After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 362

Chapter 362: I need an explanation

The little girl pounded the bottle walls hard in the bottle. She didn’t understand why the glass bottle was so strong. As a sword sage, she should be able to break the glass. But even if she kicked it with her feet, it wouldn’t damage the glass bottle at all.

She shouted, “what magic is this? Let me out, evil heretic!”

Robb smiled and said, “if I let you out, you will attack people. I’d rather have you trapped than die, so I have to invite you to the bottle for now.”

The little girl was angry, “evils, evil, despicable, shameless, lewd…”

Robb said with an evil smile, “if I really want to be that bad, I will peel off all your clothes, then throw you inside the bottle. Then I can enjoy the 360 degree view.”

The little girl was startled by his words and didn’t dare to speak for a long time.

“Stop it. Be quiet.” Robb took out a salty candy and threw it into the glass bottle.

The candy was usually only as big as a fingernail cap, but for the big loli now, it looked like a huge stone. When it fell from the bottle, the big loli was frightened. She was afraid of being seriously hurt by it, so she quickly dodged aside.

When the candy dropped to the bottom of the glass bottle, it made a crisp sound and bounced. The big loli was so agile that she turned a somersault in the bottle and finally avoided the falling candy.

When the candy stopped beating, she raised her head and said angrily, “you bastard! Do you want to smash me to death? I’m not that easy to be hit.”

Robb smiled and said, “I just put it into your mouth. Here you are. If you are in a bad mood, you will get better after eating candy.”

The little girl was speechless

“I don’t have time to talk to you for the time being. Lick the candy yourself. If I’m not wrong, I’ll soon receive the Queen’s call. I have to deal with her.”

After saying that, Robb asked Lilian to take the glass bottle into the warehouse in case she saw what he was going to do next. Then he stood up, He ordered, “come and help me put on makeup. I have to deal with the queen. Madeleine should report the matter of the magic school to the queen soon, and then this stupid woman will think that I’m playing tricks. She is about to call to blame. Come and put on makeup to make me look like a fallen noble.”

“Godfather, what’s the use of makeup? Can you fool the queen? I think it’s difficult.”

Robb smiled and said, “it’s very difficult for ordinary people, but it’s okay for me.”

Unable to figure it out, she asked, “how on earth could we fool her?”

With a bang, Robb turned into two people. Robb used a replicating spell.

Of course, because of the problems in the game operating interface, the players were unable to control their own real bodies and avatars at the same time. Therefore, Robb could only choose to control one of them. When he wanted to control the other one, he had to click the tab key to switch his operating angle to the avatar.

He didn’t know how to control this skill in the real world, so he wanted to have a try.

He found that when he wanted to control his real body, as long as he thought “I want to control my real body”, he would jump to the perspective of his real body. When he wanted to control his avatar, he just had to think “I want to control my avatar” and his perspective could cut to the Avatar.

The only disadvantage of this skill was that it was a “game skill” after all, and it could not be used as an avatar forever. The avatar would disappear in only thirty minutes, and it had to be used again.

This magical skill stunned everyone, including Little Yi, Lilian and so on.

Robb thought, [It’s a skill of the game. They wouldn’t understand.]

He waved at Suofa and said with a smile, “make my avatar look like a fallen noble.”

Suofa suddenly understood. “I see.”

She quickly dyed his hair and put on makeup for his avatar. Not long after, Robb Smith, the fallen noble, appeared in front of everyone. At this time, the girls finally understood what Robb was going to do. He thought, [no one can stop a person with a strange ability to fool others. No matter how smart the queen is, she has to be fooled.]

Everyone waited quietly. Not long after, the crystal ball lit up.

Robb’s real body was sluggish on the stone stool, while the avatar with makeup was standing not far behind him. It was not until it was ready that he answered the phone

The crystal ball lit up and appeared in front of him. It was the Queen’s dignified face. Behind her stood Duke Madeleine, but her expression was not as calm as the Queen’s. it seemed that she could not wait any longer.

As soon as the crystal ball lit up, Madeleine’s eyes were fixed on the avatar standing behind Robb. “Ah! Robb, that’s great. I’m finally relieved to see that you are safe.”

Robb cut his consciousness, controlled his avatar, and immediately thought into it. He said with a smile, “I’m sorry to make you worried. I’m fine, but you’ve discovered all my secrets now.”

Seeing that he was safe, Madeleine was relieved. She didn’t say anything for the time being. Obviously, she had given the right to speak to the queen.

Then the queen continued in an angry tone, “Mr. Robb, now I need you to give me an explanation, including the matter of Robb Smith, the matter of the transmission portal in the dormitory, and the matter of Russ Belmonde Dracula. I will take your explanation to determine whether the friendship between, Westwind Town and Westwind Town could be maintained, and…”

She suddenly stressed her tone and said word by word, “and whether there is a war between us to defend our territory and dignity!”

Robb returned his consciousness to his original body and shrugged with a smile. “There are too many questions to ask at a time. Can we ask one by one?”

“Of course! Let’s talk about the matter of the princess.” The queen asked seriously, “first of all, I want to know if you are on her side. Did you support her when she killed someone secretly on Bright Road?”

“No.” Robb smiled and said, “you should know that she also wants to kill my people.”

He pointed at the avatar standing behind him and said with a smile, “she wants to kill Robb Smith, and this man is obviously my man. So I won’t be on her side. Otherwise, Madeleine would have died, right?”


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