After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Take the White Blade

The little girl pulled back with all her strength. But only after Robb loosened his grip, did the girl leap back two yards with the sword. She looked at her sword, and then looked at Robb’s hand. She was a little confused and didn’t understand what was going on.

Robb smiled and said, “don’t fight or kill. That’s not good. You see, we didn’t ask you to die just because you are a heretic. But you want to kill us just because we have different belief from you. Don’t you think your path is narrow?”

“Shut up. Don’t try to deceive me with sweet words.” The little girl didn’t want to talk to Robb and threw a holy sword skill at Robb.

“Life is inconstant. No pity is required. Bury it! Acalanatha!”

A snow-white sword light flew up again and slashed at Robb. The sword light was so fast that people could not see it clearly.

However, Robb put his hands together again and the sword blade was caught in his palms again for some reason.

The little girl’s face changed dramatically. The holy sword skill had been grasped empty handed two times in a row. What the hell was going on?

“Remember the will of the heavens, and get rid of all distracting thoughts in your heart! Holy Light Explosion!”

“Pang!” Again, it was caught by Robb.

Another sword skill…

It was caught again!

The little girl was angry, “what the hell are your hands?”

Robb smiled and said, “it’s not a big deal. I just used a passive skill of the class called ‘waiter’, which is called ‘Take the White Blade’. When I use this skill, it will be determined by the cultivation of both sides’ swordsmanship. If my cultivation of swordsmanship is higher, I can grab your sword with a higher probability. If your swordsmanship is higher, I can’t catch it, and I will be chopped to death by you.”

Speaking of this, Robb concluded, “according to the success rate of the ‘Take the White Blade’ a few times ago, the probability of me grabbing your sword is almost 99%, which means that my cultivation of swordsmanship is a little higher than yours. You’d better give up, sword sage.”

“Nonsense!” The little girl was furious. As a sword sage, she had already reached the peak of swordsmanship. How could Robb say that his swordsmanship cultivation was much better than hers? How could she tolerate it?

When she was about to continue her attack, Robb waved his hand, and an iron ingot appeared in his hand. Then he rubbed his hands, and the iron ingot turned into an iron sword. He smiled at the little girl and said, “look, let me show you what a real holy sword skill is!”

“What?” The little girl was stunned. “You also know a holy sword skill?”

Robb waved his iron sword in his hand, “Shrill Lightning!”

The real holy sword skill was exactly the same as the one that the big loli had used just now.

The sword light flew out like lightning and hit the opposite hillside. A big hole was immediately blasted out, and rubble and sand flew all over the sky. The power of this strike was too great. The sword light already flew dozens of miles and yet could still make a big hole. It was simply insane.

The little girl looked down at her sword and thought, [can I do it? Impossible.]

Robb brandished his sword again.

Holy sword skills were constantly used, and each sword strike brought a burst of wind and lightning. The opposite hillside had been damaged for eight lifetimes, and it was smashed seven or eight times by his sword skills, making it deformed.

The power of his holy sword skills made the little girl stunned. It was true that as Robb said, her holy sword skills were nothing compared to Robb’s. Her speed and strength were not on the same level. If they really wanted to fight, ten of her, no, even fifty of her could not even be enough to cut Robb.

The little girl fell to the ground dejectedly. “Who… Who the hell are you?”

Robb smiled and said, “Little Yi has just introduced me. My name is Robb. I’m a small priest from the new Church of Light in Westwind Town. People here call me Godfather.” After saying that, Robb sat back on his stone stool and said, “Miss heretic judger, if you want to kill a heretic, you can only kill him in a place I can’t see. In a place I can see, you can’t kill him no matter how hard you try. Oh, by the way, let me kindly remind you that my detection range is 5000 yards and I have the night vision ability.”

The little girl was speechless

Robb thought that she was frightened, but he immediately found that he was wrong. The older girl was only fourteen years old. People at this age would not be convinced by a mere force.

She had never been afraid of death? When did she fear the power?

The worst result was death!

The little girl swung her sword at Robb’s forehead.

Then, with a sound of “snap”, he clasped his hands together, “Take the White Blade”, and clamped her sword.

“I won’t give in even if I die.” The little girl said seriously, “no matter how evil and powerful you are, you can’t shake my will.”

“Really? That’s troublesome!” Robb shouted, “Lilian, give me a big glass bottle.”

“Why do you need a glass bottle?”

“It doesn’t matter. Give it to me!”

So Lilian ran over and fetched a big glass bottle.

Robb pointed at the little girl and said, “shrink!”

Before the big girl figured out what had happened, she suddenly shrank into a small person. She looked around in a daze and didn’t know what had happened. Then she saw Robb’s big hand grabbing her.

What a big hand! It looked like the hand of a giant.

She wanted to run away, but it was useless. Robb was so fast that she couldn’t avoid him. Moreover, she found that after she shrank, her strength and speed became worse.

Robb grabbed her and threw her into the bottle. Then he took a cap with holes and covered the bottle. Then he used strengthening magic on the bottle, and the bottle immediately became as hard as steel.


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