After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Wait, I’m confused

Marian said, “Of course not. In fact, you were misled by that girl during the day. Robb was not studying anything meaningless. He was trying to draw an explosion trap that won’t be triggered by enemy scouts, but by their army. Unfortunately, the explosion was triggered by a mistake in the experiment.”

“Oh?” After listening to this, Madeleine felt much better. In addition, she was also interested in the usage in battles, “Is there such a good thing?”

“We have made it successfully.” Robb smiled and took over the conversation. He pointed to the open space in front of them and said with a smile, “I have buried a ‘Spider Web Mine’ in this open space. It is my latest magic tool. In fact, it is a magic container box. I put a ‘Spider Web Spell’ in it. If a large number of enemy troops pass by, it will explode and trap all the enemies. However, when only one or two scouts pass by, it will not take effect.”

“Really?” Madeleine was overjoyed. “That’s great?”

A Black Earth Knight behind Madeleine said, “Commander, how can you listen to this? The magic array is dead, not alive, how can it figure out whether it is a scout or the main force?”

“Yes!” Another knight also said, “I think he is bragging.”

They are very straightforward. They don’t pay attention to moderation and modesty. They will say what they think, and they don’t give any advice in front of others. So the two knights spoke directly in front of Robb, without even lowering their voices.

Robb was not angry when he heard this clearly. He smiled, “It’s normal to have doubts. Any invention needs to be tested by practice. Why don’t you ask these two brothers to help you do an experiment? First, you walk through the open space like scouts, and then you take a large group of people to walk through the open space?”

The two knights laughed, “Sure!”

They took a big step, walked across the open space, and then walked back. There was nothing different.

Robb smiled and said, “Look, It wasn’t triggered.”

A Black Earth Knight smiled, “It’s because there is no magic item buried in the ground.”

“Really?” Robb smiled and said, “You can lead a gorup to try again.”

“Sure.” The two were really upright. They turned to the soldiers behind them and said, “Brothers, let’s go.”

The large group of soldiers in black armor walked across the open space in a neat line. The number of these soldiers was about 100. Because the city hasn’t been peaceful recently, and Madeleine knew that she could not defeat Russ, she always took many subordinates with her.

In a blink of the an eye, the team of the 100 people passed through more than half of the ground, and no traps were triggered.

The two knights at the front could not help laughing, “Look, we just said that there is no trap here.”

However, he didn’t finish. Suddenly, a small iron box popped up silently under the ground. The cover of the iron box popped open and a huge spider web popped out of it.

The web was sprayed from bottom to top. At once, it first entangled the soldiers’ feet and rolled up. In a flash, nearly a hundred soldiers fell into the net at the same time. The soldiers at the very edge responded quickly and jumped out quickly.

However, the scope of the net is so large that it doesn’t give them any room to jump out. The big net reversed from bottom to top and rebounded from the top to the bottom… Nearly a hundred people were all caught in the net.


“Open the damn net.”

“Jack, don’t put your ass in my face.”

“Move your feet away. Damn it, it’s almost in my mouth……”

“Yours is in front of my mouth!”

The soldiers struggled in the net, cursed and confused.

Fortunately, the two knights in the lead were calm. Although they were trapped, they were much calmer than the other soldiers. They felt the power of the spider web and were happy. This was probably released by the little magician of the Corton family. Its power is very weak. Don’t panic!

One man stretched the spider web a little hard, and the other man finally got space. He took out a dagger from his waist and cut it with force. The spider web broke, and the two men broke out. Then they tore the spider web with a few attacks. The soldiers inside were relieved and quickly climbed out.

The group of people looked at Robb beside them in a noisy manner. Marian couldn’t help smiling, but she didn’t want to offend the others. She put away her smile in a moment and pretended not to see anything.

Madeleine didn’t get angry when she saw how embarrassed her subordinates were. Instead, she burst into laughter, “Hahaha, as expected, this magic item is very interesting. It depends on whether you can believe what Robb said or not. You didn’t believe him, now look what happened.”

The two Black Earth Knights said awkwardly, “Commander, you should be on our side.”

Madeleine said, “Eh? Really?”

The two s were embarrassed. Forget it. They also knew that they really looked down on people. They gave a bow to Robb, then asked, “What’s the matter with your magic item? Why did it not respond when we two walked past, and the group of people activated it when they walked past?”

In fact, Madeleine wanted to ask this question as well. She blinked her eyes and looked at Robb.

Robb smiled, “It’s very simple, multiple conditions! I wrote multiple conditions on the rune of this magic item, that is, when the total number of people entering its range is less than 20, it will not activate. But when the number of people exceeds 20, it will enter the ready to start state, and will count the number of people entering the range. When the number of people entering the range no longer continues to increase, it will start.”

The two were puzzled by his condition.

But Madeleine had learned the magic of the dark system, and she understood, “I see, that is to say, it is not simple. When someone enters, it looks at the conditions and choices. How does this work?”

Robb smiled, “Runes, just change the runes a little. Look here. Add a number to the ‘person’ in the sentence ‘Yes, person, enter, then, cast’, that is, ’20 people’. Then set the immediate cast to ‘ready state’. After entering the ‘ready state’, start to calculate the number of people entering the magic array. Set the number to ‘Y1’. Count the number of people three seconds later, and set the number to ‘Y2’, Three seconds later, when the next ‘Y’ value is equal to or less than the ‘Y’ value three seconds ago, start… “

Madeleine, “Wait, I’m confused.”


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