After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Give me a good life

In fact, Marian’s fire magic is not strong. She is just a merchant’s eldest daughter, a flower in a greenhouse. She is also biased towards business and politics by nature, and is not willing to participate in fights. Otherwise, she would not come to study “Magic item production”.

Her fire magic is very weak, far inferior to that of Xuelu, so the power of this fire explosion is not great. No students were injured in this explosion, and the students who were hit even showed an expression of ease.

Although they were not injured, the whole classroom was completely bombed.

The windows were all broken and the tables and chairs were a mess.

The other students also sounded outside!

Someone on the playground outside the classroom was shouting, “Explosion! The classroom of magic items production exploded.”

“Go and call the teacher.”

“Call the dean!”

“Is there a priest? No matter whether someone is injured or not, call the priest first.”

There was chaos outside.

On this side of the classroom, Number 32 also jumped up.

There was a pile of smoke and dust in the center of the explosion, and no one could see what was going on inside.

“Robb was blown up at close range.”

“Is he dead?”

“I can’t see. Blow the smoke away.”

“He blew himself up. You can’t blame others for that.”

At this time, Robb was frozen in the middle of the smoke.

This is not good. After playing such a close explosion, if the smoke and dust disperse and they see me unscathed, they will definitely suspect me? I haven’t mastered producing magic items yet. I need to stay as a student.

He looked down and saw that his clothes were in a mess and burned in several places. Fortunately, it looked very sad. He took a bit of burnt ash and smeared it on his face and on the skin exposed from the holes in his clothes. His dyed black hair was also in a mess, with an “exploded” hairstyle.

Then he quickly laid down on the ground!

Just lying down for less than a minute, a gust of wind blew by. It turned out that a wind magician classmate of his had used a magic spell and blew away the smoke. Then the large group of people walked around and stared at Robb.

Seeing him lying on the ground with his clothes burned and his face blackened, the group of people at the same time said, “Wow! Dead!”


“What a tragic death.”

Robb cursed in his heart. F**k, they curse me to death as soon as they opened their mouths? He quickly opened his eyes “with difficulty”, extended a trembling hand. It looked like he was struggling. “I… I think… I can still be rescued…” he said “weakly”

“He’s not dead yet!” Number 32 shouted, “Huryy, pick him up and go find the priest.”

Two boys ran over, one lifting his foot and the other lifting Robb’s armpit, and carried him out of the classroom, running towards the outside, followed by a large group of girls watching the excitement.

At this time, the playground outside was also in a mess. The explosion had already alerted other teachers and students in other classes. All of them came out to watch and probe from a distance.

“It’s Robb Smith!”

“Is the last member of the Smith family done for?”

“I heard that there was a magic explosion. It may have been a mistake in an experiment.”

“Tut! The most dangerous courses these years are magic, magic items, and alchemy, which can blow up at any time.”

“That’s why I don’t learn fire magic, I play with water.”

“You’ll drown yourself, too.”

The group of people were talking. At this time, a person suddenly separated from the crowd and jumped out. It was Madeleine, the Duke.

This woman, who was too busy, was “patrolling” at the gate of the magic school again today. Suddenly, she heard that there was an explosion inside and there was a lot of noise. She hurried in to see the excitement. Unexpectedly, when she saw Robb being carried out, he looked like he was dying.

Madeleine was frightened. Tears flowed out of her eyes. She pushed the people beside her suddenly, separated them, rushed over, grabbed number 32, shook him violently, and cried out, “How is he?”

Number 32’s bones were shaking with a clattering sound. His head fell off his neck and rolled noisily on the ground. He quickly picked up his head and put it back on his neck, “Don’t worry, Duke. He is still alive. He can still be saved.”

“Oh? Really?” Madeleine was very happy. In this world of sword and magic, as long as he was not dead, the problem was not too big. If all kinds of healing spells were used together, he could survive as long as he had a single breath.

However, death is very troublesome. Only those who are “infinitely close to God” can revive the dead. There are only few who are “infinitely close to God” on this continent.

Madeleine herself knows how to cure. Her class, “Dark Sword Sage”, needs her to be proficient in all swordsman classes and master the magic of the “Dark Priest”.

She immediately recited the chant, “The God of Darkness, Hodr, your faithful believer grants you all her piety and faith, please grant me the power of darkness… Dark Heal!”

A black light surrounded Robb

Robb felt that his play was almost done, and there was no problem anymore. He quickly pretended that he had been treated, opened his eyes and exclaimed, “Oh? I’m alive!”

When Madeleine heard him speak, she couldn’t help being overjoyed, “Great! I’ll heal you again!”

She quickly chanted the next healing spell.

The woman’s dark priest magic is obviously not very good, just at a very beginner level, so the healing effect is also very poor. She can only deal with minor injuries at ordinary times, and she knows this, so she chanted “Dark Heal” several times, and Robb finally “was saved”.

Robb sat up and pretended to be frightened. “Ouch, ouch, I thought I was dead. Fortunately, I was saved.”

Madeleine shouted, “All right? Is there any pain? I will continue to heal you.”

“No need.” Robb said, “I’m all cured.”

“Whew! That’s good.” Madeleine breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “I was scared to death.”

After she was relieved, she immediately became angry, and her eyebrows stood up. Her tone became extremely urgent, “What on earth are you doing in the classroom? Why are you blowing yourself up like this? Can’t you protect yourself carefully? You are the last member of the Smith family. If anything happens to you, your family will be completely over. Don’t you have any sense of crisis and consciousness of revitalizing your family? Live well!”


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