After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Heretic! Go to hell!

Robb had thought that Westwind Town had a good reputation. After all, it had brought all kinds of novel technology, advanced production force, and advanced management and operation concepts to the world. No matter what, it should be called the “The Holy Land of Westwind Town”.

Why did it become an “intoxicating” place in the mouth of the big loli?

He said crossly, “Hey! Apologize to Westwind Town.”

“I don’t need to apologize.” The little girl said seriously “In the past few months, I have seen a lot of unknown things on Bright Road, such as silk stockings, sweet cakes, cakes, soy sauce, soy milk… Westwind Town has always been known to produce these unknown things, using these things to corrode people’s wills, making everyone become weak. I will definitely resist Westwind Town. This town must be judged, and all the weak guys will be laughed at by the gods…”

As soon as she finished her words, a small box fell out of her leather armor. The box smashed on the ground and opened. It was filled with “salty sugar”, which was a test newly developed by Nuolun’s sugar factory. It tasted salty. Ordinary people were really not used to it. They did not expect that this big loli would bring a box with her.

Robb was speechless

The girls were also rendered speechless

The little girl’s face turned red in an instant. She raised her foot and wanted to step on the candy box, but she couldn’t step on it in the air. After a few seconds, she suddenly squatted down, picked up the box, poured all the salty candy into her mouth and wrapped it in her cheeks, Then she mumbled, “I… I… I… can’t leave them in the world

Robb was speechless

The girls were also rendered speechless

She finally bit the candy into pieces and swallowed it. After a fierce swallowing, the big loli laughed and said, “look, I have destroyed all the evil, filthy and rotten rubbish. I am the best heretic judger in the world! Haha!”

Robb was speechless

“A crazy guy.”

The little girl turned around and said to Little Yi, “are you the nun of this church? Who is the priest of this church? Let him come out to see me! I have an important mission assigned by the Church of Light, and I need your full cooperation and help.”

“Heretic judger?” Hearing the name, Little Yi was a little stunned. She immediately recalled that when she just met Robb, she had regarded him as a heretic judger. At that time, she was really stupid. It was a little ridiculous thinking about it now.

Then she realized an important thing… The real conflict is just coming.

The heretic judger is the killer and assassin of the Church of Light, and also the one who was brainwashed and influenced the most. Their loyalty to the Church of Light was unshakable, not as slippery as Chief Elsie.

What would happen when she heard that this church was not a Church of light?

Little Yi couldn’t help but feel a little worried, but even if she was worried, she had to make it clear, with a serious expression on her face, she said to the little girl, “the priest of this church is the one in front of you, Mr. Robb. In Westwind Town, everyone calls him Godfather. However, you may not be able to get the help you want from us, because we are not the Church of Light, but the new Church of Light.”

“New?” The big loli’s eyes suddenly became sharp. “What does this’ new ‘mean?”

“Just as I said. We abandoned the idea of the old Church of Light and established a new one,” said Little Yi in a neither humble nor pushy tone

“Have you betrayed the God of light?” The girl’s voice became a little sharp and full of anger.

“No! We also devoutly believe in the God of light, but our teachings are different from yours. If you are interested, you can read this book.”

She handed out the new Bible of light.

The little girl took the book and turned to the first page. She muttered, “isn’t it the same?”

Then she turned two more pages, and her face suddenly changed. She turned it over, over and over again, as if she was looking for something, she said, “it’s gone, it’s gone! The God of Light in the Chapter 17 and 14 sections of the Bible of Light said to the paparazzi, ‘I’m going to completely smear the name of the God of Darkness. You’re going to write this on a book as a souvenir, and read it to all the believers.’ This sentence is gone, missing. I can’t find it…”

“Yes, I have deleted it. That sentence is too disharmonious. The God of light who loves everything can’t say something like that. I think it was maliciously written, so I deleted it. Our new Church of Light doesn’t reject the Church of Darkness, and we intend to live in peace with it.”

“Nonsense!” The big loli was so angry that she threw the book in her hand to the ground. She wanted to step on it again, but the two little girls had already been prepared. As soon as the big loli threw the book, the two of them reached out to pick it up, patted the mud on it, and carefully held it in their arms.

“You… You… You are just a group of crazy people.” The little girl shouted angrily, “how dare you tamper with the Bible of Light and add ‘new’. You are even more hateful than the people of the Church of Darkness. You are the heretic of the heretics! Today I will represent the God of Light and declare you, a heretic, to die.”

She pulled out the holy sword and the holy cross with a brush and said, “Power in the air, surge! Gather in my hands and turn into a shrill lightning!”

The little girl used her most powerful sword skill without hesitation. The sword was surrounded by lightning and struck towards Little Yi’s chest.

However, she didn’t even bother to dodge. She knew that with Robb here, she didn’t need to worry at all.

Sure enough, the horrifying sword light suddenly dimmed, because Robb reached out from the side and clamped the sword blade with his palms.

The little girl was a little confused. Since she first learned and used the holy sword skill, she had fought against countless enemies, and no one had been able to catch her attack with bare hands. This was too much!


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