After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 330

Chapter 330: An insane invention

Robb was a little touched when he saw that she cared about him so much. At another time and place, such a good girl must be in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately, they were in different positions in life.

He said solemnly, “I haven’t done anything. I’m just studying complex usage of ‘trigger runes’. A little accident happened in the process of the research, which caused the magic array to explode. Well, it’s not my fault, it’s the world’s fault! It’s the time’s fault!”

Madeleine, “What? What complex usage? I don’t understand. Can you explain it specifically?”

A girl’s stretched out beside him and said solemnly, “According to Robb, it is a trigger rune with multiple conditions, meaning that when an old, ugly and fat woman walks into the magic circle, she explodes; while when a young, beautiful and slim beauty walks into the magic circle, she licks her.”

Madeleine: “……”

The crowd nearby: “……”

Madeleine brushed the ground and jumped up. She said angrily, “What the hell? I was so worried about you, yet you are actually studying such a useless thing. Why don’t you just explode and spiral into heaven? I’m so disappointed with you…”

She turned around and walked away. She pushed the crowd away and walked away angrily. She was too lazy to pay attention to Robb anymore.

Marian looked at Robb and Madeleine’s back, then said to the girl who had just come out, “Hey, it’s not good to provoke the relationship between the Duke and Robb.”

The girl said, “I didn’t lie. That’s what Robb said.”

Marian said, “Even if Robb said it himself, you don’t need to tell it to the Duke Madeleine.”

The girl smiled and said, “Go to hell with the king! You deserve it!”

Marian: “……”

There is no way out. Who told Robb to have a very bad impression from the girls. Marian said to her servant, “Go and prepare a new suit for Mr. Robb.”

Her servant hurried away.

At this time, the dean, teachers and other people came, and looked at the damage on the classroom.

The classroom must have been bombed badly, but the teachers of the magic school are accustomed to this scene. Every year, the magic school explodes seventeen or eighteen times, not to mention the students, sometimes even the teachers make such accidents.

A teacher whispered, “Is this the explosion really caused by Robb? Let him pay the compensation.”

But the dean said, “Oh, what’s the matter if some tables and chairs blow up? There’s no need to ask him to compensate. The school will allocate funds for it. While number 32, please arrange someone to clean the classroom and put new tables and chairs in it.”

The teachers thought to themselves, [Well, Robb is covered by the dean. Who told him to be friends with Robb’s grandfather? Let’s pretend we didn’t see anything. We use the royal funds anyway.]

Number 32 felt wronged and had to make the arrangements.

On this side, Marian leaned close to Robb and whispered, “Robb, the Duke Madeleine is very angry this time.”

Robb said nothing, “Well!”

Marian said, “She is really worried about you, so it’s not worth to make her angry. You see, she has been busy chasing down the assassins recently. She has been searching all over the city every day, and she is tired to death. But she often has to come to the magic school to take care of you, and was scared to death by your serious injuries this time. It would be strange if she is not angry, and you should also understand her hard work. ”

Of course, Robb also knew that Madeleine was a great person. He thought carefully and said, “Well, I should repay her appropriately. Let me see if there is any way to help her reduce her workload.”

After thinking for a few seconds, Robb smiled, “Just right, there is a way to help her reduce her workload, and also can use the knowledge I just learned. Let’s use the ‘multiple condition trigger rune’ I just learned to make an interesting magic tool to help her.”

“Huh?” Marian took two steps back without hesitation. “Won’t it explode again?”

“Don’t worry, this time it won’t explode.” Robb smiled and said, “I promise that this is a very useful magic item again. Are you interested in investing again?”

“You sure it won’t explode?” Marianne asked.


“All right then.” Marian smiled and said, “In this respect, I sure am willing to invest. If I can help you and the Duke, my family will also benefit a lot.”

“Then let’s go and buy materials!”

The next day, in the evening, at the school gate.

Madeleine went away angry yesterday, but today she came to the gate of the magic school to “patrol”. As long as that damned assassin was still in Bright Road for a day, she worried that the assassin would be detrimental to Robb. After all, Robb had prevented her from assassinating her.

Madeleine decided that the assassin must hate Robb and would find a chance to kill him, so she must be vigilant at all times and cannot be too far from the schoo.

While waiting, Robb walked out of the school, waved to Madeleine, and smiled, “Miss Madeleine, come here, I’ll show you something. My latest design, it’s a multiple condition trigger magic item.”

“I’m not looking!” Madeleine said, “When an old, ugly and fat woman walks in, she explodes. When a young, beautiful and slim beauty walks in, it licks her. Such a crazy magic item can’t be called a treasure at all. I don’t want to look at it.”

“It’s not such a bad thing.” Robb said, “It’s a very useful good thing. Come and have a look.”

“No!” Madeleine said no, but her feet were already moving. She followed Robb into the school, followed by the group of Black Earth Knights, and soon came to the empty space behind the school.

Marian had been waiting here. When she saw Madeleine, she immediately said, “Hello, Duke.”

Madeleine said, “Oh? Are you helping him out again?”

Marian smiled and said, “Yes! Robb has designed a great magic item to help reduce your workload. The Corton family heard that it was designed for the Duke, so of course, we should help.”

It was boot licking, but Madeleine is also used to it. As the Duke, there are always people around her who are friendly her. But as long as the other person is not malicious, it’s okay.

She asked with slight suspicion, “Can’t it be the meaningless thing that was said before?”


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