After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Heretic judger

In fact, it wasn’t a problem for Robb to let people fly, but it was obvious… so he couldn’t expose himself. He had to control his strength to the extent that it could barely make people float. Even so, it could still be considered very powerful.

Marian lifted her foot and felt that she was as light as a swallow now. If she jumped hard, she would be able to jump directly from the ground to the roof.

Robb smiled and said, “go!”

“I really didn’t expect you to be so powerful! You deserve to be the Smith family’s only descendant, a family of great wind magic.” Marian exclaimed as she covered her short skirt with her hands. Then she jumped so high that she fell on the roof easily.

Robb also jumped up. The two of them stood on the roof, looking down, and their vision of the situation was much better now.

In the middle of the alley in front of them, there was Russ Belmonde Dracula. She was still in the same flying dragon leather armor as last time, holding a cross shaped holy sword and holy light cross, fighting with several Black Earth Knights.

On the ground beside the battle, there was a torn spider web and a magic item with its lid open.

It was obvious that the big loli triggered the trap here, and then the spider web spurted out. However, this weak spider web did not cause much trouble for the big loli. She succeeded in breaking the net and was then surrounded by the Black Earth Knights that came over after hearing the noise.

Several soldiers fell to the ground, but obviously they were only injured and not dead. It seemed that they had been very vigilant since they came into contact with the girl. They should have been warned by others and knew that the target they were going to round up was not a person to be trifled with. Therefore, they had been very careful to keep their lives in the first round.

In addition, several Black Earth Knights were in front of them, fighting against the big loli together.

Obviously, they also knew that it was not easy to deal with the sword sage, so the Black Earth Knights all held shields, and several shields were lined up in the narrow alley. They worked together and almost blocked the entire lane. The knight skills were activated, and those shields were like copper and iron walls.

The big loli brandished her sword randomly, but she was unable to break through the shield wall.

On both sides of the lane, there were Black Earth Knights slowly approaching. The big loli looked like she was doomed to die. The Black Earth Knights on both sides of the lane let out cheers, “hurry up, we are about to surround her!”

“Two shield walls are suppressing her!”

“Capture her alive? Haha! She is the princess of East Gran. It’s a great achievement to catch her.”

“Maybe we can end the war here.”

The soldiers cheered!

At this time, even Madeleine arrived. She rushed to the entrance of the alley on a tall black horse, got off the horse, and quickly ran in. The soldiers in the alley immediately moved aside to make way for her.

She looked up at Robb and Marian who were standing on the roof and asked anxiously, “ah, you are also here?”

Robb smiled on the roof and said, “yes, I came out to buy the materials for magic tools. It’s just perfect timing to see the fun.”

“Really? Aren’t you here for fun?” Madeleine asked while running.

“Don’t worry, Duke. It’s really for magic items.” Marian smiled and said, “I’ll take care of him for you. Don’t worry.”

Robb rolled his eyes and thought, [How did she change? When I said I was going to have fun, she always said ‘it’s normal for the nobility to go out to play according to the circumstances.’ Then when she faced Madeleine, she became ‘I’ll help you look after him’. This shit changed quickly, which was not to offend me, but also to please Madeleine.]

Madeleine didn’t have time to tell Robb and Marian much. When she heard that Robb didn’t come out for fun, she was much happier. She rushed into the crowd.

Just then, the big loli roared, “Ultimate Charge!!”

A thunderous lightning flashed, and a shield of a black knight blocked the sword’s light. However, the power of this sword was so great that the shield in the Black Earth Knight’s hand could not continue to be held and was knocked away. Afterward, his whole body flew backward, and he fell heavily to the ground.

The little girl was overjoyed. She darted towards the crack of the shield wall, intending to come out from it.

Unexpectedly, a black sword light flashed. Madeleine stood in front of the gap and lifted the sword to block the big loli’s attack. “You can’t leave today.”

“Damn it!” Seeing the situation, the little girl knew that the situation was not good. She had to rely on the advantage of her armor to get the upper hand in fighting Madeleine alone. Surrounded by so many Black Earth Knights, it was really dangerous when there were enemies in front and behind.

“How despicable you are!” The little girl said angrily, “you actually set up a trap in a city with so many people. Aren’t you afraid of it being stepped on by commoners?”

The Black Earth Knight burst into laughter. “If we dare to set a trap, of course we are not afraid of it being stepped on by ordinary people, because only you will fall into this trap. Hahaha.”

“What?” The little girl was shocked. “How could there be such a trap?”

The Black Earth Knights laughed, but they were not so stupid as to answer the high-end “technology” of their kingdom. Everyone looked at the big loli like a country bumpkin.

“Humph!” The little girl pouted and said, “shameless traitors always do something sinister and vicious. No wonder there is no good person in the Church of Darkness.”

Madeleine said, “you are doing assassination. How dare you say that others are vicious? Isn’t the most vicious one the assassin?”

“Nonsense!” The little girl shouted, “how can you call me an assassin? I’m a noble heretic judger. My job is to judge evildoers and spread the light to the world. All the bad guys are purified with this light sword!”

When Robb squatted on the roof and saw this scene, he couldn’t help but smack his lips. He laughed in his heart, “It’s a heretic judger. Hahaha, I’ve pretended to be a judger before.”

A long time ago, Little Yi had mistakenly thought that Robb was a heretic judger who specialized in eliminating evil. It was only later that she realized that she had made a mistake. Robb was not even a believer of the God of light.

Later, Little Yi once boasted that Robb was a heretic judger. It had been more than half a year since this matter happened. Now thinking about it, it was still very interesting.

It was the first time that Robb had seen a real heretic judger.

Madeleine raised the “Holy sword · Dark Terminator”, pointed at the little girl and said, “A heretic judger is not an executioner at all! Back then, the queen and I were chased by Mondra and the Church of Light, and we were almost killed by heretic judgers several times. Your means are despicable and sinister. None of you are good people.”


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