy scouts always destroy our magic arrays, but you only need to draw ‘more than one’, and the scouts will not be able to activate the hidden magic array. Only the main force of the enemy can, and then the main force of the enemy will be blown up!”

She seemed to understand the meaning of Robb’s “multiple conditions”, but she knew it was still very elementary, and she could hardly catch the point.

Robb smiled and said, “Let me draw more conditions…”

He picked up his pen and scribbled in the magic array. Suddenly, accidentally, a drop of extra ink on the tip of the pen dropped, connecting the two symbols together unexpectedly.

Marian was shocked. “No! Run away! After saying that, her feet beat on the ground, and she immediately ran back far away.

“Huh?” Robb was stunned, “What’s wrong?”

Before he could finish saying “What’s wrong?”, he felt the magic circle in front of him go “bang”.


A heat wave rushed to both sides, and the students on both sides simultaneously turned back and flew out. These people were not ordinary people. While flying, various lifesaving magic spells were used at the same time, and ice armor, wind shield, fire wall, earth wall… it was colorful.

At the same time, the desks around them were also blown up, the glass windows were all broken, the broken glass and the wood chips of the desks and chairs were flying in all directions, and all kinds of messy things were rotating in the sky.


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