After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 339

Chapter 339: The trap was triggered

A few days later, the living water fish pond of the head of the cat family was completed.

As a clan head, he had some money. He took it out for the initial investment. Soon, he made half stone and half steel piles in the pool and hung steel wire net between the piles. In this way, a large living water fish pool was set out in the river.

Then he fished out a lot of little fish from the river and threw them into his own pond.

This was completely a matter of taking materials from the ground. The fish in the river was raised in the river. After the crazy operation, these fish were now his private property. How could other cats play like this? Of course they had to follow suit! Cats with some money at home should immediately invest in their own fish pool. Within a few days, water fish ponds built by cats were everywhere on both sides of the Westwind channel.

Among them, one of the small ponds was the most eye-catching. It was built by the Godfather himself. It was not big, only five square meters. It was because Godfather didn’t like to “compete with the people for profit”, it was unnecessary to build it up.

He built a small pond and threw a small amount of fish into it. Then he didn’t care much about it. He just sent Lilian over every day and threw the strange “fish feed” into it. It was said that it was a kind of garbage with bran, bean dregs, animal internal organs that no one wanted to dry and grounded into powder.

Of course, no one cared about the strange fish feed, because no one thought it was good for the fish to eat these things.

Every day, the little cat folk would squat beside the pond for a while. When she saw the fishes swimming around happily, she drooled and waited eagerly for them to grow up. Sometimes when she was hungry, she was so anxious that she swung her tail back and forth, and couldn’t help reaching out to try to catch fish. A cat beside her would sternly remind her, “how dare you steal that? Aren’t you afraid of being driven out of Westwind Town?”

The kitten had to hold back her tears and looked at the fish in the pond every day.

At the same time, at Bright Road.

Robb and Marian both walked on the busy street of light.

It was late April, and the temperature began to get warmer. It was afternoon, and school was over. There was still some time before the evening. Robb was not in a hurry to go back to Westwind Town to wait for the Queen’s call, so he went out with Marian to buy some materials for tomorrow’s class of making magic items.

Marian looked gorgeous today, especially with the silk stockings embroidered with white flowers on her legs.

Robb stared at her legs

Marian immediately became vigilant. “I’m not that kind of woman.”

Robb laughed, “I just want to ask how the silk stockings have sold.”

Speaking of this, Marian was happy. “It’s very good. In recent days, our family has almost sold out the second batch of refined black and white silk stockings embroidery that we collected last time. My father may send another trade group to Westwind Town tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.”

Robb laughed and said, “that’s good. Haha, that’s great.”

Marian asked, “my business is good, but why are you so happy?”

Robb smiled but didn’t say anything. He thought to himself, [the better your business is, the more legs of the queen will be placed in front of me. How can I not be happy?]

The two of them talked as they passed through the street.

Bright Road was still heavily guarded. A large group of soldiers were shuttling back and forth in the group. From the corners of the streets and alleys, they could see the soldiers in black armors, some of them were holding dogs.

Marian whispered, “I can’t believe that we haven’t found the assassin yet.”

Robb nodded and said, “but it will be soon. So many magic items with the help of the guards have been secretly placed in the city. Sooner or later, the assassin will be triggered…”

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly heard a strange scream not far away from them. “Ah!”

The voice was extremely sharp and harsh. It was so unpleasant to hear that it made people feel “scared” as soon as they heard it. They couldn’t help but want to turn around and run away.

Hearing the voice, ordinary people on the street were frightened and ran in the opposite direction. They didn’t even dare to look back.

However, Robb and Marian were not ordinary people, and the two of them could “resist” such a level of intimidation.

“It’s a frightening spell!” Marian said, “ah, it’s the magic item we made. It’s working.”

Robb said, “it seems that the assassin has fallen into the trap.”

When the two of them talked about this, the patrolmen on the street began to rush towards the direction of the sound, and in a blink of an eye, a troop of riders rushed past them. When the knight on the horse passed by Robb and Marian, he even shouted, “Hello, you two!”

As soon as the three words were uttered, his horse had gone a few meters away from the two people. Robb looked around and saw a large group of Black Knights dressed exactly the same.

“They are the two Black Knights who were angry with us last time.” Marian smiled and said, “they are busy chasing after the assassins, so they don’t have time to talk to us.”

Robb nodded.

Patrols and riders ran out of the street and gathered in the direction of the sound.

Marian smiled and said, “let’s go and see what’s going on.”

Robb nodded, “it’s a good idea to have a look.”

The two of them followed someone on patrol and ran in the direction of the sound. The one being followed found that someone was following him, so he wanted to turn around and impatiently scold, “Why are you following me? Are you courting death?”

However, before he could finish his words, he found two young men nobles clothes following him. This kind of rich nobles was the most unbearable. They liked to rely on money to show off, which was more difficult than their fathers. The patrolman had to leave them alone and let them follow.

Soon, they came to an alley!

There was already a commotion in front of the alley, as if someone was fighting fiercely. However, there were a lot of black armored soldiers in front of them, which crowded the whole lane. The black pressure could be seen at the back of their heads, so they couldn’t see clearly what was going on ahead. Robb and Marian looked around and wanted to go up to the roof, but Marian wore a short skirt in order to show off her stockings and beautiful legs. If she went upstairs, the scenery under the skirt would be seen by the people below. She looked at Robb awkwardly and said, “I don’t think I can see the fun.”

Robb smiled and said, “press the dress on the roof with your hand.”

Marian asked, “how can I climb up the roof with my hands pressing down the dress?”

Robb pretended to read a few chants and then cast a magic of the wind system. Marian immediately felt that her feet were surrounded by a gust of wind and even slightly left the ground.

She said in surprise, “Wow! Your wind magic is so powerful that it can make people float slightly.”


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