After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 388

Chapter 388: This giant rocket launcher could shoot three rounds

“What?” The leading Black Earth Knight said, “Mr. Robb, all of the magic has been used up. It’s useless to aim at the enemy now.”

Robb blinked at him and smiled. “But the enemy doesn’t know. Or even if they have guessed, they are not sure, aren’t they?”

The Black Earth Knight suddenly woke up! He also ordered loudly, “aim at the enemy again.”

The group of orcs were marching forward aggressively. Suddenly, they found that the big boxes which had just been used on the city wall in front of them were raised by the soldiers again and aimed at them again.

The momentum of the orc soldiers was immediately seized. They had been in a tangle, but now they became cowards. The orcs in the front row panicked. “What the hell? Those terrifying things are erected again.”

The orcs in the back row were actually more flustered, because they had just seen with their own eyes that the humans on the city wall actually did not attack the goblins who rushed at the front, but bombarded the middle of their army. Therefore, the frontline was fine, but there will be heavy casualties in the middle.

If the same situation happens again, it means that the frontlines will be all right, while the orcs in the middle and back will suffer heavy causalities, right?

The orcs in the middle and the back froze on the spot and began to retreat slowly.

The prophet orc roared behind the group roared, “don’t be afraid. The opponent’s magic items should no longer have magic left. What are they going to do? Keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid.”

The orcs roared, “if they don’t have magic, why do they want to fight?”

“Yes, since they are fighting, there must be some magic.”

The general said angrily, “that’s just pretending. There must be no magic left inside.”

“How can you be sure?”

“This is just my speculation, isn’t it?”

The orcs were not a race that followed the rules and obeyed orders. Their organization was far from the level of a human group. Moreover, even the human group would be shaken in the face of powerful and destructive weapons.

When the morale of the army was shaking, if the leading general ordered the soldiers to attack forcefully, it might even cause an uproar in the army and cause them to turn around to kill the leading general.

The general knew that he couldn’t order his men to do anything as soon as he saw their frightened faces.

He had no choice but to turn to the prophet and said angrily, “do you have any solid evidence to prove that those magic items are empty? If we can’t win the heart of the army, the war can’t continue.”

The prophet cast a spell, which was a prediction technique, but in fact, it could not predict the future. It could only obtain the view of an area far away, and could even hear the conversation of the people in that area.

He threw the prophecy onto the wall, and a young commander who seemed to be commanding the army of the magic items was floating in the air. Thus, the vision and voice of this area were controlled by him.

He could even form a projection of these images, floating in front of the orcs and showing it to everyone.

The “young commander” that appeared in the projection of the prophet was Robb!

When Robb met the orcs on the mountain just now, he went to provoke the orcs. His clothes were cut into pieces by the orcs. When he was picked up by Madeleine just now, she saw that he was not very elegant in his naked body. As soon as he returned to the city, she immediately asked the soldiers to throw a black helmet and black armor to Robb, with a sword on his waist.

Therefore, Robb looked like a young noble commander of the Black Earth Knights.

He was shouting at the soldiers, “set up the firecrackers! Turn that to the left. Turn that to the right… Cover them… When the orcs walk into the firing range, hit them directly.”

Hearing his words, the prophet could not help but be slightly stunned. “Is this young man really that good at defense? Judging from his expression, he is calm and not afraid at all, as if he is full of confidence in victory. It doesn’t seem like he is worried about the exhausted magic energy at all.”

The prophet didn’t know that Robb had a range of 5000 yards. When he was telling the fortune, Robb had already seen him peeping at him. Of course, he was going to play a good show for him.

He walked up to a huge crimson firecracker with 50 bullets and called over a soldier. He glanced at the direction of the troops of the orcs and patted the soldier’s helmet. “When the orcs come, you should hit them hard. Don’t worry about the problem of magic. It will only be exhausted after three rounds of shooting.”

He deliberately knocked off the soldier’s helmet to cover the soldier’s face. He was afraid that the soldier’s acting skill was not good enough to cover his face. The soldier chuckled in the helmet, which sounded weird.

Robb himself didn’t need to worry about his acting skills. He was a veteran actor and a repeat offender. His acting in his original world was not very powerful, but in this world, it was absolutely god level.

Seeing this scene, the prophet was shocked and uncertain. He wanted to adjust the angle and see the situation of other soldiers carefully. Suddenly, he saw Robb raise his head and look at the sky. He unexpectedly looked into the eyes of the prophet of the orc.

Robb shouted, “priest, disperse! There is a prophet who is using prediction to spy on our military situation. Damn it! He saw my firecrackers…”

A priest hurriedly threw a dispelling technique into the sky. The prophet’s spell disappeared in an instant, and the screen of the full screen projection was interrupted.

Now he had no choice!

The prophet’s mind was full of doubts. He always felt that there was something wrong with what he had just seen.

However, the general was not smart enough to be fooled right away. He grabbed the collar of the prophet and roared, “didn’t you hear that? That man said that the firecrackers could be fired three times.”

The prophet said awkwardly, “no, no, No. I don’t think it’s possible for that giant cannon to fight three more rounds. That must be nonsense.”

“You are just guessing!” The general said, “if your guess is wrong, it will hurt all of us.”

The prophet was 80% sure that Robb was acting, but there was still 20% that he wasn’t sure. He was now in a dilemma. What if he really made a mistake?

Although there was only 20% chance for him to make a mistake, once he made a mistake, he would die.

The prophet just kept silent.

The general roared, “retreat! Retreat first! We’ll organize an attack after figuring out the powerful magic items of the enemy.”

The soldiers had been waiting for this order for a long time. As soon as they heard the word “retreat”, they all ran fast. In a flash, they all ran a thousand miles away from the city.


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